'Sh*t Latinos Don't Say' embraces video meme without the stereotypes

As a Latina, would you ever in a million years call your abuelita's cooking bad? Or insist that you actually hate arroz y frijoles? Yeah, me neither! And according to a new viral video, those aren't all the only things Latinos would never say.    

In response to the recent movement of online video memes poking fun at racial and gender stereotypes, like "Sh*t Spanish Girls Say" and "Sh*t Girlfriends Say," Puerto Rican Lance Rios created "Sh*t Latinos Don't Say." The video turns the trend on its head by bonding viewers over shared experiences.


"We wanted to do something that Latinos and non-Latinos would walk away from laughing," Rios told CNN. "It's meant to prove that yes, as a community, we have issues. But we're Americans, too, and just because we're tied to other countries doesn't mean we can't make fun of ourselves just like everyone else in a way that's not offensive."

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What really makes the video work is the fact that it doesn't try to take on big serious issues, instead sticking to lighthearted and simple jokes. In several instances, a girl brings a boy into her bedrooms, telling him that her father won't mind--truthfully teasing the way Latino dads are notoriously overprotective of their daughters. At another point, a Hispanic man points at a portrait of Jesus and quizzically asks, "Who is that guy?"

And I'm not the only one who finds the video entertaining! Since last week, it has quickly become popular on YouTube, with more than 21,000 views. "This video shows that our audience is alive and well in the social media space and they're looking for content," said Rios, who is also the founder of Being Latino, a Facebook group with the goal of educating, unifying and entertaining the Latino community.

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I mean, who wouldn't laugh at the idea of a Latino not knowing what guacamole or a bodega was? The video gives an honest and good-natured portrayal of some of the amusing and weird quirks in the Latino culture, but without including all the negative stereotypes. Here's hoping that other video meme creators take note! See the full video here:

What do you think of the video?

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