5 reasons we should be proud to be Latina

We know we don't really need any explanation for being proud of our heritage. I mean, our delicious food, our fun music, our close family relationships, and our fiery spirit is self-explanatory and awesome enough. But, just in case you needed any more reasons to love being a Latina woman, here are a few!




  1. We are now holding higher political offices than ever before.  Just last month, President Obama appointed Cecilia Muñoz to serve as the Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, which makes her the highest-ranking Latina in the White House.  But, she's not the only one serving in the Obama administration. Hilda Solis has been acting as the US Secretary of Labor since 2009, when she became the first Hispanic woman to ever serve in the US Cabinet.  And let's not forget Governor of New Mexico, Susana Martinez, who is the first female Latina governor  in the country.
  2. Our voices are louder, stronger and more powerful. In case you didn't notice the media frenzy earlier this week, Republican candidates were basically tripping all over themselves trying to win over Latino voters.  Both Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney released ads targeting Spanish voters in Florida . And Latinas specifically are set to have a major impact this election , since Hispanic mothers represent over half of the overall US population growth.
  3. We are the hottest people in Hollywood. No, seriously. From Sofia Vergara and Jennifer Lopez to Selena Gomez and Glee's Naya Rivera, Latina women are quickly becoming the It-girls of the entertainment world. Their faces are dominating red carpets and magazine covers. Currently, you can see any of these four ladies (and lots more!) making their name and building their brand not only in movies, TV and music, but also in fashion and beauty.
  4. Our youth are doing BIG things. In the past month alone, several Hispanic teens have been spotlighted for their impressive contributions to society. High school senior Samantha Garvey became a semifinalist in the prestigious and competitive Intel Science Talent search, despite the fact that her and her family were homeless at the time.  17-year-old inventor, Javier Fernandez-Han, was named one of Forbes' 30 under 30 list for his use of algae to digest sewage.  And 21-year-old entrepreneur Jessica Cervantes became Huffington Post's Chef of The Week for coming up with the idea of PopsyCakes, a brand that sells cake pops and now has over 50 different kiosks in Miami and New York. Latina mommies should be very proud.
  5. We are making our presence known in the media world. Spanish-speaking networks are becoming increasingly influential every year. One example? This  past month, President Obama shocked the mainstream media by deciding to speak to Univision right after his State of the Union address and before any other network, sending an important message to both Latinos and the rest of the world. And even more importantly, Latina woman, like Soledad O'Brien and Nely Galan, are becoming driving forces behind the success of major networks.  Pretty amazing chicas, right?

Why are you proud to be a Latina?

Image via Getty Images, YouTube, ABCnews