Transgender Mexican fútbol player boldly defies stereotypes (VIDEO)

There are people who are brave and then there are people who are BRAVE. Miranda Salman, a Mexican transgender fútbol player, is definitely the latter. Although she was born a man, she now lives her life as one of the stars of an all women soccer team and fights against prejudices in the LGBT community. I'm sure it's not easy for her to stand up for what she believes it but, after being a victim of prejudice, she is proudly declared her support of the International Day Against Homophobia, which happened last week.


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As a young boy, her immense talent for soccer was ovcious and soon she was playing at the professional level for first league team Pumas. But even as a man, she had flamboyant mannerisms and was constantly mocked by teammates. After suffering a fracture, she quit soccer and got married and had a kid. That was all before she recognized her true self, got a divorce and underwent a sex change operation. After eight years, she was back on the field as a woman. In a Primer Impacto video, she explains what first drew her to fútbol:

Basically it was the need to be outstanding so my other classmates wouldn't make fun of me what made me have that 'extra' thing in sports.

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I really admire Miranda's perseverance in the face of a lifetime of teasing and prejudice. Now she's able to pursue her passion of soccer while also fighting against those prejudices that she experienced as a young man playing in professional sports. Her story is definitely one of inspiration, particularly for anyone in the LGBT community that struggles between their love of sports and their sexual orientation. 

What do you think of Miranda's story of prejudice in the fútbol ranks? Do you admire her story and how she fights for the LGBT community while still pursuing her passion for soccer at the same time? Share with us in the comments below!

Image via Univisión

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