More Latinos are going to college and they're studying harder, too

There’s a lot of not-so-great things going on right now. There’s a mayor in East Haven who thinks helping the Latino community means eating more tacos, there’s not enough support (or information) coming from candidates in the Republican primaries and there’s a potential Cuban-American Republican VP candidate who I refuse to vote for. But there’s good news, too: More Latinos are going to college and studying their hearts out.

In this not-so-great economy, our kids are coming out of high school brighter and achieving more on their way up


In an annual survey conducted by UCLA’s Cooperative Institutional Research Program, kids are taking more notes in class, doing their homework and taking more demanding coursework. Plus the Pew Hispanic Center is reporting a 24% increase in young Hispanic students going to college this year. That’s amazing news, isn’t it?

So what’s going on exactly? According to both studies, it has almost everything to do with jobs. While only 7% of the overall population increased their college numbers, our community is more dedicated than ever to having kids graduate high school and then attend two or four year colleges. There’s fewer jobs available, so the need for higher education is becoming more important by the minute.

Wanting a better job after graduation is definitely a great motivator for studying. Kids are getting a little more serious about their education and it’s a good trend to see in our community. We’re getting the message out that you have to go to college and you have to work hard to get a better job down the road. And that’s a good message to have out there.

How are you encouraging your kids to do their homework, study harder and set their sights for college?

Image via Universidad EAFIT/flickr