Teacher says she was "groped in the vagina" by 5-year-old, calls cops


A teacher at Daughtrey Elementary School in Bradenton, Florida, called the police on October 9th after being groped " in the vagina" by a student. The problem: her so-called assailant was all of five years old. 

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This Madonna made of Holy Water smells like a vagina when it melts


Oh, Madonna! Olfactory artist Peter De Cupere's latest sculpture is sure to turn up more than a few noses. His newest piece, entitled "The Deflowering," is an unusual rendering of the Madonna, which is said to have been sculpted out of a mixture of Holy water and eau de vagina. Holy moly, that's weird. But that's only the tip of the vagina-scented iceberg. Unlike most artists who want viewers to keep their grubby hands off of their artwork, De Cupere created the sculpture with the intention of having people interact with the statue, and perhaps walk away with it still lingering on their minds…and fingers.

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5 Weird vaginal problems & how to fix them

I can deal with financial problems, even health problems (if there are quick and easy solutions), what I don't have the patience for are vaginal problems. I mean, who the hell does? There's nothing more annoying (not to mention embarrassing) than having issues down below. It's a serious pain in the neck. You can't have sex, you can't wear jeans--nada! Plus, it makes you feel like a nasty mess!

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Poor woman proves why you MUST use lubricant

One woman super unpleasant account of how it felt to have sex with a dry vagina recently went viral, and for good reason. She described it as scraping your knee on pavement, but on your vagina. She wound up literally ripping her vagina during sex, but hey, at least she survived to tell the story. There is a real lesson for all of us ladies here, but I'll get to that in a second.


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4 Ways to turn your sex fantasies into a reality

When it comes to sex and pleasure very few rules are in place as long as you and your partner are comfortable doing it. Experimenting with new sex positions, toys and places are always fun and exciting. We all have sex fantasies, some kinkier than others, but they are all important for the health of our sex life. Some couples perform all their sex fantasies in the bedroom and leave nothing to the imagination. If you are on the shy side, we are going to tell you how to live out your fantasy.

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6 Reasons why you have an itchy vagina


There are very few things in life more uncomfortable than an itchy vagina. I'd take a headache, an upset stomach--heck maybe even a migraine--over an itchy vagina! It's crazy awkward, it's not sexy and it makes even the simplest things difficult. You can't sit, you can't walk, you can't wear jeans and worst of all--you CAN'T have sex! I'm telling you, it's a freaking problem!

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8 Dangers of sex you should watch out for

Sex is amazing! It's one of the best things you can do to improve and maintain optimum health. Its physical and mental benefits are many and we can thank sex for helping us lose weight, change our posture and lower stress levels. Too much of a good thing? Probably! Not everything is great about the sexy act and if you don't watch out you could end up having these issues.

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Potato inserted as contraceptive grew roots in woman's vagina


Doctors at a Colombian hospital received the shock of their lives when they examined a 22-year-old woman complaining of abdominal pain and found a potato lodged in her vagina! The young woman, on the other hand, significantly less shocked. She'd known all along that the potato was chilling in her v-spot, because she's the one who placed it there. On purpose! Because her mami told her to. What in the world? Why would anyone in their right mind tell someone to put a potato in their vagina? According to the patient, her mother told her it would protect her against…

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1 in 5 vaginas falls out of a woman's body

Ladies beware: Giving birth to Jack and Jill (or Jose and Juana) may eventually cause your lady parts to come tumbling out after!

A recent study revealed that 1 in 5 women nationwide have a lifetime risk of developing stress urinary incontinence (SUI) or pelvic organ prolapse (POP)--two conditions that aren't fatal, but can be quite a pain in the hooha to deal with. 

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40 Crazy nicknames Latinos use for vagina


Do you know what the word for vagina in Spanish is? It's vagina. Look at that, a word that is spelled exactly the same way in both English and Spanish, you would think it would be totally popular, but for some reason people really like to refer to a vagina by any other name, especially parents. It never ceases to amaze me than in an effort to use an euphamism for a body part, Latino parents have come up with so many strange things to call a vagina. I really don't think that any other body part has so many nicknames or apodos if you will. I mean an arm is an arm, right? No one is trying to call it a rama, palo or birote to make it less explicit or more explicit as the case may be.

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