Idiot 911 dispatcher refuses to help mom who accidentally locked toddler in car

Tampa, Florida mom Shauna Dees strapped her 10-month-old son, Jack, into his car seat in a store parking lot. She closed the door to secure a shopping cart and little Jack pressed the lock button, locking himself in the car.

The car wasn't running and temperatures were high, near the triple digits. Freaking out, Dees borrowed a phone from a passerby and called police. But the dispatcher not only didn't send help, he hung up on her.

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Aerolínea dejó olvidada a anciana de 85 años en un aeropuerto ¡y eso no es lo peor!


Esta historia me hizo recordar la película "Mi pobre Angelito", donde unos estresados padres de 4 hijos, salen de vacaciones y cometen un pequeño olvido: dejan en la casa al niño menor. Y precisamente un olvido es el que 'ha cometido' la aerolínea Southwest pero no con un niño sino con una abuelita de 85 años. A Alice Vaticano la dejaron 'olvidada' en su silla de ruedas durante 11 horas en el aeropuerto de Newark Liberty en Nueva Jersey, ella es diabética y sufre de 'olvidos' y por largo rato ella tampoco sabía dónde estaba. Parece una escena arrancada de una película de ciencia ficción. ¡Pero ocurrió en verdad!

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Pobre perro es víctima de la PEOR crueldad que jamás hayas escuchado


Es un caso de horror y extrema agresión hacia los animales lo que estoy a punto de relatarte. Un perrito de poco más de un año de edad, fue salvajemente violado y torturado al punto que le sacaron un ojo. Tales vejaciones sufrió el animalito que tiene a toda una comunidad en Yucatán, México escandalizada, horrorizada e indignada. El caso ha cruzado las fronteras y ni te imaginas lo que ha provocado esta denuncia.

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Newborn baby clinging to life after mom throws her in trash


Something sounded like a cat trapped inside the trash can, but when the woman opened the lid, she found a newborn baby girl crying in distress. According to Utah's law enforcement, Alicia Marie Englert abandoned her infant an hour before she was discovered. The baby was rushed to the hospital, fighting for its life, and the 24-year-old mother was arrested and charged with attempted murder.

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Surge rival al reto de la cubeta de agua helada pero su causa es MUY controversial


Un nuevo reto ha surgido para hacerle competencia al de la cubeta de agua helada, pero es algo mucho más fácil y placentero. Se trata de consumir tacos o cerveza y donar a cualquier organización lucrativa en favor del aborto. Este reto causa polémica no por lo que se tiene que consumir, sino por la causa a la que favorece. La inició una periodista en Texas, que está en contra de las leyes tan estrictas en contra del aborto. Te cuento cómo va reaccionando la gente.

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Little girl accidentally kills gun instructor with Uzi & it's all caught on tape


On Monday, Charles Vacca, a 39-year-old former soldier with a young family, was accidentally shot and killed by a 9-year-old girl he was teaching to fire an Uzi. Vacca was working as an instructor at a shooting range in Arizona when the accident happened and he was airlifted to a local hospital, but unfortunately died soon after.

What happened is tragic on so many levels. The whole ordeal was caught on video by the girl's parents. Part of the video has been released by the Mojave County Sheriff's Department. It appears that the accident happened because the Uzi was switched from single shot mode to automatic and, not surprisingly,  the little girl lost control of the weapon.

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Babysitter from hell stomps toddler to death


Athena Skeeter is every parent's worst nightmare. The 40-year-old licensed child care provider from the Bronx is being accused of manslaughter and endangering the welfare of a child after she allegedly wrestled a toddler in her home, stomped on his helpless body three times, tossed him in a bathtub filled with freezing cold water and then went food shopping. The innocent 20-month-old victim, Cardell Williamson, was pronounced dead at Bronx Lebanon Hospital. Now new gruesome details are being uncovered about this poor child's death. 

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WATCH: Cops pull mom & 4 young kids out of car at gunpoint for no reason


Yet another inane incident regarding ill-informed and overly aggressive police officers has made the neww--this time, in Forney, Texas, where Kametra Barbour was mistakenly pulled over on a highway and handcuffed at gunpoint. The worst part: there were four terrified children inside the car witnessing the entire incident. Cops eventually realized their mistake--especially when Barbour's 6-year-old son Ryan emerged from the car, his little hands up in the air--but, by that point, they'd scarred four innocent children, most of whom were bawling fearfully.

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Man has 16 surrogate children, wants HUNDREDS more

A 24-year-old man with a chronic case of baby fever is currently being held under investigation. Mitsutoki Shigeta's condo in Bangkok, Thailand was raided by police earlier this month and nine babies along with nine nannies were found. They were all discovered in unfurnished rooms filled with baby bottles, bouncy chairs, play pens and of course diapers. Crazy thing is, this man is the father of all of these babies--plus seven more!

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Couple repeatedly rape teen to get her pregnant & steal her baby


I'm beginning to lose all faith in humanity. An Alabama couple who wanted a baby repeatedly raped a mentally incapacitated teen in a bid to get her pregnant and steal her baby.

Court records reveal Jeremy Swann raped the unidentified teen multiple times in the hopes of using the woman as an unwilling surrogate. At one point, a bone-chilling report reveals the 29-year-old even gagged the victim with a ball to keep her from screaming as he sexually assaulted her. But, it turns out, he needn't have worried about the young woman's cries for help disturbing anyone in the household. 

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