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Niña de 8 años se escapa de sus secuestradores y ayuda a capturarlos


Los últimos días han estado cargados de historias complicadas para las mujeres. Discriminación de género, violencia doméstica, fotos robadas que siempre hacen quedar mal a una mujer. Sin embargo, la valentía de una niña de 8 años en Topenka, Kansas, me ha recordado lo fuerte que somos la mayoría y de la valentía incólume que sólo puede tener una mujer. No vas a creer lo que hizo, después de que unos desalmados la secuestraron cuando dormía en la casa de su abuela.

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Baby found in trunk of mom's car & you won't believe why


Hold on to your mind because you are about to lose it when I tell you what 19-year-old Briona Watkins from Broward, Florida did to her 5-month-old baby! Watkins was driving with her baby in the car, the baby was not in a car seat, so when Watkins realized she was getting pulled over by cops, she told a 14-year-old who was also in the car to hide the baby in the trunk because she did not want to get a ticket for not having the child in a car seat.

As if shoving a 5-month-old in the trunk of a car isn't bad enough, mi gente, it gets worse!

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Monica Spear's killers sentenced to jail, but is it enough?

The death of former Miss Venezuela, Monica Spear was definitely a tragic one. The 29-year-old model and actress was killed in January along with her ex-husband, Thomas Henry Berry during an attempted robbery on a highway in central Venezuela. Fortunately, the A-holes behind the whole thing have finally been caught and even confessed to the murder. The question is: Are their sentences long enough?

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Mother saves her daughter's life, but loses her own​

Colleen Segbers, a young mother from St. Louis, Missouri sacrificed her life to save her 10-year-old daughter. Mother and daughter were spending an afternoon shopping together when suddenly an out of control car hit her. When the mother saw the vehicle, she pushed little Gwen out of the way, but It was too late for the 33-year-old mom. Apparently the driver hit the gas by mistake instead of the break and ran Colleen over.

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La mujer con tres senos termina humillada ante el público por mentirosa

Sinceramente me da pena ajena por esta mujer. Resulta que su famoso tercer seno, que ha dado tanto de qué hablar en los últimos días, es más falso que las nalgas de Chiquinquirá Delgado. Lo peor fue que la descubrieron de la manera más tonta. ¡Te vas a morir con los detalles!

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Woman with three boobs is definitely a fake

Life officially got way more interesting the second Jasmine Tridevil surfaced the Web. I'll give her that. As we previously reported, the 21-year-old woman from Tampa became famous overnight for posting photos of her third breast. Tridevil claims that she spent $20,000 for the freaky and untraditional breast augmentation surgery. Sure, people were skeptical from the start since the entire procedure seems to defy human anatomy.

Tridevil recently flashed a reporter for a local news segment, and her cleavage looks way more like a fake fake boob job. Yes, there is an oxymoron for you. Could her tri-boob be the next big hoax since 2009's balloon boy? 

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Baby drowns in church's baptismal water

This story just breaks my heart. A toddler drowned and died on Friday after falling into a tank of baptismal water in a church. The child was being watched by his teenage sister at the Pentecostal House of Prayer in Decatur, Alabama, but somehow snuck away and fell into the pool. Attempts to revive him once he was pulled from the 33-inch deep water were unsuccessful. Not only is this little boy's death so sad, but his mom had been praying for a boy for years and has now lost her little miracle.

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Man ducks rape charges with sexomnia defense


I've heard of sleep walking and even sleep talking. Raping someone in your sleep? Well, that's a new one.

But apparently that defense will hold up in court. A Swedish man was acquitted of rape this month after experts said he was asleep during an alleged sexual assault against a female friend. Mickael Halvarsson had originally been convicted of rape and sentenced to two years in prison, however the verdict was overturned after experts backed claim that he had been suffering from "sexomnia" at the time of the alleged attack.

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Condenada a cárcel por denunciar una violación falsa


No es la primera, pero de todo corazón espero que sea la última. Me refiero a una joven de 20 años que conmocionó a España asegurando que había sido víctima de una violación en grupo, por cinco hombres, en una feria en la ciudad de Málaga. Los supuestos violadores fueron identificados y hasta detenidos, los pobres.

Afortunadamente, la mentira tiene patas cortas y la chica no pudo mantener su acusación por mucho tiempo. NO me esperaban la forma en  que la descubrieron y el problemazo en el que está metida.

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Texas dad beats toddler to death over dirty diaper


Angered that his two-year-old daughter had soiled her diaper, an El Paso, Texas-based Army specialist beat his own child to death with a belt. The savage attack happened on Saturday afternoon when Dartarious Graham, 20, stepped inside his daughter Peyton's room and discovered she'd left him a little present in her diaper. Graham struck the child repeatedly, stopping only once her body became limp. After a 911 call was made, paramedics took the unresponsive child to El Paso Children's Hospital, where she was pronounced dead. 

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