Firefighters win lotto, donate money to colleague with brain tumor, teach us all about LOVE

It's not news to say that women find firefighters sexy. We often also find men who do good (like volunteering or donating to charity) sexy as well. So what happens when you put the two together? A heartwarming story about some amazing firefighters in New Mexico who, after winning $10,000 in the Mega Millions, donated their lottery winnings to a coworker and friend suffering from a rare and very serious brain tumor. It's not everyone who can be selfless on and off the job, but these firefighters have undoubtedly impressed everyone with their generosity.


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According to a story by HLN, a group of firefighters in Alburquerque bought a Mega Millions lottery ticket just minutes before the reading but ended up missing the announcement. When they found out, though, the 5 men in Station 8 all won about $1400 a person--and decided to do something good with it.

They're donating the money to the Firefighter Survivors Fund to help out their colleague and friend, 24-year-old Vincent Cordova, as he embarks on a very expensive surgery to remove the two golfball-sized tumors from his brain. When he found out about the sweet donation, Vincent said:

I'm more nervous than I've ever been in my entire life for anything -- times 10. The brotherhood in the fire department is so strong. We help our own on and off work. We're family. I'm so blessed, I have so much support. It's awesome.

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They have also set up a website and donation page, asking anyone who is moved by Vincent's story to give what they can in order to help him pay the hospital bill that will amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. But they're all helping him out, proving that love and goodness really does exist.

What would you have done if you won the lottery and a coworker was suffering from an illness?

Image via New Mexico Lottery/facebook