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Monster avoids life sentence after admitting to killing baby in her care

Remember 3-year-old Autumn Elgersma? She died last year at the hands of her caregiver in Orange City, Iowa when the woman pushed her to the floor and factured her skull. The killer, Rochelle Sapp, ran a day care at her home and confessed to violently throwing the poor Autumn to the ground because she was having trouble taking her coat off. You would think that after confessing to a such cold blooded crime that woman would rot in jail, right? Wrong! The Iowa court has just announced its verdict and you will NOT believe what they decided. 

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Latino holds a gun to baby's head, posts pics for fun (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)


I love a good joke, don't you? I laugh easily and I fancy myself as someone who has a good sense of humor and isn't easily offended, but you know what's not EVER funny? Pointing a gun at a baby's head. That's why I don't get why 26-year-old Luis Martin Perez Rocha took pictures of himself holding a gun to his 2-year-old nephew's head and then posted them on Facebook as if they were images that made him proud, images that others would delight in seeing. The images are horrifying and when people saw them they flipped the funk out because seeing a baby with a gun to the head is not something you want to see EVER. I'm pretty sure that when you see the image below your jaw will hit the floor.

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Se le metió una araña en el cuerpo después de una apendicitis

Hay vacaciones malas y las que pasó el joven australiano Dylan Thomas, quien pasó dos de los sustos más grandes posibles, durante su viaje a Bali hace unas semanas. Primero le dio apendicitis. Me imagino que debe haber estado aterrado. No es fácil tener que ser operado de emergencia. Menos en un país lejano al tuyo. Eso por no hablar de las vacaciones arruinadas. Sin embargo, eso no fue lo peor que sucedió. Lo que vino fue mucho, peor mucho peor y todo por una araña curiosa.

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Pregnant woman miscarries after getting robbed by teens

This crime is coldblooded and cruel beyond words. A pregnant woman suffered a miscarriage after being brutally attacked by three British teens who wanted to steal her purse. The tragic robbery caused the victim, who was six weeks pregnant, to lose her baby. The 43-year-old woman was just innocently waiting for the bus when her day took a dark turn. 

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Mom sews her daughter's mouth shut as punishment


Pennsylvania authorities have arrested a 46-year-old woman, Rana L. Cooper, on a laundry list of charges ranging from accusations of attempting to sew her 16-year-old adoptive daughter's mouth shut to forcing her to eat cat litter, and many other horrific acts. Cooper frequently threatened to cut off the girl's tongue and I'm sure she was capable of doing so, if the mood struck her.

Teenagers are trying. That's a fact. Between hormones, pushing boundaries and knowing everything, basically being 5' tall toddlers, I'm sure every parent has wanted to smack their teen right in the face at least once. The smart mouth repeatedly telling us how stupid we are and the eyes rolling every time we speak in their direction can cause us to consider the option but, obviously, we'd never do that but some parents will do even worse. 

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Woman sent a text message to her dead grandmother's phone & got a reply from beyond

Sheri Emerson from England, buried her beloved grandmother in 2011 after she lost her battle to bowel cancer. The grandmother loved her family and always wanted to stay in contact with them. She enjoyed sending text messages to all of them throughout the day and when she died, she was buried with her cell phone. For the past three years all the members of the family had been texting grandma and Sheri was shocked when she received a reply from the dead.

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Pregnant woman held at gunpoint for speeding on way to hospital

A pregnant woman was practically held at gunpoint in Fort Dodge, Iowa for speeding on her way to the hospital. Rachel Kohnen and her husband, Ben Kohnen had refused to pull over their speeding car because they were trying to get to the hospital in time to have their fourth child. But cops didn't take their refusal lightly. Wait until you hear what else happened!

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Couple loses 7 babies after refusing selective reduction


Imagine that, after months of unsuccessful attempts at getting pregnant, you discover that you're carrying not one but seven babies. That's what happened to Lindsay Justice of Charlotte, North Carolina, and her husband David. The couple has two daughters--4-year-old Hannah and 2-year-old Hope--and was hoping to expand their family. But after nine months trying to get pregnant, Lindsay discovered she had polycystic ovary syndrome, which can be a huge roadblock on the road to conception. Just as the couple was exploring adoption, Lindsay learned she was expecting. A six-week ultrasound revealed Lindsay was carrying as many as six babies. Worried doctors suggested selective reduction, whereby some of the pregnancies would be terminated in order to give the others a better chance at survival.The Justices refused to terminate, looking at their babies as a miracle. Sadly, before Lindsay made it to her 23rd week of pregnancy, she lost all seven babies. 

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Trágico final para la historia de amor de unos recién casados

Lo único cierto que tenemos es el ahora. El mañana, siempre es un acertijo. Esta historia me recuerda la fragilidad de la vida,  cuando menos pensamos, se nos puede escurrir como agua entre los dedos. Esta pareja, Andrew M. Bloonfield, de 27 y Ruth D. Driskill Boomfield, de 37 años, habían celebrado su boda apenas unas horas antes, en Ohio, cuando el destino les aguardaba una terrible sorpresa a la vuelta de la esquina. Dicen los amigos que lucían felices, como una pareja enamorada, pero los sueños de ambos, de una vida en común, literalmente, rodaron por el asfalto, el pasado 12 de octubre. Te contaré más…

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Couple wants to adopt baby they found in the trash & you will not believe what's stopping them

A couple interested in adopting the newborn they rescued from a trash can last week has begun the adoption process. The only issue is that the mother of the discarded newborn and her own parents still hold the rights to the child even though they tried to throw the baby away! Jimmy and Annette Alvarez briefly cared for the baby after a homeless man found the child in a dumpster near Sunnyside Apartments in Merced, California, wrapped in a towel, covered in gnats, and with her umbilical cord sill attached.

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