Eva Longoria is trying to help you make more money

I've been very lucky for much of my life. Although my parents came here in the mid-90's without much money, they were college educated and eventually became business owners. Besides that, they instilled in me the importance of education.  

It seems that Eva Longoria had a similar upbringing. But, unfortunately, she has recognized that the life of a Latina today is much different. Although we currently account for 60% of the nation's population growth, when it comes to education and job security, the numbers don't look very good.

That's why she has decided to start the Eva Longoria Foundation to "help Latinas build a better futures for themselves and their families through education and entrepreneurship."


Quoting the statistics about how Latinas make only $0.54 on the dollar in comparison to a white man, she made it clear why she felt it was important to start this kind of foundation:

While many factors contribute to poverty, education plays a key role in a person's ability to secure a good job. Today, only 65% of adult Latinas hold high school degrees and just 15% graduate from college. Without secondary or higher education, these women have few opportunities to secure jobs that provide a living wage. Growing up in low-income neighborhoods and attending failing schools, their daughters often find themselves trapped in the same situation, a cycle of poverty that can continue for generations.

But there's hope yet. Eva also talks about how Latinas are "incredibly entrepreneurial, starting businesses at six times the national rate." And with some of the resources that her new foundation plans to provide, I bet that number will grow even more.

What do you think of Eva Longoria starting a foundation to support other Latinas in education and business growth?

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