Amazing 6-year-old Latina girl helps mom deliver baby brother!

I can't stop thinking about this: a little girl aged 6 (almost my own daughter's age) who helped her mom deliver a baby when her water broke at least two months before the due date! And the most amazing thing is that she kept calm throughout the whole ordeal while taking care of her 2-year-old sister, too!

Wow! How impressive is that? Makes me wonder how my almost 6-year-old daughter would react in a similar situation...


The girl's mom, Destiny Padilla, said she woke up with pain early Wednesday morning, but figured it was just part of being pregnant. When the pain got "really bad," she decided to call 911 but her cell phone was dead. The baby's father had already gone to work and so Padilla was home alone with her two other children, Nevaeh, 6, and Melanie, 2. 

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Padilla's water broke around 7:20 a.m. and she began going into labor in the living room. She caught her baby son when he came out as little Nevaeh stood by her side, even though at one point she told her mom she might pass out or throw up.

After delivering, Padilla called 911 and was given instructions on how to tie his umbilical cord with a shoelace, which Nevaeh took from her sister's shoe. Mom and baby were eventually taken to a local hospital where they're both doing fine. The baby will remain in the hospital for several weeks since he was born premature.

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Nevaeh is not the first child to aid her mom in delivering a baby, but I'm still always in awe of stories like this. I think it says a lot about their character and the kind of people they'll grow up to be. I can only imagine how proud Padilla must have been of her firstborn and of the job she's done so far of raising such a strong little girl. It truly leaves me wondering how my own children would react when faced with something similar...

Do you think your children would be able to do the same?

Image via shazam791/flickr