Kids with cancer inspire the world by singing 'Stronger' (VIDEO)

I can't imagine what it's like to deal with cancer. I've only really come across it once (in my grandfather) but he was far away and I was never able to see him before he passed. But he had lived a pretty full life and most of my family was sure that it was his time. That's why whenever I hear of a child with cancer, it breaks my heart. These kids are the complete opposite. They've barely started living before they're struck with a disease that ends with many kids living in the hospital. That's why I was so impressed and touched by a video of kids with cancer from Seattle Children's Hospital singing a rousing rendition of Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger."


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The video was actually made by one of the patients, 22-year-old Chris Rumble of Kent, Washington, who spent a Saturday afternoon filming his fellow patients in the Seattle hospital. He's currently fighting leukemia and has turned this viral video into one of him and others celebrating strength and recovery as they dance around and sing holding signs that read "fighter" and "hope."

Even some of the nurses and doctors got in on the action! A group of them are seen dancing through the halls, singing along to the inspirational song. It's definitely enough to make me tear up. I mean, how sweet is this video? It definitely shows such resilience in these kids that I hope everyone can be inspired. They're strong and they're showing they're strong by not backing down. And that's absolutely amazing.

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Are you inspired by the kids with cancer singing "Stronger"? Have you had a family member who has dealt with the disease? Share with us in the comments below!

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