5 Foods that are BAD for your vagina

You know the saying, "you are what you eat"? Well that doesn't just apply to your health and your weight. What you put in your mouth could also affect your vagina. Yes girl, your vagina. If you didn't already know, our vaginas are naturally acidic so certain foods can get it off balance, leaving you with a not-so-fresh, funky smell or even worse--a bacterial infection!

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5 Lies about vaginas we're tired of hearing

The vagina is one of the feminine body parts that come with the most outrageous myths. Yes, there are countless of misapprehensions about our lovely lady parts and we are making sure to debunk all of the most common lies about them. Sure, now we know that masturbating doesn't take away your virginity, but what other common myths are still lingering? We are breaking it all down for the love of down there. 

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Laura Pausini EXPLOTA contra la prensa tras la vergüenza que pasó con su vestido


Enojada está y no queda más que comentarlo. Laura Pausini finalmente decidió hablar sobre el accidente de vestuario que sufrió en un concierto en Perú. Se había negado a hablar del asunto, pero en vista de que TODA la prensa hablo al respecto, decidió escribir una carta en Facebook bastante detallada, asegurando que no estaba desnuda. ¿Quieres saber qué pasó?

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6 Tips to shaving down there safely


Not to get all TMI on you, but I love the way my vagina looks after a Brazilian wax. I don't care what Cameron Diaz or any OB-GYN out there says, I refuse to have hair down there. Sorry, but the full bush is definitely NOT for me. With that said, I'm not crazy about the whole Brazilian wax process itself. It's pretty traumatizing to have a complete stranger all up in my business while painfully ripping pubes out and even having me get on all fours, you know to get in between my cheeks. This is why I shave my vagina in the privacy of my own home!

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5 Ways to keep your vagina young & beautiful

The next time you consider an anti-aging treatment or ritual, think beyond your face. The unfortunate truth is that sagginess and wrinkles don't discriminate from targeting other areas on your body--especially, yes, your vagina. Women begin to lose fatty tissue surrounding the vulva as earlier as in their 20s. Of course, menopause also causes the vaginal walls from wearing down due to a decrease in estrogen. These quick tips could help prevent your vagina from aging and keep your lovely lady parts forever young… 

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5 Tips for giving the best oral sex of his life

Pleasing your partner in new creative ways is always sure to keep things spicy in the bedroom. While sticking to a routine may satisfy some, it is never a bad thing to have new tricks up your sleeve. Crank up the satisfaction meter in your bedroom with these tips for giving and getting mind-blowing oral sex

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SEE: This vagina couch is the worst thing we've EVER seen

I don't understand why anyone in the world would want to own a couch that looks just like a vagina. Yes, a vagina. In fact, if you saw the one we wrote about last year, you'll be equally grossed out (if not more) by this latest piece of furniture that includes everything from labia lips to a clitoris-looking pillow. Who would actually buy this thing?

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Woman had a vibrator stuck in her vagina for 10 years!


One woman was apparently so "drunk in love" during a bedroom romp that she used a sex toy with her partner, inserting it into her vagina, and forgot to remove it--for 10 whole years!

The woman, now 38, recently visited the hospital complaining of severe weight loss, involuntary shaking, and mild incontinence. What doctors found left them speechless!

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Woman with no vagina comes to terms with never being a mom


Kelly Smith suspected something was wrong with her when, at 16, she still hadn't gotten her period. Initially, doctors told her not to worry about it, but she couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. A year later, Smith returned to the hospital, only to have her suspicions confirmed. At 17 years old, Smith was diagnosed with Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome, a rare condition that caused her to be born with an unusually shallow vagina and no womb. Wow!

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5 Vaginal infections you should never ignore


Lately my girl friends have been complaining about experiencing lots of problems down there and it doesn't really surprise me. The warmer weather makes you more prone to vaginal infections and while some are okay to treat with over-the-counter medication, there are some that need more than that.

With the sudden weather change and trips to the beach and pool it's no surprise that we are more prone to infections during this time of the year. However the following are the ones you should be MOST wary of.

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