15-year-old blind piano prodigy is a HUGE inspiration! (VIDEO)

Some say that true musicians are just born with talent. That's certainly the case with piano prodigy Kuah'o. The 15-year-old has only been playing for three years and not only does he play amazingly, but he also has the ability to memorize music after hearing a track only twice.

Kuah'o is blind and so he relies on his ears and his natural skills to figure out the melody and notes of the songs he plays. As seen in this unedited video, the teen listens to the dubstep song "Cracks" by Freestylers only two times before trying to play it on his piano. The result is a beautiful and amazingly accurate rendition that will leave you completely speechless!


 Clearly, Kuah'o has an astounding musical gift, probably more so than many other already famous musicians! But the fact that he's so young and visually impaired makes the whole thing even more impressive and inspirational.

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For most people, it's easy to get discouraged while learning something new, especially something as time-consuming and difficult as an instrument. In fact, I pretty much dropped my guitar playing after a few years simply because I was too busy and frustrated to continue the habit. Every now and then, I still pick it up but the skills I had when I was really dedicated are no longer there. That's why I find Kuah'o so motivating! By sharing his playing, he provides the world with a great example of what people can accomplish when they pursue their talents and passions!

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Watch Kuah'o play "Cracks" (move to 6:00 if you want to skip the second listening of the song):

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Image via YouTube