5 things I am doing for the unofficial first day of Spring

Today is the unofficial first day of Spring. Although the Sun doesn't really cross directly over the Earth's equator (and thus welcome the vernal equinox) until March 20th, I'm already celebrating the many things that arrive with the coming of warmer weather.

As the sun peeks out behind the clouds of a way-too-rainy day yesterday, I'm reminded of all the happy times ahead. Spring is the traditional time of rebirth and renewal—but it's also a time for more color (fashion!), growth (flowers!) and so much more. This is what I'm most looking forward to about the start of the new season.  


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1. Flowers blooming: My mami taught me that having fresh flowers in the house is the best way to bring a little outside happiness indoors. Whenever there are heavy rains, I always think to the old saying of "April showers bring May flowers" and get excited to see flowers blooming everywhere I go.

2. Getting a pedicure: I love my boots but, as the snow melts and the sun peeks out, I break out my sandals as soon as I can. Part of wearing open toe shoes is making sure that my toes are looking their best, so I grab my favorite new Essie nail polish shade (armed and ready) and book an appointment.

3. Colorful fashion: I wear color all year round, but the best part of Spring is that the stores fill up with all of the newest fashions in the prettiest colors. This year I'm excited to get some clothes in the 2012 trendy colors, like tangerine, margarita, lilac and a sun bleached yellow called "solar power".

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4. Exercising outside: As it gets warmer, it also gets closer to bikini-wearing season. Now's the perfect time to really put my fitness routine into high gear, since I still have a few months and now I don't have to stay in the boring old gym. I can go for a hike, bike through the park and even do yoga outside.

5. Celebrating birthdays: March is a really big month for birthdays, since a lot of weddings happen in June (just do the math). Besides celebrating my own and those of a few close friends, I'm also wishing a Happy Birthday to Javier Bardem (3/1), Eva Mendes (3/5), Freddy Prinze Jr (3/8), Eva Longoria (3/15), Fergie (3/27) and Mark Consuelos (3/30).

What are you most looking forward to in the Spring?

Image via ZakVTA/flickr