Barbie is becoming a Latina and running for President!

When I was younger, I had a Barbie who was a mermaid, one who was a maid and another who was a teacher. I wasn't very inspired, career-wise, by my dolls but that all may change for future girls—now that Barbie is running for President!

The doll's makers, Mattel, have said that the doll has announced her candidacy for President as the new "I Can Be… President Barbie". The most amazing news is that this inspirational Barbie is going to be available in four different races: Caucasian, Hispanic, African-American and Asian. So will your little girl be inspired by a Latina Presidential Barbie?


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The Presidential Barbie was created in partnership with The White House Project, a nonpartisan nonprofit that aims to involve more women in politics. Starting them from a young age, with little girls playing with the Barbie for President doll, can help open up a lot of girl's eyes about the possibilities of a career in politics.

Girls these days have some great real-life role models too, of course, like current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and First Lady Michelle Obama, who has taken on childhood obesity and is trying to educate the nation about eating healthier and moving more. But they're not necessarily finding out about these women early on, so perhaps the Presidential Barbie is the right toy to learn early on about women in politics. 

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I'm definitely excited for this Barbie to come out next August. Although I'm not a kid, I'm seriously considering getting the cute doll who's sporting a pink power suit with patriotic red, white and blue lining on her ruffled jacket. Will it teach girls a ton about politics? Maybe not. But it's certainly going to open up their options and hopefully lead to some discussions with mom—enough to maybe make one of these girls be a future Latina President.

What do you think of the Barbie running for President? Will you buy this doll for your daughter or other girls in your family?

Image via Mattel