Inspiring paralyzed woman completes London Marathon wearing bionic suit

Think you have a long week ahead of you? I guarantee it'll seem easy compared to the journey Claire Lomas recently went through -- after 16 loooong days, Lomas, an inspiring paralyzed woman, became the first person ever to complete a marathon in a bionic suit.

After being thrown off her horse in 2007, Lomas was paralyzed from the chest down. Years of extensive rehab allowed her to begin using a ReWalk suit, a cutting-edge $70,000 system that uses motion detectors to help people walk on their own after they've lost the ability to. The suit acts as joints normally would, enabling the individual to shift their balance, take a step or turn a certain way.


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Though the ReWalk suit seemingly makes the impossible possible, using one is not necessarily easy--which makes Lomas' feat all the more remarkable. Determined to complete the whole 26.2 miles of the London Marathon, she used the suit to walk two miles each day with her husband and their 13-month-old daughter. Two weeks later, she's officially crossed the finish line and though she won't get a medal, I think she's probably the biggest winner of them all!

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Seriously, isn't that amazing?! Surviving and overcoming a serious accident like the one Lomas experienced is difficult enough, but to then come back and take on the goal of walking over 25 miles afterwards (no matter how long it took!) is incredibly courageous!

Her obvious strength is so motivating and just proves that despite the obstacles that might come our way, we are always capable of accomplishing new things.  With a little help and a lot of bravery and hard work, Lomas was able to meet her goal and is now an inspiration to anyone who hears her story. Plus, she set just about the best example of conquering any obstacle for her little girl I could ever imagine. She literally walked her talk, something so few people do these days...

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Image via Getty Images