Malaysia Airlines: La historia de esta fotografía te hará llorar de tristeza


Sin saber que sería la última fotografía de su vida, un joven compartió esta selfie de él y su madre a bordo del avión de Malaysia Airlines MH17 derribado por un misil mientras volaba sobre Ucrania.

En esta horrible tragedia se suman ya 80 los niños y jóvenes que murieron. Las historias de desolación y tristeza son interminables. Como la de éste joven que sin saberlo publicó 3 horas antes del derrumbamiento del avión de Malaysia Airlines, una de las imágenes que representarán esta injusticia alrededor del mundo.

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Muere el famoso actor Álex Angulo de la manera más trágica


El actor español Álex Angulo falleció ayer al norte de la Península Ibérica. Aunque no se conocen mayores detalles del fatal accidente, ya España llora a uno de sus grandes quien en vida se destacara por su trabajo junto a  Guillermo del Toro y Pedro Almodóvar. ¡Lamentable noticia!

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9-year-old boy marries 62-year-old woman for second time

A 9-year-old boy from South Africa has recently renewed his vows to his 62-year-old wife. Yes, you read that right. Sanei Masilela was just 8 years old when he decided to marry Helen Shabangu, a bride so much older than him she could literally be his abuela--no joke! Anyone else out there find this kind of sick? Now why in the world would a viejita even consider marrying a little boy?

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Mom, newborn beat cancer & heart problems, show MIRACLES do exist

Sometimes you wonder how people can endure so much hardship. A Texas woman undergoing cancer treatment while pregnant then learned that the baby she was carrying had a heart defect and would need a transplant.

Riki Graves was eight weeks pregnant with her second child when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, according to a blog she wrote for Texas Children's Hospital. The 38-year-old woman stayed positive and received treatment. But then at 20 weeks into her pregnancy, she learned that her baby had a congenital heart defect. Her baby would need several heart operations and even so, Graves was told, might not survive the pregnancy. 

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ÚLTIMA HORA: Familia con un bebé sobrevive enterrada por 34 horas


Una familia de cuatro personas, entre las que se encuentra un bebé, pasó de 34 horas enterradas, después de que el edificio en el que vivían colapsó y los dejó atrapados entre los escombros. Cuando los bomberos llegaron al local, los vecinos les informaron que faltaban y de inmediato se dieron a la tarea de localizarlos. Sorprendentemente, todos estaban con vida, pero su liberación fue larga y hubo complicaciones.

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The 5 most outrageous things people are saying about the migrant children crisis


I've been trying to avoid the topic of the migrant children from Central America from a while now. My kids check out some of my posts and I'm convinced that knowing about how their country is treating thousands of children like them would break their hearts. However, the stupid things that some people are saying about this humanitarian crisis are just too much. It's gotten to a point that I feel it's immoral to keep quiet. 

These 5 are some of the worst. I have to warn you, they range from stupid and ignorant to plain racist. Since there is little we can actually do to help in practical terms, the least we can do is to spread the word. Ready?

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No vas a creer lo que este padre hizo por cumplirle un sueño a su hija


Cualquier padre haría lo que sea por dibujar una sonrisa en el rostro de sus niños, pero este hombre de Virginia lo llevó al extremo: con el fin de cumplirle el sueño a su princesa de 7 años, Jeremiah Heaton fue capaz de viajar miles de kilómetros con un objetivo en mente… y créeme que pondrás el grito en el cielo cuando sepas de que se trata.  

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Teacher having sex with student threatened to do WHAT if he ended it?

Is high school teacher the profession of choice for sex offenders in the making? It definitely feels that way! The latest incident of a professor becoming overly cozy with a student involves 32-year-old Danielle Watkins of Norwalk, Connecticut, an English teacher at the nearby Stamford High School. Watkins turned herself into authorities on Thursday. Police officers had put out an arrest warrant on the grounds that she engaged in a sexual relationship with a now 18-year-old student from September 2012 to June 2014, sent him naked photos of herself and lewd text messages, and provided both him and a 15-year-old friend with marijuana. But there's more ... and it's even WORSE!

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Woman with no vagina comes to terms with never being a mom


Kelly Smith suspected something was wrong with her when, at 16, she still hadn't gotten her period. Initially, doctors told her not to worry about it, but she couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. A year later, Smith returned to the hospital, only to have her suspicions confirmed. At 17 years old, Smith was diagnosed with Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome, a rare condition that caused her to be born with an unusually shallow vagina and no womb. Wow!

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MH17: Couple loses 3 kids on Malaysia Air flight in every parents' worst nightmare


Details of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 that was allegedly shot down by Pro-Russian rebels in the Ukraine are starting to come together and with it, the tragic stories of the all the 298 passengers lost in the crash. One of the saddest to arise from the incident is the story of one family who lost their three children when the plane came down. Your heart will break when you read the story of a parent's worst nightmare.

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