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Teen snaps pic of Jesus statue giving him oral sex, faces prison time


 You don't have to be a religious zealot to know that there are certain things you just don't do to statues of religious figures, like spray paint them or pretend that they're giving you a BJ. I thought that went without saying, but apparently some people have to learn these lessons the hard way.

A Pennsylvania teen may face up to two years in prison for posting a pic of himself simulating oral sex with a kneeling statue of Jesus. Yeah, you totally read that correctly. The sinvergüenza had the cojones to snap a pic of himself taking advantage of the body of Christ. What in the actual hell is wrong with some people?

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Salvadorian family narrowly escapes gang murder & that's just the beginning

A family of five children went through hellish conditions while crossing the border illegally for a better life in the U.S., but it was what they witnessed in their native country of El Salvador that pushed them to emigrate. Their mom Teresa Ortiz explained to Fox News Latino that her children witnessed a horrific gang-related murder right outside of their abuela's house. They saw a 21-year-old man get gunned down by gang members, also known as maras. I cannot imagine how that horrific event scarred these innocent kids. Once the gang members noticed that the kids had witnessed the crime, they also threatened to kill the entire Ortiz family. Teresa knew that she needed out.

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Daycare mistakes bleach for water, serves it to 28 toddlers!​

People make mistakes. You live, you learn, and most of us get over it. However, some people make oopsies so epic, it sends more than two dozen children to the hospital. You don't want to be that person. Take it from a New Jersey substitute teacher who accidentally served a bunch of toddlers a mixture of bleach and water Thursday, sending their parents into an epic tizzy.

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Little girl thrown from carnival ride dies in horrifying way


An 8-year-old girl in Australia was at the Royal Adelaide Show on September 11 and was thrown from a ride called Airmaxx 360 in the most horrifying way. From what I can tell the Royal Adelaide Show is a type of carnival with all sorts of rides. The Airmaxx 360 is a spinning ride with a bunch of arms that spin and move up and down. Of course the ride has a height limit which is approximately 55 inches, but no weight restriction.

An official investigation is still underway to find out what went wrong, but according to Malinda Dunwoodie, a 17-year-old witness to the tragic accident, it looked like the safety harness was still down, but that the little girl had somehow slipped out from her seat. The description she gives will make your stomach turn.

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Three baby bodies found in rat-infested house of nightmares

This is just horrifying. The bodies of three deceased infants were found yesterday in a rat-infested home in Blackstone, Massachusetts. The dead babies were found just two weeks after child welfare investigators removed four other children from the home due to suspected abuse. Investigators described the condemned home as being filled with rats, bugs, flies and even piles of dirty diapers. Erika Murray, the woman found living in the home, was arrested and is set to be arraigned today. It is sickening to think about innocent children living under these conditions. Why take care of children if you are going to treat them this way?

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Fifth-grader banned from using lip balm in school for stupidest reason ever

Is it me or are schools coming out with the craziest rules these days? Remember when that 9-year-old Colorado girl was kicked out of school after shaving off all of her hair to support a friend undergoing chemotherapy treatment? Or that poor teen who was publicly shamed by school administrators just for wearing a skirt that supposedly was a little too short? Well, now I'm hearing about a fifth-grader who was banned from using lip balm at school. Can you believe this nonsense?

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Twins pay the ultimate price after hospital refuse mom c-section​


Victoria Rexach wasn't even six months pregnant when she went into premature labor on August 28. The 30-year-old was rushed to Richmond University Medical Center in Staten Island where to her surprise and the surprise of those familiar with her medical history, she was told she would be giving birth naturally (i.e. vaginally). The thing is that Rexach had already had two C-sections with previous children and her doctor who is a high-risk specialist wanted her to have another C-section.

I don't know why, but doctors and staff did not listen to her or her common-law husband who is also the father of her children, Tafari Brathwaite. His account of what happened, will tear your heart to shreds.

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4-year-old killed by E. coli infection she caught at a picnic​


I'm borderline neurotic when it comes to the way I prepare my food. I rinse everything, from meat to produce, at least three times over. I season with one hand and handle the food with the other, and I pretty much drop a disinfective bomb on my kitchen to erase all traces of bacteria from my kitchen surfaces. My boyfriend pretty much thinks I'm insane; I think I'm saving us from a potentially life-threatening infection--the same infection that cost 4-year-old Serena Profitt her life.

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Brutal attack by machete-wielding mob caught on camera

Imagine waiting for the train, being approached by a gang of men and suddenly being attacked with a machete. Police say the two men waiting on a Chicago subway platform were approached by Mario Elvira, five other men and a woman. The group asked the guys to put up their gang signs and when they refused, Elvira brutally attacked the 26-year-old victim with a machete. The most disturbing part of this story is that it was all caught on camera. 

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Insanely drunk mom tries to pick up kid at school


On Friday, 27-year-old Renata Congleton, drove on over to Trinity Elementary School in Florida to pick up a child I'm assuming is hers, but the child hasn't been identified. Anyway, it wouldn't be anything to talk about except for the fact that the school staff would not let her take the child because she seemed "extremely drunk" and instead the cops were called. But guess what? Congleton was not about to stay and wait for the cops, so she got her very intoxicated butt back in the car and drove off, endangering other children and people in the school pick-up area, I'm sure! Ugh!

Yes, the police did eventually catch up with her, but not before she managed to do lots of damage.

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