6-year-old re-learns to walk after being paralyzed in car crash (VIDEO)

There are certain abilities that many of us take for granted, even one as seemingly easy as getting up and walking around. But this week, 6-year-old elementary school student, Caleb Roach, did something that is reminding everyone to be thankful for the simple joys in life.

Caleb was in a car crash nine months ago with his father. Though his dad only suffered minor injurues, the boy was devastingly left a paraplegic. He spent six weeks in a hospital, becoming accustomed to a wheelchair before traveling to Chicago in December for leg braces and advanced therapy. In between treatments, he would return home to attend kindergarten.  


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Now, all the pain, hard work and time away has paid off. As can be seen in the video below, at a recent school talent show, Caleb showed just how far his determination has gotten him. Dressed in leg braces and with the help of a walker, he got up and walked, much to the astonishment and surprise of all of his classmates.

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Tears literally welled up in my eyes as I watched this video. Caleb's story is tragic but truly inspiring, especially considering he is only 6 years old! His bravery and strength is astonishing--not to mention extremely rare to come across in anyone, let alone such a young boy. Although he might not be able to fully realize the extent of his accomplishment today, I hope that in the future he recognizes just how remarkable he is.

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Image via CNN

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