Teen strangles & decapitates her friend, but that's not the worst part


There are some crazy people out there--I can't ever quite comprehend how no one saw the warning signs when they break. Take for example this 15-year-old Japanese schoolgirl who killed her friend when she visited her apartment in the most gruesome way. The victim Aiwa Matsuko, who was also 15, was strangled, decapitated and had one of her hands chopped off by her deranged unnamed classmate.

Can you imagine how this girl's parents must have felt to learn what happened to their daughter?!

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Woman calmly confesses to brutally killing her daughter

Imagine a woman being so jealous of her daughter as to savagely kill her. That's precisely what Athens, Texas resident Gary Wyatt claims motivated his common-law wife, 25-year-old Stacie Marie Parsons, to murder their 4-year-old daughter, Victoria Wyatt. On Monday morning, Parsons walked into the Athens Police Department precinct and confessed to killing her daughter. What made the incident all the more eerie is that, apparently, Parsons was cool and collected when turning herself into the authorities.

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Pregnant teen murdered, BF decapitated during Craigslist sex date

Brooke Slocumb of Wyoming, Michigan was 18 years old and and eight months pregnant when she and her 25-year-old boyfriend, Charles Gerard Oppenneer, made the biggest mistake of their lives, a mistake that cost them their lives before they got a chance to be parents. And their baby? Their baby never saw the light of day and all because the couple agreed to meet a stranger from Craigslist for sex in the park.

Slocumb arranged to meet 31-year-old Brady Oestrike at a park late on July 12. Oestrike was supposed to be paying the couple for sex, as disturbing as that is, what happened is even worse.

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She found out her home was serial killer's torture chamber!

It's the fear of every woman who lives alone. A Missouri woman recently discovered that the house she was renting was the scene of horrendous crimes committed by a suspected serial killer. 

Catrina McGhaw rented the house and claims she didn't know that women were tortured and killed in the basement--possibly as many as 12 to 20. The suspected killer, Maury Travis, was never convicted of the crimes, but videos were found of him doing horrible things to women and killing at least one, according to news reports. 

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Mom kills baby because she didn't want him anymore

A young mother in Queens, New York, is currently facing second-degree murder charges after smothering her 11-month-old son to death on Sunday afternoon. Nicole "Nikki" Kelly told police officers she'd "reached her breaking point" in regards to caring for her son, Kiam Felix, confessing, "I just didn't want him anymore." Rather than seek help, the 22-year-old mom murdered her baby boy, wrapping him in a bed sheet so tightly that he was unable to breathe. Perhaps so she wouldn't have to witness the child struggling for air, Kelly jumped in the shower and emerged nearly 20 minutes later. By that point, her son had turned blue. But what she did next will leave you speechless ...

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Cop who killed Latino teen gets no punishment AT ALL

A California deputy who shot and killed a 13-year-old boy who was carrying a pellet gun won't be facing any charges. A Sonoma County district attorney called Andy Lopez' death a tragedy, but that Erik Gelhaus was not a criminal - even though he shot him SEVEN times! We're right there with the family when they said that it feels like Andy has been killed all over again. When will our youth get the justice they deserve?

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Crazy mom murders kindergarten teacher in front of students


Another school tragedy has taken place, but this time a teacher was targeted instead of her students. A 47-year-old woman stabbed and killed her child's kindergarten teacher with a knife in front of her 5- and 6-year-old students. The murder took place at the Edouard Herriot school in Albi, France on the last day of class. And now thanks to this mad woman, instead of starting their summers with fun memories of the past school year, these children have this horrific memory of their beloved teacher being killed in front of their eyes. How awful!

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Mom tries to drown newborn & it's not first time she's tried to kill him

In the latest episode of 'Crazy Things Floridians Do', a new mom was arrested after attempting to drown her 3-month-old baby in a canal. Fortunately for the baby, a good samaritan saw him laying in the grass with his mother standing over him and promptly performed CPR after the mother, Inakesha Armour, told her to call her husband because she had tried to drown the baby.

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Disgusting man runs over pregnant mom ON PURPOSE

What is this world coming to? A man has been arrested and charged for intentionally running over a pregnant woman and killing her in front of her own daughter. Dewey Green has been charged with murder after rear-ending 53-year-old Janice Pitts while driving through Douglas County, Georgia. Pitts' daughter Iesha Davis was also in the car and described how Green repeatedly hit their car. The insanity only continued from there...

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Dad who accidentally left toddler in hot car may have done it on purpose

After Georgia dad Justin Ross Harris reportedly accidently left his son in a hot car for hours last week and was subsequently charged with murder, the public rushed to his defense, calling the incident a terrible accident and even starting petitions to demand that the charges be dropped. But now, thanks to new details emerging in the case, police are calling Harris' entire story into question and suggesting the unthinkable: that he may have left the baby in the hot car on purpose.

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