Why spending time with your girlfriends is good for your soul

I'm spending the weekend at the mountains with four of my girlfriends and, I must say, every mom should do this at least once a year. Not only are we taking a break from our children (and husbands), but we're also sharing about our lives, our happy times and our heartbreaks. There's been a lot of laughter, some crying and definitely a lot of bonding among five women that have only known each other about four years.




We've talked about our children and about our husbands and about our childhoods. We've talked freely about sex and our past relationships. We've shared our worries about not always being the perfect mom and wives. But, above all, we've been reminded how important it is to share some time together away from the pressures we face daily--albeit for a short period of time. 

We've also treated ourselves to massages, the hot tub and a delicious dinner, but more than anything there has been non-stop talking. How can women talk so much is what we said last night when we finally went to bed after 2 a.m.?

And among the laughter and the tears, we've realized that we're not so different after all. That we all have similar problems, heartaches and desires. And our friendship has definitely gotten much stronger. 

I've always said that women can be other women's worst enemies. We can be jealous and hurtful, but we can also be the best of friends. We can be supportive, fun, loving and non-judgemental. And that is what I've found in these four women. 

Have you ever spent the weekend away with just your girlfriends?

Image via xlordashx/flickr