Caine Monroy of Caine's Arcade raises over $150,00 towards college fund! (VIDEO)

The 9-year-old Latino entrepreneur of Caine's Arcade, Caine Monroy, first won over hearts after a video of his cardboard arcade creation went viral. But the young boy's invention hasn't just gained him Internet fame, t's also inspired thousands of people worldwide to donate money towards his college education. In fact, he's already raised over $150,000!

At an LA block party on Saturday, Monroy was presented with a $152,262 check to be put towards his college fund--well past his family's original goal of $25,000. Since then, the amount has jumped even higher, coming to an astonishing $166,350.


And if that wasn't enough feel-good news, The Goldhirsch Foundation also said they would match every dollar up to $250,000 donated to Caine to help other creative kids meet similarly successful fates.

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Isn't that absolutely amazing?! I was already impressed by how obviously talented and intelligent this young boy was, but to hear that he has now managed to turn his little venture into a worldwide sensation that is going to help other kids like him is even more incredible.

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The entire story just reiterates the importance of fostering and encouraging creativity in your kids. Imagine if Caine's dad hadn't let him build the arcade in his garage--the whole family would've missed out on a huge opportunity. Who knows? The next Latino boy or girl genius could be yours!

Image via YouTube