Latina plus size dancer to represent “chubby women around the world” at Carnaval

As if Sara Ramirez looking gorgeous in her latest appearance on The View wasn’t enough, there’s another Latina representing full-figured curves with no shame: Vania Flor, a plus-size dancer who has been chosen by Salgueiro samba school as their muse for the upcoming Carnaval in Brazil.

Clearly tipping the scales at 230 pounds hasn’t stopped this Latina from being an amazing samba dancer and learning to embrace her body. Vania says she doesn't approve of the way Brazilian women obsess over their weight in an attempt to look like the big name models who represent the country (Giselle Bünchen, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio) and embraces her size.


The 27-year-old dance muse inspires me with her love of samba and her inner and outer beauty. In an interview, she says:

"I am flattered to represent all of the chubby women around the world. I hope to encourage other people so that they can also become muses. All you need to know is how to dance samba. Actually I don't feel any difference (from being a plus size muse). I think that all that matters is being happy and knowing how to dance samba. If we all fit these two requirements, we can all join the Carnival parades."

Vania not only makes me want me to learn samba but also love my body more. After all, if she can love her body and embrace her beauty, then so can the rest of us.

What do you think of a plus size dancer being chosen as the muse for Carnaval?

Image via Reuters