4 Ways to turn your sex fantasies into a reality

When it comes to sex and pleasure very few rules are in place as long as you and your partner are comfortable doing it. Experimenting with new sex positions, toys and places are always fun and exciting. We all have sex fantasies, some kinkier than others, but they are all important for the health of our sex life. Some couples perform all their sex fantasies in the bedroom and leave nothing to the imagination. If you are on the shy side, we are going to tell you how to live out your fantasy.

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6 Reasons why you have an itchy vagina


There are very few things in life more uncomfortable than an itchy vagina. I'd take a headache, an upset stomach--heck maybe even a migraine--over an itchy vagina! It's crazy awkward, it's not sexy and it makes even the simplest things difficult. You can't sit, you can't walk, you can't wear jeans and worst of all--you CAN'T have sex! I'm telling you, it's a freaking problem!

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8 Dangers of sex you should watch out for

Sex is amazing! It's one of the best things you can do to improve and maintain optimum health. Its physical and mental benefits are many and we can thank sex for helping us lose weight, change our posture and lower stress levels. Too much of a good thing? Probably! Not everything is great about the sexy act and if you don't watch out you could end up having these issues.

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Potato inserted as contraceptive grew roots in woman's vagina


Doctors at a Colombian hospital received the shock of their lives when they examined a 22-year-old woman complaining of abdominal pain and found a potato lodged in her vagina! The young woman, on the other hand, significantly less shocked. She'd known all along that the potato was chilling in her v-spot, because she's the one who placed it there. On purpose! Because her mami told her to. What in the world? Why would anyone in their right mind tell someone to put a potato in their vagina? According to the patient, her mother told her it would protect her against…

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1 in 5 vaginas falls out of a woman's body

Ladies beware: Giving birth to Jack and Jill (or Jose and Juana) may eventually cause your lady parts to come tumbling out after!

A recent study revealed that 1 in 5 women nationwide have a lifetime risk of developing stress urinary incontinence (SUI) or pelvic organ prolapse (POP)--two conditions that aren't fatal, but can be quite a pain in the hooha to deal with. 

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40 Crazy nicknames Latinos use for vagina


Do you know what the word for vagina in Spanish is? It's vagina. Look at that, a word that is spelled exactly the same way in both English and Spanish, you would think it would be totally popular, but for some reason people really like to refer to a vagina by any other name, especially parents. It never ceases to amaze me than in an effort to use an euphamism for a body part, Latino parents have come up with so many strange things to call a vagina. I really don't think that any other body part has so many nicknames or apodos if you will. I mean an arm is an arm, right? No one is trying to call it a rama, palo or birote to make it less explicit or more explicit as the case may be.

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Mom shocked that teacher won't let students eat vagina cookies​


My daughters are 3 and 6 years old and they both know what a vagina is and what it's  called. They also know what a penis is and what it's called. I have no issue with them knowing these things because they are body parts, they exist and I'm cool with it, BUT there are limits to my coolness. For example when it's our turn to provide snacks for my 6-year-old's class, I don't  show up with penis-shaped gummy candies or a platter of sugar cookies with frosting depicting an anatomically correct vagina on them because those snacks seem more appropriate for a bachelor or bachelorette party than for elementary school student, right? And who the heck wants to see kids chomping on gummy penises or chowing down on sweet vaginas? 

Well, apparently the mother of one particular second grader is WAY cooler than I am because she showed up with a tray of vagina cookies to her kid's second grade class and lost her friggin' mind when the teacher told her the snack was inappropriate.

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This is what sex really looks like


We all have our fair share of crazy hookup stories, but most of ours probably pale in comparison to a couples' who, in the name of science, got their freak on inside of an MRI machine. 

A video clip of the unidentified freaky-deeks surfaced online over the weekend as part of a larger compilation of clips shared by Vox. The video, appropriately titled "Life looks really different through an MRI machine," also features people doing any number of things, from giving birth to casually drinking pineapple juice, inside of an MRI machine. 

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5 Amazing things your vagina can do

Your lovely lady parts are pretty amazing. You probably know that already, but besides bringing all the boys to the yard, your vagina does amazing, mind-blowing things in a lifetime. Don't take it for granted! We are celebrating the vagina with five mind-blowing facts about the body part. These will make you want to pat your vajayjay with a thank you. 

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Our vaginas have magical healing powers


Let's be honest, ladies. We've always known our vaginas are pretty amazing, but now it seems like we finally have the science to back it up. Researchers have recently discovered a new miracle antibiotic made by the bacteria that live inside our lady bits!

While men's bodies appear to produce nothing but hormones, sweat, suspicious odors, and sperm, women's bodies possess the ability to produce adorable babies and life-giving milk, as well as a newly discovered antibiotic called lactocillin. Take that, hombres! We win!

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