Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week with your kids

This entire week is Random Acts of Kindness Week. One of the things that I remember learning as a child was the importance of courtesy and being nice to people.

Doing something randomly kind for a stranger (or even someone you know) would bring a smile to anyone's face. But even more importantly, you can teach your kids a thing or two about being a good person. Philanthropy can teach kids to be generous and more well-rounded adults as they grow up. And there's a few things you can do together to honor Random Acts of Week with your children.


Volunteer together: Head to the local soup kitchen and sign up for an afternoon of serving warm food to the underprivileged and homeless.

Bake a treat for school: Your kid will love bringing a smile to their teacher's and classmate's faces with some homemade goodness.

Rescue an animal: Next time you see an abandoned cat or stray dog, very carefully (if they are not wild) feed them and bring them to a shelter.

Build a house: If your kids are older, volunteer to build houses for underprivileged families with an organization like Habitat for Humanity.

Pick up the trash: In your local park or community center, make the environment cleaner by donning gloves and properly getting rid of litter.

What random act of kindness can you do with your kids, today?

Image via Alameda County Community Food Bank/flickr