Mexican woman sliced open pregnant friend's belly

Nadia Avila was eight-months pregnant when she arrived at her friend Maria Rodriguez's home in Tepic, Mexico, to pick up clothes for her unborn baby. The visit quickly took a horrific turn. Avila was reportedly beaten unconscious and stabbed in the stomach by Rodriguez, who was trying to steal the unborn baby from the womb. Rodriguez revealed even darker details about the grisly homicide. Her confession will give you chills...

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Babysitter from hell stomps toddler to death


Athena Skeeter is every parent's worst nightmare. The 40-year-old licensed child care provider from the Bronx is being accused of manslaughter and endangering the welfare of a child after she allegedly wrestled a toddler in her home, stomped on his helpless body three times, tossed him in a bathtub filled with freezing cold water and then went food shopping. The innocent 20-month-old victim, Cardell Williamson, was pronounced dead at Bronx Lebanon Hospital. Now new gruesome details are being uncovered about this poor child's death. 

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Ferguson, MO: Trayvon Martin's mom writes moving letter to Michael Brown's family


Civil unrest is still strong in Ferguson, Missouri. The people will no longer be silent as we watch as our brothers and sisters are gunned down like animals in the street with no recourse. Trayvon Martin's mom, Sybrina Fulton the founder of the Trayvon Martin Foundation, wrote a letter to 18-year-old slain teen Michael Brown's mother. The letter is published in Time magazine online.

Sybrina Fulton writes that she wishes she had a word of automatic comfort, but she doesn't. Fulton ends the letter with a fiery call to action. You have to read the emotional words to Brown's mom--and everyone in Ferguson, Missouri.

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Abuela makes 9-year-old granddaughter RUN to death as punishment


Savannah Harding was only 9 years old when she died at the hands of her grandmother Joyce Hardin Garrard in Attalla, Alabama in 2012. Joyce made little Savannah run for three hours straight without stopping as a punishment for lying about eating some candy. A few hours later, the little girl had seizures, collapsed and died because of the severity of the punishment. Today the 49-year-old abuela is about to face the Grand Jury and Judge Billy Ogletree is making sure he selects carefully the jurors in order to get justice for Savannah.

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Woman runs over & kills husband so she could have "the last word"

This lady was really serious about having the last word in an argument with her husband. Nancy Jo Arias allegedly got into a heated altercation with Phillip Lobato in a liquor store parking lot, which resulted in her running him over with her vehicle. The 38-year-old Colorado woman was reportedly livid over her spouse's infidelity. Once she confronted him, Lobato proceeded to punch Arias in the face three times. The already toxic situation turned tragic when Arias threatened to run him over and Lobato challenged her to the deadly deed.

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Mom's body found stuffed in suitcase at airport & the suspects are shocking


On Tuesday, the body of 62-year-old Sheila von Wiese-Mack, an American from Chicago, was found stuffed inside of a suitcase in the trunk of taxi cab on the resort island of Bali. Sheila von Wiese-Mack and her 19-year-old daughter, Heather Mack, arrived at the St. Regis in Bali on Saturday. Then on Monday they were joined by Mack's 21-year-old boyfriend Tommy Schaefer. Something horrible happened between the three because Mack and Shaefer have been arrested in connection to the death of von Wiese-Mack, which makes total sense since it was Mack and Shaefer who put the bloody suitcase with Von Wiese-Mack's body in the trunk of the taxi to begin with and then promptly disappeared.

You are not going to believe the convoluted story they told once they were found.

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12-year-old stabs another little boy, but what he does next will make you cry


On Monday a 12-year-old boy in Michigan stabbed a 9-year-old boy that he did not know at a playground. After that, the 12-year-old approached Glen Stacy, a nearby resident who was working in his yard and asked to use Stacy's phone to call the police. Stacy let the boy who was wearing no shirt and a pair of jean shorts use the phone to call 911 and stood by as he heard the boy say, "Hi, I just stabbed somebody. Please pick me up. I want to die. I don't want to be on this earth anymore. Please pick me up."

OMG, this gives me chills and brings tears to my eyes. Unfortunately, the story just gets worse.

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Daycare takes toddler with bruising & brain injuries to ER, no one knows what happened


The last time Vinnia Davila saw her daughter A'Niah alive and well, she was dropping the toddler and her older brother off at their babysitter's home. Little did she know that the next time she saw her, she would be fighting for her life.

One-year-old A'Niah Davila-Torres was taken to a local hospital by her daycare provider Tuesday, presenting facial trauma so severe, it caused irreparable brain damage. Though it remains unclear how exactly A'Niah sustained her injuries, doctors have confirmed that they were most likely caused by physical abuse. Sadly, the toddler's injuries were too severe. She passed away Friday evening, after being taken off life support. The case is now being treated as a "death investigation," according to Wilmington, Delaware police.

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Pregnant teen killed her own mother


The teenage daughter of a United Airlines flight attendant whose lifeless body was found in the trunk of her car has been charged with murder. Police believe 17-year-old Alyssa Barrett and her boyfriend, 18-year-old Damarius Wren, plotted to kill Barrett's mother because she wanted the teens to abort their unborn baby.  

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Girl runs to neighbor covered in blood after seeing mom's murder


Talk about a scene right out of a horror movie, only it wasn't a movie at all. A frightened 5-year-old girl, Jessica Frantes, covered in blood was found pounding on the front door of her home in Winslow, New Jersey after midnight by her 19-year-old sister, Maria Bongco, screaming, "Mommy is DEAD!"

The small child had just witnessed her mother, Jennifer Bongco, be beaten and stabbed to death by her boyfriend, Kevin Ambrose. He then drove the little girl home and dropped her off before leaving to Atlantic City.

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