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SEE: Pornostagram, the XXX social network

'Twas only a matter of time before someone took the idea of Instagram and gave it a porn makeover. I'm actually surprised at myself for being surprised that Pornostagram exists. Yes my loves, Pornostagram is a thing, a real thing on the internet. Specifically, it is a XXX social network for adults who want to overshare to the max. Think selfies gone wild.

I'm talkin naked! People sharing naughty naked selfies of themselves with hipster filters applied to the pics! Because you gotta have the hipster filter otherwise what's the point? Hahaha...I'm not gonna lie, for the purpose of research, I took a peek and what did I see?

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See: US Airways tweets graphic NSFW picture, Twitter explodes


US Airways nearly broke Twitter yesterday after the airline sent out a tweet that had EVERYONE talking. No, they weren't offering some super affordable deal or reporting  flight delays. Instead they accidentally posted an EXTREMELY graphic picture that sent everyone--including myself-- into a frenzy.

How their social media people missed out on this is beyond me. I'm STILL having nightmares from what I saw!

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Mom's Facebook spying saves her son from murder

Every parent knows the importance of monitoring their kids' online activities, but not all moms and dads check frequently enough. But this week, one Utah mom is counting her lucky stars that she looked at her son's Facebook page when she did. Why? Because it ended up saving the teen's life!

According to police, the unidentified mom spotted disturbing comments on her child's Facebook and Instagram from two other teen boys, who threatened to go to her son's school and shoot him. Some of the suspects' photos even showed a hand with gang-affiliated markings on it holding a gun. Wow ... that takes cyberbullying to a whole new level. Can you imagine seeing someone seemingly making specific plans to kill your child?

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A photo saved this toddler's vision

Many parents post photos of their kids on Facebook and other social media. After all, who can resist sharing those too-cute moments with friends and family?! That's what mom Tara Taylor was probably thinking when she recently uploaded a snapshot of her 3-year-old daughter, Rylee. Little did she know the photo would lead her to receive some life-changing advice. 

According to Taylor, most friends simply "liked" the photo of little Rylee smiling into the camera. But two people noticed that the young girl's left eye seemed to be glowing a little and recommended that she get it out. Their suggestion ended up saving Rylee's vision!

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Teen boys part of "rape club" that victimized underage girls & posted everything on the internet

Teenage boys from New Zealand are currently under investigation for starting and participating in a so-called "rape club," in which they filmed themselves having sex with girls as young as 13 after getting them drunk, and then posting videos of the group rapes on Facebook. The three suspects--who call themselves the roast busters--are believed to be between the ages of 17 and 18, and due to a lack of evidence, they have not yet been arrested.

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Rihanna tweets about huge roaches & Dominicanos are NOT happy about it

Rihanna may want to think twice before returning to the Dominican Republic anytime soon. The singer recently took to Twitter to slam the island for having roaches "the size of bats" and predictably, people are none too happy about it.

The 25-year-old was reportedly in the Dominican Republic for a stop on her "Diamonds" world tour, when she came across some unwelcome guests. "What de rasshoooolllleee!!! I just get run out my room from a bat, a grasshopper, and a roach de size of a bat!!!" she wrote to her followers on Monday, later adding, "Only in the #DR."

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"Selfies at Funerals" trend is everything that is wrong with the world

Just when I thought people couldn't be more awful, taking "selfies" at funerals becomes a thing. Apparently there's a Tumblr account out there titled just that--"Selfies at Funerals"--where snot-nosed brats take pictures of themselves either at a relative's funeral or on their way there. 

Seriously, is anything sacred anymore?!

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How to raise kids in the age of Facebook without going crazy

As much as I love my social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) to keep up with what my friends and family are up to it can also be a source of pain when you find out about life changing experiences or events through these platforms as opposed to from your friends! Before writing about this topic I asked co-workers to share examples important news that they had heard about from social media. I was shocked to hear some of the examples: seeing an engagement or birth announcement from a close friend; finding out that a nephew is gay through a status change; hearing about a best friend's mom's death and funeral (after the fact); a best friend's divorce and the list goes on. 

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RBD's Christian Chavez fakes his suicide on Twitter & it's NOT funny

Christian Chavez recently gave millions of his fans the scare of a lifetime by faking his own suicide on Twitter, in what has got to be one of the worst and most disgusting stunts I've ever heard of.

The former RBD member took to social media to post photos of himself, lying on the floor surrounded by alcohol bottles and sporting what appeared to be slit and bloody wrists. After discovering the snapshots were fake, his followers--understandably--became angry, calling Chavez "selfish" and "pathetic." But the 30-year-old singer still insists there was a real purpose behind taking and uploading the pictures. So what was the supposed reason behind his bizarre actions?

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#StarbucksDrakeHands: Guys, this is NOT how to win a girl over

Last Tuesday, L.A. model Piper Kennedy was visiting a Starbucks when a persistent barista named Brody started hitting on her. The way she tells it, she "reluctantly" gave him her phone number ... only to receive a text message from him the next day, containing a 15-second "video selfie."

In the clip, Brody--presumably trying to be sexy--can be seen stroking his face with his hand to the soundtrack of Drake's "Hold On, We're Going Home." Unfortunately for Brody, Kennedy showed the video to a pal who posted it to Instagram, where it quickly went viral and has since spawned dozens of parody videos and even its very own hashtag, #StarbucksDrakeHands.

Guys, there's a very important lesson in all of this....

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