Child bride forced to marry does the unimaginable to groom & his friends

For this bride, "'til death do us part" couldn't come soon enough. Last week, 14-year-old Wasila Umaru was forced to marry 35-year-old Umaru Sani in the Ungwar Yansoro village north of Kano, Nigeria. The child bride was so distraught and enraged over the idea of spending her life with a man 21 years her elder, one for whom she harbored no romantic feelings, that she took rather drastic measures. What she did to her older groom and his friends will leave you speechless...

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Woman kills her mother-in-law in most gruesome way you can imagine

One 20-year-old Colorado Springs woman, Ellyzabeth Rainey, gave new meaning to the words "hating your mother-in-law" and was recently sentenced to 41 years in prison for gruesomely murdering her.

I know many of us have more often than not wanted to tell our mothers-in-law to butt out and mind their own damn business. Who hasn't given their mother-in-law the "Die old lady" look? Granted, I adore my mother-in-law 98 percent of the time, but every once in a while I find myself at a loss for words and feel that perhaps a throat punch would be a better solution. But I get over it and move on for the sake of our relationship.

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Man savagely murdered his own mom & sister but says he can't remember


Darius Davon Sorrells was already in jail after being arrested on Saturday for reckless driving and DUI when he was charged with two counts of murder in the killing of Janice Burden, his 53-year-old mother, and Natasha Sorrells, his 33-year-old sister. The details of the crime are unbelievably gruesome.

Among the horrors that police found when they entered a home in Nevada looking for the missing women was a dismantled recently cleaned chain saw that tested positive for human blood. Police were alerted by friends and coworkers that the women had been missing for a week. Guess where they found a receipt for a chain saw and ear plugs?

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Mexican teen stabs her friend more than 60 times for WHAT!?

Social media is getting so out of control these days. One high school student from Sinaloa, Mexico was recently stabbed to death by her own best friend for the craziest reason you can imagine. Anel Baez was only 16 years old when she was killed. This is devastating! Is it me or are kids taking things way too far in all the news we hear recently?

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Mother who gave birth birth to stillborn to be tried for MURDER

A 23-year-old woman from Mississippi who gave birth to a stillborn infant when she was 16 is being tried for murder. Rennie Gibb's daughter, Samiya was already dead when she was delivered. Most doctors claim that it was most likely caused by the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. But Steven Hayne, Mississippi's well known medical examiner is positive it was all due to "cocaine toxicity" just because he found small traces of benzoylecgonine, a cocaine byproduct in Samiya's blood. Now Gibbs' is facing up to life in prison if found guilty. How is this fair?

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Johnny Cash's great-niece found stabbed to death in gruesome murder

In heartbreaking and shocking news, Courtney Cash, the 23-year-old great-niece of the legendary Johnny Cash, was found stabbed to death and stuffed into a large wooden box in her Tennessee home on Wednesday morning.

Local police say the killing was the result of an "altercation among three friends."  The suspect, 27-year-old Wayne Gary Masciarella, was reportedly invited to Cash's home on Tuesday night when a fight broke out. Making the horrific incident all the more tragic? Cash had a 20-month-old daughter, who was reportedly in the house at the time!

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Son is killed defending his mom & you won't believe why!

Tony Burgess was murdered by a gunshot to the head after he confronted a pack of roughnecks who were mocking his mother's singing earlier in the evening. Sunday night, Verbena Burgess was outside of her home and overcome with song in her heart. She started singing and a group of thugs across the street from her home in the Bronx, New York, came to her side just to harass her and started yelling at her to "Shut up!" What happened after the thugs harrassed her is truly the stuff of nightmares.

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Brazilian soccer star who fed girlfriend to dogs leaves jail to do WHAT!?


This story makes me sick to my stomach. I cannot believe that I live in a world where a convicted felon who had his ex-girlfriend murdered and fed to dogs so that he wouldn't have to pay child support is being let out of prison to play professional soccer. I mean WTF?! Brazilian goalkeeper Bruno Fernandes de Souza was sentenced to 22 years and three months about a year ago after he confessed to ordering the kidnapping and murder of his ex-girlfriend Eliza Samudio. The details of the crime are disgusting and include kidnapping, dismemberment, body parts being fed to rottweilers and De Sousa's infant son being abandoned in a slum. And now this son of a gun is allowed to sign a five-year contract with Montes Claros of the Campeonato Mineiro and will be allowed to leave prison periodically to train and play soccer. How is this possible?

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Evil mother poisons her toddler with Down syndrome using hand sanitizer

Some people really shouldn't be parents and that's especially the case for Lousiana mother Erika Wigstrom. The 20-year-old confessed to police that she killed her 17-month-old son by injecting his feeding tube with hand sanitizer. She claims she did it because he was born with Down syndrome and a serious heart defect and wanted to "end his suffering." I'm sorry, but that's a lame excuse. I really can't understand what would possess a mother to hurt her own baby. Ugh!

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Woman cuts off rapist's penis, kills him & I don't really blame her

A 41-year-old woman from China who has been accused of murdering her ex-lover back in 2012, says she did it all in self-defense. Yeung Ki claims that she killed her ex-lover and baby daddy, Zhou Hui, after he raped and beat her and her daughter. But Ki didn't just murder this man, she also cut off his penis with scissors before killing him. She got him right where it hurts!

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