"Miracle swimmer" girl shows the power of parental love! (VIDEO)

Rosanna Ogden is known as a "miracle swimmer."  Why? The now 2-year-old first learned how to swim only weeks after undergoing open heart surgery as an infant.

The British toddler first got her feet wet at 10 weeks old after having surgery to remove a potentially fatal heart tumor.  Doctors recommended exercise and activity to speed up the recovery so Ogden's parents took her to the pool and signed her up for swimming classes. What they didn't know is that she is a born swimmer!


At just 13-months-old, Ogden was swimming all by herself! Her skills even earned her the name "miracle underwater swimmer girl." And learning her way around a pool hasn't only been beneficial to her--during a charity, she raised around $1,000 for the British Heart Foundation by swimming 100 meters.  

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Now, the parents are hoping her talent will take her to the Olympics in the future

Wow! Talk about inspiring! Undergoing and surviving such a serious surgery at such a young age is amazing enough, but to then learn and succeed at a physical sport like swimming is downright remarkable. The 2-year-old is living proof that anything is possible and her abilities illustrate what kids are capable of accomplishing when receiving true encouragement and love from their parents.

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