Woman passes out after drinking binge & her doctor does the UNTHINKABLE


A 23-year-old woman is suing a doctor at Chicago's Northwestern Memorial Hospital after he posted pictures of her without her consent online. Elena Chernyakova had been admitted to the hospital following an alcohol binge and called Dr. Vinaya Puppala because she trusted him and knew him as a family friend.

She was unconscious for eight hours and although she expected him to be professional, she later learned he handled her situation very lightly by taking pictures of her. The worst part is he posted them on Facebook and Instagram. Wow, what an A-hole! 

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WATCH: Pediatrician manhandles newborn while mom watches in disturbing video

Words can't describe how horrified I was to see a baby being manhandled by a pediatrician. The shocking footage out of Venezuela shows this infant being treated by doctor Marcos Tulio Torres Finol in the most non-doctorly way. In fact, you wouldn't even handle your own child--no matter what their age--the way this man did.

Not surprisingly, this doctor is now being investigated by the Venezuelan Medical Federation for the after the graphic video was leaked. Thank God!

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Distraught mom of baby born with tail pleads for help from doctors

A distraught mom in China is pleading with doctors to help with her baby, who was born with a full-fledged three-inch tail--and it keeps growing!

Mom Chen Wei has begged doctors to please help remove her son, Xiao Wei's tail. Little Xiao was born with spina bifida, which is the cause of the strange growth. But why hasn't this family received the help they need?

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Baby born without ability to breathe is thriving now & you won't believe the miracle that saved him

Thanks to advancements in technology, 6-week-old Kaiba Gionfriddo survived a rare lung obstruction called bronchial malacia and is now a thriving toddler. Gionfriddo was out to eat with his parents the first time he stopped breathing and was not diagnosed with the condition until much later. At its worst, the condition was causing baby Kaiba to stop breathing on a daily basis. When he was finally diagnosed, desperate doctors opted to try an experimental treatment--and you won't BELIEVE how and the miraculous results!

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Toddler who can't smile will get new procedure that may change his life

Imagine how heartbreaking it would be if your child was completely unable to smile. Sarah Tassi and her husband, Jason, have never seen their 1-year-old son Preston smile due to a rare neurological disorder called Moebius Syndrome. The condition affects the muscles of the face and keeps sufferers from properly eating, drinking, and impacts speech development. 

But there's hope for little Preston!

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Doctor decapitates baby during childbirth...on purpose

So many things can go wrong when giving birth, but I had no idea that a baby could or would be voluntarily decapitated by a doctor. Cruz María García of the Dominican Republic went to see her gynecologist Ángela Milqueya Sánchez two weeks before her third child was due to be born. The doctor admitted García because of elevated blood pressure. This birthing story has a terrible ending.

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Student hospitalized after exposure to Axe body spray, proves trying too hard CAN be deadly

As if Axe perfumed products didn't have enough of a bad rap for their tasteless commercials, a high school kid in Pennsylvania fell severely sick from the fumes after spraying the common teen fragrance. Freedom High School in Bethlehem posted a statement on their website stating that a student was hospitalized after having an allergic reaction to the popular body spray.

The New York Post reports that for precautionary measures, the school is telling its students to leave the product at home. Although the student who was hospitalized is said to be fine, Principal Michael LaPorta has considered implementing a no-fragrance policy on school grounds. This might become an issue considering high school boys kinda love to pile on the perfume. 

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Disgusting gynecologist accused of videotaping women during examinations

 Going to the gynecologist is an annoying neccessity, but no woman actually enjoys going to one. No matter how much you like your doctor, it's always kind of awkward and uncomfortable to have someone examining down there. That's why I was absolutely horrified and disgusted when I heard of the case of Dr. Nikita Levy, a medic at John Hopkins Medicine who was recently fired after it was discovered that he was filming his patients using a pen camera and other hidden devices.

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Woman writing tell-all book about genital mutilation at the hands of the "Love Doctor"

Horrifying is a weak word to describe the atrocity Cheryl Sexton Dillon went through after going in for a simple bladder surgery. When Dillon was 36-years-old she had an ideal happy life with a husband and 3 children until she visited OBGYN Dr. James Burt. She has gone in to see him at Dayton,Ohio's St. Elizabeth's Hospital for what she was hoping was a routine procedure. Instead the doctor recommended that she get a hysterectomy which he converted into a 9-hour genital mutilation surgery.

The sick doctor was known for reconstructing women's vaginas in order to improve their sex lives and even wrote a book in 1975 called The Surgery of Love. In the book he claimed that women's vaginas are not structurally adequate for sex and could be surgically fixed. But Dillon had not consented the surgery which left her in excruciating pain and was the reason for the collapse of her 12-year marriage. Now 65-years-old, Dillon is writing a book sharing the horror of the ordeal she went through.

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Chilean breast cancer awareness video objectifies women in the worst way (VIDEO)

Breast cancer awareness is a topic that shouldn't be taken lightly, and should be done so in a respectful manner when being promoted. This Chilean commercial created by an ad agency called Lowe Porta Santiago does the COMPLETE opposite--and infuriated me because of the way it portrayed women and the disease. The video, titled "Por Amor a las Tetas," is basically targeted at men and is meant to get them to convince women in their lives to get breast exams. It does this in such a degrading manner that the "message" gets lost.

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