Latinas: A force to be reckoned with... even at the White House

Today was the kind of day I'll never forget. You know, the type of day that you experience something so incredible that you just can't even believe it's real. I was chosen by Latism (Latinos in Social Media) to attend a special top blogueras retreat in Washington D.C., including a policy briefing at the White House.

Although there was a slim possibility that we would get to meet First Lady Michelle Obama, that didn't pan out. Still, the event was absolutely magnificent, highly informative and in many ways historic--first time that such a large group of Latina bloggers are invited to something like this. Either way, the most inspiring part was that the briefing was in charge of five pretty powerful Latinas within the Obama administration. The energy in the room was so strong that I felt compelled to ask the panel a question about the state of bilingual education--as you can see from the image above--even though public speaking is not my thing at all!


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The topics discussed during the briefing included the economy, education and health--all  issues of extreme importance to our Latino community. And, even though Iearned a lot about some of the projects and programs the Obama administration is implementing in these areas, I must say that the biggest take-away for me is that I saw proof that the face of America is really changing, even within the walls of the White House. 

I know there's still a lot of work to be done, but I have to admit that I'm really proud to know that there are powerful Latinas within the White House mostly because one of the biggest issues for younger Latinas is the lack of mentors or other Latinas to look up to. But with titles like Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff, these women are undoubtedly the perfect role models for future generations of powerful Latinas. I left the briefing truly believing that ¡sí se puede!

And that's without mentioning the group of Latina bloggers invited to the event. With blogs that deal with topics ranging from parenting and special needs education to bilingualism and politics, the women invited to this important event are the perfect representation of Latinas in general in the U.S. 

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I'm extremely grateful to Latism for inviting me to such a magnificent event and also to the powerful Latina women who took the time to meet with us, to share valuable information and to answer our never-ending questions. Thanks for giving other Latina women the importance we deserve!

What kind of questions would've you have asked a panel like this one?

Imagen vía SpanglishBaby

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