Bachata king Romeo Santos joins Voto Latino team!

santos Bachata king, Romeo Santos, has sung for Obama at the White House and holds an American Music Award for Favorite New Artist. Now, he is using his voice for more than his songs! The artist just revealed that he's teaming up with Voto Latino, an organization designed to encourage voting among Hispanics.

 The 30-year-old "Promise" singer announced the partnership early this morning on CNN. "As an artist, a lot of people look at me like a role model," Santos told CNN anchorwoman, Soledad O'Brien."I can encourage my young fans, the majority of my young fans and Latinos, to vote."


Voto Latino, co-founded by Rosario Dawson, will now be on location at each of Santos' concerts during his nationwide tour. Santos hopes their presence will encourage Latinos that are eligible to vote to register and vote on Election Day.

"I thought it was a great cause," he said. See why else he joined the cause here:

The Latino vote is already thought to be a huge deciding factor in this year's presidential race. Just this week, Time Magazine released a cover with the headline "Yo Decido," along with a story that illustrated how influential the Hispanic community will be come Election Day 2012.  

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It's so incredibly gratifying to see both Latinos and non-Latinos from all different fields of work acknowledging the power the Hispanic community can have in political and social worlds. And to have a renowned and loved Latino artist like Santos getting involved in the cause is even better! With Election Day getting closer and closer, there are now only two things left to do: Register if you haven't already and vote!!

What do you think of the Santos' partnership with Voto Latino?

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