8 Gross things about sex we don't talk about

Sex is one of the greatest things on this planet. It is up there with chocolate and ice cream, but unlike all of the passionate on-screen depictions of sex, it can also have its non-sexy moments. Here are eight really gross and nasty things about sex that no one likes to talk about ...

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Cuidados comunes de higiene femenina podrían ser dañinos para tu salud


La utilización de productos femeninos, los cuales intentan aminorar los olores por allá abajito, no son tan buenos como parece. Así lo asegura el doctor Austin Ugwumadu, especialista en ginecología, basándose en estudios que respaldan esta idea.

Aunque prometan frescura y limpieza, algunos de estos productos atentan contra el balance químico natural de la piel de la vagina, propiciando las infecciones y evitando que las mismas sean descubiertas en el consultorio médico. ¡Lo natural es lo mejor aunque parezca lo contrario!

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5 Craziest things people used to believe about vaginas


Back in the day, vaginas were pretty confusing to people. Science has advanced and thankfully people know the basic functions of a vagina, but we really shouldn't forget how ignorant people were. From the clitoris being a deadly warning sign to period blood killing sperm, there were plenty of crazy myths about the vagina. Here are five of the craziest lies about our lady parts

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13 Very important things you NEED to know before your next wax


The first time I got my bikini waxed, I did so on impulse. I'd been walking around the city, when I walked passed a random salon offering a sale on Brazilian waxes when I decided, YOLO, and walked in to ask a strange woman to rip hair out of my most intimate area, by the root. That, it turns out, was a bad idea. I was so not prepared for what was about to go down. I didn't know that I was supposed to have prepped my lovely lady bits or that I couldn't do certain things right after getting her de-fuzzed. I also didn't know what I should have been looking for in a good quality salon. It's not like health inspectors go around slapping letter grades on waxing salons like they do cuchifritos. If only!

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5 Ways you change down there with age

Listen, as we get older, everything ages--including our beloved vagina. After puberty, the vagina becomes quite busy. Sex and babies are just some of the major changes the vagina experiences, but there are other physical and hormonal ones you probably don't know about. As our vaginas age, we need to transform our behavior to address those changes. For instance, in our 30's we probably need to start using a water base lubricant before sex and we have to start wearing looser pants. Keep reading, so you can learn how your vagina changes throughout the years.

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8 Tips for a happier & healthier vagina


If you're like most people, chances are you've resolved to lead a healthier lifestyle this year. I'm sure you've already overhauled your diet and started going to the gym, which is great. But I have to be upfront with you, chica. If you're not taking care of your vagina, you're doing a half-assed job at leading a healthier and happier life. I'm just being real here. The truth is, your vajayjay is everything. It's the epicenter of physical pleasure. It brings new life into the world. It can tell you if and when something's up with your health. So why in the world aren't you paying her more attention?

Honestly, if you're serious about becoming a happier, healthier chica, you'll start taking better of your vagina. Here's how…

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6 Natural lubes that will ruin your sex life


People have been using makeshift lube since the dawn of time, and though we've come to understand a lot about the effects certain "natural" substances can have down there, you'd be surprised to know just what kind of crazy things some couples are still using to get wet and wild. Now, not all natural lube alteratives are bad. Many are great--not to mention they're cheap and handy. However, there are a few slippery substances out there that have no business being anywhere near your lady bits. Use the wrong homemade lube and you run the risk of going from hot and bothered to burning and irritated.

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Is his penis too big for your vagina?


Lots of men would like to have us believe their packages are simply too large for most women to handle. That's cute. Let them keep believing that. But you at least owe it to yourself to know the truth. According to Dr. Lauren Streicher, author of Sex RX: Hormones, Health, and Your Best Sex Ever, most vajayjays are able to fit all shapes and sizes of penises, "given appropriate arousal and lubrication." That said, should you not be able to fit your partner's P into your V, chances are you may be dealing with one of two totally annoying, but totally reversible, sex related issues--both of which have nothing to do with the size of your man's package. But one of which has everything to do with how he throws down in the bedroom. So take note, ladies AND gentlemen.

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6 Reasons your vagina may be dry


Imagine this: you're lying next to your partner who's totally ready to get it on with you and while you're heart and mind are excited about the thought, your body--or rather your sweet spot below--is just not responding. There are few things worse than trying to have sex when you're not well lubricated. Not only does it make sex painful--if you can even manage penetration at all--but it could lead to irritation and you'll be feeling sore for days afterwards. Below, some of the causes for vaginal dryness so you can pinpoint why it's feeling like the Sahara Desert down there.

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10 Ways C-sections & vaginal births are basically the same


No matter the details of your labor--whether it involved an epidural and a hospital bed, a water birth overseen by a midwife, or an elective or emergency C-section--there are certain commonalities between all baby deliveries. Don't think so? Check out our list of 10 ways in which C-sections and vaginal births are essentially identical.

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