23-year-old Latina labeled "Ugliest Woman on YouTube" shows the world what REAL beauty is all about (VIDEO)

Everyone gets self-conscious about their appearance sometimes, especially teenagers who are going through difficult years. So imagine what it was like for Lizzie Velasquez in high school, when she was named the "Ugliest Woman on YouTube" in an online video that has over 4 million hits. Velasquez is one of the 3 people in the world suffering from an undiagnosed condition that dramatically altered her appearance and was taunted for years because of it.  But now 23 years old, she's back--and she has a message for her haters.

In this incredibly inspiring video, Velasquez hides her face by holding up index cards that tell her story. Through the cards, she shares what it was like to read the hateful comments left on the video that brought her to fame. "The comments tell me to do the world a favor and put a gun to my head," she writes (seriously, WTF is wrong with people?).


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But Velasquez also says that all of the pain she went through because of her syndrome has only made her stronger. Instead of wallowing or fighting back through her own ugly words, she decided get revenge on her criticizers in a different way: "Through accomplishments and determination." Now, after graduating college, publishing a book, and becoming a motivational speaker (have I mentioned she's only 23?), Velasquez says she feels vindicated. And as she holds up a card at the end of the video saying "I won," she reveals her face --and a happy smile.

The video is perhaps one of the most moving and inspiring things I've ever seen. Knowing how cruel people can be (especially kids at a tender age, like in high school), thinking of what Velasquez must have gone through makes my heart break. But seeing how she rose above it all and is now living well and happily is simply extraordinary!

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As terrible and hateful as people were to her, I think Velasquez's video only proves that she's more powerful than all of her critics put together. She could've resorted to the same methods of all the shallow, cold-hearted people who teased her but instead, she set own goals and refused to stop living her life the way she wanted it. Her strength of character and positive spirit gives the world a much-needed reminder of what true beauty really looks like.

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