Little girl killed in drive-by while buying bubble gum with her dad

This little angel was not the intended victim of this drive-by shooting, but her family is mourning her tragic death. Six-year-old Angel Hooper was buying bubble gum with her dad Booker Hooper at a local convenience store in Kansas City on Friday evening when the routine trip took a turn for the worse. An unidentified person in a passing car fired shots and killed little Angel in the 7-Eleven parking lot. She was rushed to a nearby hospital, but died shortly after. Now cops are scanning surveillance videos to catch the murderer. 

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3-year-old brutally beaten to death for soiling her pants


Jeida Torres, a beautiful 3-year-old girl, was brutally beaten to death by her mother's boyfriend on Saturday because she accidentally went potty in her pants. Jeida and her 5-year-old brother, Andrew, were in the care of 20-year-old Kelsey Smith while their mother, Kimberly Torres, was at work. Someone called the police after hearing chilling screams coming from an apartment in a Brooklyn, New York homeless shelter. By the time police arrived on the scene, Jeida was unconscious.

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Nurse killed 38 patients, then took selfies with corpses​

Italian police suspect former nurse Daniela Poggiali may have taken dozens patients to an early grave, because she reportedly found their worried family members to be super annoying. What a sicko! The 42-year-old Italian "nurse Ratched" was arrested Friday as part of an investigation into the mysterious death of an elderly patient who police believe Poggiali may have injected with a lethal dose of potassium chloride. Sickening, right? Well, that's not even the half of it. According to local authorities, Poggiali may be responsible for up to 38 patients' deaths, including one patient with whom she took a selfie after they passed away. ¡Qué desgraciada!

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Texas teen murders his mom & rapes her corpse​


On March 27 of this year 18-year-old Kevin Davis murdered his mother and then had sex with her corpse. The details are profoundly horrifying and the reason we even know them is because Davis doesn't even seem to be human, he talks about what he did as if it were any old thing. He says, "I don't have standards, I don't have morals. A body's a body--a piece of meat." It's hard to believe that this story could get any worse, but it does.

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Groom kills his bride minutes after their wedding!

Kelly Ecker and George "Scott" Samson were wrapping up their wedding ceremony in Indiana, Ohio when the couple started arguing about their pre-nup. Somehow the about- to-be newlyweds didn't discuss the terms of the money until that moment. After the ceremony was over, the couple and their guests headed to their home for the reception. Witnesses say the couple kept arguing, making the guess uncomfortable. Soon after the last guest left, the groom grabbed a gun, shot his wife and then shot himself.

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Drunken anesthesiologist's negligence kills mom during routine C-section


As if an excruciatingly long and painful labor weren't enough of an anxiety-causing prospect for expectant mothers, they may now have another fear to add to the list: ending up filed under the case of a drunken anesthesiologist. A 28-year-old British woman died on Tuesday in France, three days after slipping into a coma after giving birth to her first child, a healthy baby boy, via C-section. The complications resulted from the negligence of the patient's anaesthesiologist, who is suspected of being drunk during the cesarean section and has officially been charged with manslaughter.

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Mom stabs three baby girls to death, pleads insanity

These poor babies had the awful fate of having this woman as a mother. Carol Coronado pleaded not guilty to stabbing her three daughters to death in her home back in May. The 30-year-old from California decided to take an insanity plea for the brutal murder of 2-month-old Xenia, 16-month-old Yazmine and 2-year-old Sophia. Now Coronado's future is up to a Los Angeles County courtroom. 

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Affair between foster dad & teen ends in murder


In November of 2012, Sabrina Zunich who was 17 years old at the time stabbed her 41-year-old foster mother Lisa Knoefel 178 times. She did it because her foster father and Lisa's husband, Kevin Knoefel, told her to. Kevin and Sabrina were having an affair. Kevin was worried that Lisa would leave him and take their 3-year-old child with her.

It's hard to believe that this story could get any more shocking, but it does. The 3-year-old was in the Ohio family home when the stabbing happened!

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Woman kills mom to steal her newborn

Women who fake pregnancies are pretty desperate, but killing someone to steal their baby just takes it to a whole other level. A Tennessee woman was recently arrested and charged for shooting a mother of two to death and trying to steal her newborn baby. Catherine Goins lured the pregnant victim Natalia Roberts into her home by offering free baby clothes. Jeez, haven't we heard this same scenario a million times? The crazier part was how Goins tried to cover up the murder. She is definitely twisted…

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Monica Spear's killers sentenced to jail, but is it enough?

The death of former Miss Venezuela, Monica Spear was definitely a tragic one. The 29-year-old model and actress was killed in January along with her ex-husband, Thomas Henry Berry during an attempted robbery on a highway in central Venezuela. Fortunately, the A-holes behind the whole thing have finally been caught and even confessed to the murder. The question is: Are their sentences long enough?

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