Latina sisters head to White House for Science Fair

Have you ever dreamed of designing a toy rocket that actually works? Well, that’s exactly what Janet and Ana Karen Nieto did in order to get an invitation to the White House Science Fair, which is sponsored by President Barack Obama.

The two Latina sisters from Presidio, Texas, are members of their school’s rocketry team at Presidio High School thanks to their teacher’s encouraging words. Their story is truly one of inspiration, though it wasn’t very easy for them to get there.


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Living in one of the poorest districts in the state, the girls had to come up with some really creative ways to raise money for their science project. They tell the Latin American Herald Tribute:

“We raffle goats, because almost everyone who lives in Presidio is Mexican and they’re interested in livestock. We sell food when people are leaving Mass and we organize an art festival in May.”

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Both 17, the two girls credit their parents for inspiring an interest in science. Although I was never a great science student, I can understand the important of parental encouragement when it comes to any school subject. My dad was really interested in math and, although I don’t love math, he always helped me to succeed. And now looking at these two inspiring girls, I am definitely hoping that there will be plenty more Latino children succeeding in math and science.

Are you inspired by these two girls success in science? How do you encourage your kids to explore all of the different subjects at school?

Image via Getty Images