Woman murders husband, chops him up & spreads body through Mexico City


Mexican psychologist Maria Alejandra Lafuente Caso used her husband Allan Carrera Cuellar's cellphone to send text messages to his friends and family so they believed he was on a business trip after she had gruesomely murdered him. The 40-year-old woman allegedly decapitated her 41-year-old husband, cut his body into several pieces using a chainsaw and then scattered the remains around the capital of Mexico. She is claiming that her husband repeatedly beat her. She now faces life in prison.

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Mother brutally stabs & beats son to death for his own good


On Sunday night, 33-year-old Lindsey Blansett of Kansas walked into her 10-year-old son's bedroom with a rock and knife to kill him ... and kill him she did. She stabbed him in the chest and then beat him repeatedly with the rock. Why would she do something so horrible? According to police who arrived on the scene at around 11:45 p.m. that night, she thought her son, Caleb, "would be better off in heaven." This mother murdered her own child to spare him from the world. What?! This makes no sense at all.

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Hero twin dies while saving his brother from armed robbers

My heart really goes out to the mother of Chicago twin boys, Demario Bailey and Demarcio Bailey. Christmas is only a week away and this poor woman will be spending it with only one of her 15-year-old sons. You see, Demario passed away this Saturday afternoon and the reason because it is truly tragic. His life was taken away in efforts to protect his twin brother from armed robbers. How devastating is this?

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Reality star Stephanie Moseley & husband Earl Hayes found dead after murder-suicide


A VH1 star and her rapper husband were found dead in their Los Angeles apartment Monday morning, and it appears a well-known boxer may have been the only witness to what police are calling a gruesome murder-suicide. Hit the Floor actress Stephanie Moseley is believed to have been shot dead by her husband, rapper Earl Hayes. Though the details surrounding this terrible tragedy remain murky, the few that have developed are almost too shocking to be true.

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Man kills his wife, posts about it on Facebook & gets hundreds of likes


An Italian man, Cosimo Pagnani, is accused of murdering his ex-wife after finding out that after a year of separation she was moving on with her life and a new romance. Pagnani showed up, stabbed his ex-wife, Maria D'Antonio, several times in the abdomen and killed her.

At some point during all of it he made time to post, "You're dead, whore" to Facebook. The question is did he post it before stabbing her as a warning (which would make it premeditated) or did he post it afterwards from his phone as a brag? The worst part is how many likes he got on the post ...

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Man killed & burned pregnant girlfriend because she didn't want an abortion


I understand that everyone responds to pregnancy announcements differently, but one Brooklyn man's reaction to his girlfriend's pregnancy will go down in history as the absolute worst response in the history of the world. When Christian Ferdinand's 14-year-old girlfriend told him she was pregnant and wanted to keep the baby, the 22-year-old sinvergüenza did the unthinkable: he suffocated her to death, then doused her body in body spray and lit her on fire. And why? Because he didn't want to pay child support. Well, he's paying now.

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Mom stabbed to death while jogging in "safe" neighborhood


This story is enough to make any jogger abandon the idea of outdoor runs and invest in a treadmill that can be used within the safety of the home. Melissa Millan, a married mother of two and senior insurance executive at MassMutual in Springfield, Connecticut, was stabbed while jogging on a bike path near her Simsbury home last Thursday evening. At around 8:04 p.m., passing motorists spotted the body of the 54-year-old Millan laying on the ground and quickly dialed 911. She had been stabbed repeatedly in the chest but showed some signs of life. Unfortunately, Milan died shortly after being transferred to St. Francis Hospital. Relatives and friends say Millan was a seasoned triathlete who regularly jogged along the path where she was viciously attacked. Her death has been ruled a homicide, and a police investigation is underway but, thus far, no arrests have been made and no murder weapon has been found.

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Pregnant mom kills three kids before jumping to her death​


The inquest into the death of a pregnant mother and her 3 children last April has begun in the UK. Fiona Anderson, 23-years-old, drowned her 3 children, put them to bed and then jumped off of a parking garage in Lowestoft and killed herself. Normally, I would be outraged but, instead, I am extremely saddened.

Ms. Anderson was only 23. Her children, Levina, three, Addy, two, and 11-month-old Kyden had each been bathed, drowned and put to bed with their teddy bears. Clearly, she was overwhelmed. She was a single mother with no prospects and no help. Motherhood is hard, even with two parents around.


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Miss Honduras Maria Jose Alvarado found dead days before Miss World competition


Girl, you are not going to believe this, but reigning Miss Honduras 2014, María José Alvarado was found dead on Wednesday with her sister, Sofía Trinidad Alvarado Muñoz days after the two women disappeared in Santa Barbara, Honduras. They had been missing since last week and were supposed to leave to London for the Miss World competition. If you think this is sad, wait until you hear what happened!

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Mexican President buys mega mansion while capital is rocked by protests

Angelica PHOTOS

Clearly, Mexican president Ernesto Pena Nieto is living in his own planet and causing everyone to give him the political side-eye. While his country is in uproar over the devastating violence against the forty three students who went missing in Guerrero, Mexico, Nieto had better things to do--like buy himself a luxury mansion worth millions of dollars. This feels like a plot line out of a satirical telenovela, which is ironic since his wife is actress Angélica Rivera. The photos are enough to make you want to start a protest of your own. 

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