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Dad labeled child pornographer for posting beautiful pics of his daughter

When photographer Wyatt Neumann embarked on a cross-country road trip with his 2-year-old daughter Stella, he picked up his beloved camera to document their adventure and, in the process, capture beautiful moments and memories in his toddler's life. He did not, however, expect that these images--many of which he shared on Instagram — would place him at the center of a social media witch hunt, with users leaving messages accusing him of being a "child exploiter," "pervert," and "pedophile."


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#Stylethebump: Chic pregnant bellies are all the rage


Did I just find the best hashtag trend on the internet? I think so! It's #stylethebump and features pregnant women posting pictures of their baby bumps and how they are styling themselves. So cute and so inspiring!

How I would have loved to have seen this when I was pregnant. Yes, there are so many more style options for pregnant women nowadays than there were once upon a time, but it's still hard at times to figure out how to dress like you when your body is in a constant state of change. #Stylethebump offers all kinds of ideas and is a celebration of style during pregnancy. 

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#Relfies: Will you be giving the finger to this new Instagram trend?


If you were to ask me which social media platform I prefer, I'd have to say that I lean heavily toward Instagram. I love it because it's all about the pictures. Yes, I realize that it is crammed full of selfies and celebrity belfies and what not, but I still like gawking at pictures. Lately, I've been gawking at #relfies, selfies of rings. Most of them are selfies of engagement rings, but not all.

Yes, it's come that! Ring selfies are a thing. Ha!

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#Shelfies: Get into the nerdy Instagram trend, here's how


No doubt about it: selfies are the bread and butter of Instagram. It's like selfie overload over there and while I'm okay with the whole selfie thing, it does get boring. Plus it smacks of narcissism if your feed is just one selfie after another. I say it's time to embrace another hashtag trend that has been making the social media rounds. How about we all get on the #shelfies bandwagon?

Think of shelfies as selfies for shelves with a big, big emphasis on bookshelves filled with books, although they can be pictures of shelves with anything on them. If you do a quick hashtag search for #shelfies, hundreds of pictures of libraries from all over the world pop up and being a lover of books, I LOVE them. The book #shelfies are my favorite, but I dig some of the other ones too. I've curated a collection of some of these pics to share with you.

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SEE: Young Hollywood's CRAZY pics are ruining our kids!


Aided by social media, we're breeding a generation of self-absorbed narcissists and compulsive braggarts. As most parents know, approval-hungry teens and tweens often base their popularity--and, in turn, their self-worth--by the number of likes or positive comments their posts and photos receive on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. But what's the root cause of kids' online behavior, of their almost pathological need for online popularity? And why do the images posted on social media seem to be increasingly risqué in nature? 

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SEE: Ridiculous nude photo that got mom banned from Instagram


One mother's entire Instagram account has been deleted because of complaints that she was posting inappropriate content with nudity. Surely, you've heard that Instagram accounts get deleted for violating community guidelines. I mean, Rihanna got kicked off Instagram because she kept posting nude pictures of herself that were deemed inappropriate by the site.

I totally get that Instagram doesn't want photos you wouldn't want your abuela seeing on the site and I think they are well within their rights to enforce their guidelines, but I have to say that in the case Courtney Adamo, Instagram has really done wrong. You are not going to believe the picture that got Adamo's account deleted for supposedly containing nudity. Are you ready for this nonsense?

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Mom posts kids' pic on Instagram, gets disgusting shock & it can happen to you


If you post pictures of your kids online, you really need to be careful because you have no idea where those pictures will end up or how they will be used. I know you've heard of this kind of stuff happening before, but what happened to Ciara Logan of Virginia and her children is something you really need to know about.

Logan is the proud mother of an 8-year-old boy and twin 2-year-old girls. She regularly posts pictures of her adorable children on social media because, well, they are adorable. Then something awful happened. She found out that some creep stole pictures of her kids from her Instagram feed and put offensive text on them and turned them into a racist meme. I'm telling you, this is going to make your stomach turn.

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Woman killed while posting "Happy" Facebook update

It could be a lyric out of Alanis Morisette's now infamous "Ironic" song. Courtney Sanford, a 32-year-old woman from High Point, North Carolina, died Thursday morning in a head-on collision just moments after posting a message on Facebook about how overjoyed she felt when hearing Pharrell Williams' chart-topping "Happy" song. The Facebook post was made at 8:33 a.m., and the first 911 call about the fatal crash was first received at 8:34 a.m., so that less than a minute elapsed between the two occurrences. 

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SEE: Pornostagram, the XXX social network

'Twas only a matter of time before someone took the idea of Instagram and gave it a porn makeover. I'm actually surprised at myself for being surprised that Pornostagram exists. Yes my loves, Pornostagram is a thing, a real thing on the internet. Specifically, it is a XXX social network for adults who want to overshare to the max. Think selfies gone wild.

I'm talkin naked! People sharing naughty naked selfies of themselves with hipster filters applied to the pics! Because you gotta have the hipster filter otherwise what's the point? Hahaha...I'm not gonna lie, for the purpose of research, I took a peek and what did I see?

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See: US Airways tweets graphic NSFW picture, Twitter explodes


US Airways nearly broke Twitter yesterday after the airline sent out a tweet that had EVERYONE talking. No, they weren't offering some super affordable deal or reporting  flight delays. Instead they accidentally posted an EXTREMELY graphic picture that sent everyone--including myself-- into a frenzy.

How their social media people missed out on this is beyond me. I'm STILL having nightmares from what I saw!

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