Detenida "la madre del infierno" por trato brutal a su hijo

Yo casi no puedo creer que haya algunas madres, tan malvadas capaces de descargar toda su furia y sus frustraciones con los hijos. Un niño de 11 años fue directamente a la Oficina de Policía en Filadelfia para denunciar a su madre por maltratos físicos. Los oficiales observaron el cuerpo del niño con distintas marcas o lesiones, en total le contaron 27, la mayoría en su espalda y brazos. Muy acertadamente la policía llamó a esta mujer como "la madre del infierno". Entérate de más detalles de esta dolorosa historia.

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Truth behind creepy dolls left at little girl's front doors will shock you


Prepare yourselves for some creepiness straight out of a horror film. Parents in a small community in San Clemente, California were freaking out after porcelain dolls resembling their children were being left at their doorsteps by a mystery culprit. I'm getting the chills just thinking about the possibility, so I can't imagine the crazy panic these families had to go through. 

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Missing pregnant teen Erin Corwin was having an affair with neighbor

This missing person mystery may end up having more than one strange twist. Investigators are digging deeper into the case of the 19-year-old pregnant woman Erin Corwin, who went missing last month in Twentynine Palms, California. Her husband Jonathan Corwin, a U.S. Marine, told authorities that his wife was last seen leaving their home for a walk in the park early in the morning. Police helicopters scanned the Joshua Tree National Park, but spotted no traces of the woman who was three months pregnant. Facts recently started bubbling to the surface once police obtained search warrants…

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Man goes to doctor with stomach pains, finds out he's a woman

Many people avoid seeing the doctor out of fear they'll discover they have a serious health condition or disesase. But one man from Zhejiang, China found out something a lot scarier--but luckily not life threatening--after one random doctor's visit. He was experiencing some pretty bad stomach pains and it turns out he was getting his period. Say what?!

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Drunk mom let 9-year-old drive while she held toddler on her lap


Ay ay ay mamás, you are not going to believe what 46-year-old Carol Ann Goforth from South Carolina did and how she endangered the life of her toddler as well as that of a friend's 9-year-old little girl. On Thursday, Goforth got herself good and drunk and somehow decided that it would be a good idea to let the 9-year-old girl that was with her drive while Goforth sat in the passenger's seat with her son on her lap. Forget about driving age limits, laws or safety because apparently those things only apply to sober folks. 

Someone witnessed this dangerous situation and called the cops, thank GAWD! Espérate though, there is more.

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Increíble: Madre e hijo de 17 años acuerdan tenebroso pacto de muerte

Esta es una historia desgarradora e impactante. No me puedo imaginar qué problema pudo ser tan grande como para decidir ponerle fin a la vida. Cuando la policía llegó a la casa de los Crabree, en Tulsa, Oklahoma, consiguió los dos cuerpos en el piso; ella, Kimberly Crabree de 50 años, y él, Joseph Crabree de 17 años, madre e hijo, según divulgó Daily Mail. Dos vidas apagadas en forma trágica. Sobre una tragedia como ésta, cae siempre una lluvia de preguntas. Sigue leyendo para conocer más detalles de este sorprendente caso.

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Homeowner found out intruder was pregnant "shot her anyways"


What would you do if you walked in on a home intruder trying to rob your safe full of your life savings? Well, 80-year-old retiree Tom Greer, of Long Beach California said he returned to him home in an upscale neighborhood the other night to find a man and woman casually breaking into his safe about to steal the $20,000 he kept in it. The two assailants tackled the old man to the ground, breaking his collarbone in the process, and left him there to watch them finish what they were doing. They probably figured, eh, he's an old man, what's he going to do? Well, they severely underestimated the tenacity of this old man.

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Doctors remove 232 teeth from teen's mouth & you have to SEE it

Going to the dentist isn't exactly anyone's idea of a good time, which is why I completely sympathize with 17-year-old Ashik Gavai. The Indian teen went into his doctor's office after noticing an abnormal growth in the bottom of his mouth that developed within the past few years. He underwent surgery where the dentist, Dr. Sunanda Dhivare-Palwankar, discovered that he had a single tooth that contained 232 other smaller molars, and had grown to the size of a small marble. 

How bizarre is that?!

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Avión con 116 personas desaparece sobre África


¡Qué angustia tan terrible! Un avión con 110 pasajeros y seis tripulantes ha desaparecido al volar sobre África. Así lo confirmó la aerolínea española Swiftair, dueña del avión que iba desde Burkina Faso hacia Argelia. La mayoría de las personas en la nave eran españoles y franceses y, sobra decir, que sus familias están desesperadas. Esto ya está como para uno nunca volver a subirse a un aparato de esos. ¿Sabías que ayer se cayó otro también? Esta debe ser la semana más negra en la historia de la aviación civil.

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Malaysia Airlines: Little boy had eerie premonition about his death on doomed flight


As more twisted details of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash unfold, the part that rocks me to my very core are the most human moments of the lost 298 passengers, of whom 80 were children.

The story of one of them hits very close to home for me as a mom: A mother in Amsterdam, Samira Calehr, has to live knowing that her little boy perished on that flight ... and that in his last hours, he knew that something was going to happen to him. It's enough to send chills down anyone's spine ...

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