Gabriel García Márquez memorial & most influential works of all time


Less than a week after Latin America's most famous author Gabriel Garcia Márquez died in his home at the age of 87, family, friends, and admirers paid tribute to him today in a moving memorial at the Bellas Artes Palace in Mexico City.

According to reports, thousands of his readers waited in line in the neighboring park for a chance to pay their respects. Inside, guests gave a standing ovation when the black urn with the adored author's ashes was carried down the stairs of the lobby and placed on a pedestal surrounded by yellow flowers. It was a touching and beautiful ceremony for the man who made a difference in so many lives.

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WATCH: Vigilante bus passengers brutally beat up man harassing viejitos (NSFW)


An oversized bully on a New York City bus got his comeuppance this weekend and it was all caught on video. I have no idea why, but this jerk decided to pick on an elderly couple that were sitting at the front of the bus. They don't appear to be doing anything to incite this fool, but he keeps yelling and cursing at them and saying things to them that make you want to wash his mouth out with soap.

As he's yelling at them, you see a couple of people get up to move away from the crazy man, I would have too. However, I have to say that I am proud of the people on that bus because when push came to shove, they defended those abuelos against that desgraciado. Oh yeah, they kicked his nalgas right off the bus and you've got to see it.

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Terrorists kidnap 234 girls from their school!


A group of 85 teen girls were said to have been kidnapped from a school in Nigeria, but now the numbers have risen. The Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok, Nigeria was attacked last Monday when suspected Islamic extremist rebels Boko Haram ambushed the school and forced the students onto buses and trucks.

Originally it was widely reported that 85 girls were taken, but parents are confirming that in reality it's 234 of them! OH MY GOD!

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Boy dies from horrific burns caused by nasty prank

A 7-year-old boy from Aberdeen, U.K. died on Friday after suffering severe burns. Preston Flores was playing with two friends, a boy and a girl, on a street near his home before the tragic incident took place. No one knows exactly what happened, but shortly after, the boy was running down the blocks with flames shooting from his clothes. Many suspect this might have been a nasty prank. My goodness!

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Boston Marathon finish line proposal is most touching thing you'll see all day

The Boston Marathon took place today and for many, it was a chance to complete the race in a symbolic gesture of support to the city still recovering from last year's fatal bombing attack. But for Greg Picklesimer, it was that and more.

After completing the Boston Marathon for the second time this year (he completed it hours before the attack last year), he decided to propose to his girlfriend Carla White at the finish line. Wow! And as luck would have it, a reporter on the scene managed to capture the special moment on camera. Check out the heartwarming photo after the jump!

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Se defendió tras ser violada y ahora podría ser ahorcada si no pide perdón

La verdad es que no entiendo las leyes en países como Irán, donde una persona abusada podría ser ejecutada por algo que en este lado del mundo, posiblemente sea considerado como defensa propia.

Imagínense que una pobre mujer Iraní, quien fue violada, deberá pagar con su vida por haber matado a Moreteza Abdolai Sarbandi, el tipo que la abusó, si es que no pide perdón a la familia del hombre.

Se trata de la diseñadora de interiores Reyhaneh Jabbari, de 26 años, quien acudió a un llamado de trabajo y terminó atravesando la peor pesadilla de su vida. Lo más preocupante es que la familia del tipo no le cree en lo absoluto, y le quedan pocas semanas para ser ajusticiada.

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Latina teen killed when drunk driver crashes into her bedroom

A California teen was killed while sleeping in her bed after an alleged drunk driver crashed into her apartment early Sunday.

Authorities say the horrific tragedy occurred when 20-year-old Roberto Rodriguez lost control of his SUV, jumped the curb and smashed into 17-year-old Giselle Mendoza's bedroom. The teen was killed on impact. Witnesses say Rodriguez was driving about 80 mph at the time. Now, he could be charged with manslaughter.

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Cute HS couple banned from prom & you'll never believe why

Is it me or are schools punishing students for the stupidest reasons? I've heard of kids getting suspended for sporting unique hairstyles or even wearing certain clothes. But this latest story is 10 times more offensive. A teenage couple from Martin Luther High School in New York was recently banned from attending their prom and for the most unfair reason EVER!

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Disgusting man raped baby & recorded it all on his cell phone


Another pervert is off the streets after police were tipped that a man was caught on camera raping a 2-year-old girl. The 31-year-old Arkansas man, Scott Sholds, is facing multiple felony charges after being accused of suspicion of distributing, possesion of child pornography, computer exploitation of a child, along with rape.

You won't believe who caught the sicko in the nick of time!

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Teen miraculously survives flight from California to Hawaii in plane's wheel well

A 16-year-old boy reportedly survived a flight from California to Hawaii, stowed away in the wheel well of the plane. FBI and airline officials say the teen hid in the teeny compartment for the five-hour trip halfway across the Pacific Ocean, despite frigid temperatures and extremely high altitudes. 

As investigators continue to look into his story, FBI spokesman said the boy is extremely lucky to even be alive. So how exactly did his crazy journey all go down?

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