Teacher Appreciation Week: 6 easy and budget-friendly ways to say thanks!

Today marks the first day of Teacher Appreciation Week!  All over the country, parents and students alike are dedicating this week to giving some much-needed and well-deserved attention to the people who are truly making a difference in children's daily lives. Every day, teachers take on the hefty responsibility of educating kids, but teachers are much more than educators--they are guides, caregivers, friends, and sometimes even heroes.

And that doesn't necessarily stay within the confines of a school building. Some of the best teachers I had growing up were actually my dance teachers and sports coaches! So celebrate the holiday and show appreciation for the favorite teachers in your life by presenting them with one of these great, heartfelt and budget-friendly gifts. Happy Teacher Appreciation week!


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  1. An apple for the teacher is one way to show your gratitude, but why not go even bigger? Make a school-themed gift basket with some tasty snacks (like candy, fruit or healthy granola bars), some cute pens and pencils, a memo pad or stationery, and a nice, big coffee mug. Wrap the basket in colored cellophane or tie a ribbon on the top to dress it up and voila! The perfect gift!
  2. Have your kid draw a special picture or write a note on a long sheet of paper. Then add your own thankful words and put the letter in a nice frame. The teacher can put it on their desks as a reminder of your appreciation of their hard work!
  3. Team up with some of the other parents in your kid's class and help the children make their teacher a special thank-you book. You can include photos taken throughout the year, nice messages, etc. If the class is relatively small, you can also do the same thing on a poster board instead of a scrapbook. Just write the teacher's name at the top and make sure you have all the students sign it!
  4. Present your teacher with a bouquet of bright, colorful flowers, preferably already in a vase. It'll brighten up the classroom!  
  5. Get a gift card to a place you'll know they'll go, like Starbucks or Barnes and Nobles and put it in a card that you've filled out with a nice note. It's practical, but your handwritten message ill make it more personal.
  6. Have your kid help bake cookies, cupcakes, or even a cake and bring it into the classroom on a nice tray. You can even use frosting to spell out a "Thank you!" message to the teacher.

How will you be showing appreciation to the teachers in your life this week?

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