Mom stabs three baby girls to death, pleads insanity

These poor babies had the awful fate of having this woman as a mother. Carol Coronado pleaded not guilty to stabbing her three daughters to death in her home back in May. The 30-year-old from California decided to take an insanity plea for the brutal murder of 2-month-old Xenia, 16-month-old Yazmine and 2-year-old Sophia. Now Coronado's future is up to a Los Angeles County courtroom. 

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Affair between foster dad & teen ends in murder


In November of 2012, Sabrina Zunich who was 17 years old at the time stabbed her 41-year-old foster mother Lisa Knoefel 178 times. She did it because her foster father and Lisa's husband, Kevin Knoefel, told her to. Kevin and Sabrina were having an affair. Kevin was worried that Lisa would leave him and take their 3-year-old child with her.

It's hard to believe that this story could get any more shocking, but it does. The 3-year-old was in the Ohio family home when the stabbing happened!

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Woman kills mom to steal her newborn

Women who fake pregnancies are pretty desperate, but killing someone to steal their baby just takes it to a whole other level. A Tennessee woman was recently arrested and charged for shooting a mother of two to death and trying to steal her newborn baby. Catherine Goins lured the pregnant victim Natalia Roberts into her home by offering free baby clothes. Jeez, haven't we heard this same scenario a million times? The crazier part was how Goins tried to cover up the murder. She is definitely twisted…

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Monica Spear's killers sentenced to jail, but is it enough?

The death of former Miss Venezuela, Monica Spear was definitely a tragic one. The 29-year-old model and actress was killed in January along with her ex-husband, Thomas Henry Berry during an attempted robbery on a highway in central Venezuela. Fortunately, the A-holes behind the whole thing have finally been caught and even confessed to the murder. The question is: Are their sentences long enough?

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Baby found dumped in sewer next to mother's dead body


Paula Acosta and her 21-month-old daughter, Martina,  went missing last Wednesday in Córdoba, Argentina. According to family members, the 36-year-old mother and her child had gone to visit with the baby's 33-year-old father Gonzalo Lizarralde on Wednesday and they never returned home. It's like they disappeared into thin air and no one had any idea what happened. 

A desperate search for mother and child ended on Sunday when Acosta's dead body was found dumped in the sewer. And the baby? You won't believe what this poor baby went through.

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Grandfather murders daughter & 6 grandchildren before killing himself


A Florida woman and her six young children were murdered in cold blood, and police believe her own father may have been the triggerman.

The victims' bodies were found scattered throughout convicted felon Don Spirit's home in Bell, Florida, just after 4p.m. on Thursday. Police say they were following up on a 911 call placed by Spirit himself, threatening to "harm others as well as himself," when they came upon the gruesome murder scene. 

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Teen mom shoots & kills a man while her baby watches


A 16-year-old mother from Georgia whose name hasn't been released because of her age, allegedly shot and killed a man in front of her 16-month old baby on Friday and it was for no good reason. She wasn't defending herself or protecting her baby, in fact she was in no danger at all. She was in a car with her baby and her 20-year-old boyfriend Nathaniel Vivian. They were meeting  the victim, 28-year-old Daniel John Zeitz, after answering a Craigslist ad he posted about selling his PS4. The only thing is that when Zeitz showed up and approached the couple in their car, they tried to avail themselves of a five finger discount and the whole thing ended up in murder.

And remember she had her 16-month-old baby with her the whole time! Wait until you find out the whole story.

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Convicted killer murders fiance, eats her brain

Joseph Oberhansley, a convicted murderer, allegedly stabbed and killed his fiance Tammy Jo Blanton just days after she posted bond on one of his arrests. This is the thanks she gets?

Oh but it gets so much worse! After stabbing her to feath, Oberhansley feasted on the victim's brain. It seems like a scene from Hannibal, but unfortunately, this story is all too real. 

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Bodies of 5 children found buried in Alabama & dad is the main suspect


Every parent's worst nightmare came true for one South Carolina woman Tuesday when police found the bodies of her five young children buried along a highway in rural Alabama. The culprit, police say, was the children's father, Timothy Ray Jones, Jr.

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Pregnant mom shot in the head, but gives birth to baby girl anyway

Briana Brooks was 7 months pregnant when she and her husband-to-be Jeronta Brown were kidnapped and killed in the Atlanta, Georgia area. The 21-year-old woman and her fiancé enjoyed a late-night dinner with their first born child, who was 8-months-old, and Brown's teen sister. When they returned home, they were reportedly attacked by masked intruders. The men kidnapped the couple while Brown's sister was able to escape with the victims' firstborn baby. Unfortunately, the parents suffered a more tragic fate... 

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