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Gabriel Garcia Marquez hospitalized in Mexico City


Oh no you guys! I just found out that federal health officials in Mexico City say that Colombian novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez has been hospitalized. I'm all choked up about it. This man is a world treasure and arguably the most popular Spanish-language writer of all time. The officials spoke anonymously because they have not been authorized to release the details and Garcia Marquez's family has asked for details to remain private. I can of course understand the family's desire to deal with the situation privately, but a part of me is hugely grateful that federal officials came forward with the news that the 87-year-old Nobel laureate is in the hospital. Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the man, belongs to himself and his family, but Gabriel Garcia Marquez the writer belongs to everyone who has ever had the distinct pleasure of reading his masterpieces.

So, what do we know so far?

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Evil Latina killed her newborn & threw her out like trash

A Latina live-in housekeeper in Long Island, New York is being arraigned on charges of second-degree murder after allegedly giving birth inside the West Islip mansion where she was employed, and subsequently beating, killing and trashing her newborn baby. Santos Elena Ruiz Solano gave birth on Sunday and was arrested at her own home on Thursday, after seeking medical attention for herself, at a local hospital. The newborn baby girl's body was found in a garbage can at the home of 26-year-old Ruiz Solano's employer, Raymond Figalora. 

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Latino parents leave kids alone with no food for DAYS & you won't believe why

A pair of irresponsible Long Island, New York parents were arrested on child endangerment charges earlier this week after authorities discovered they had left their children at home alone in the middle of one of the most brutal winters the Northeast has seen in years, with no food or working heating system, for six whole days. Tulio and Maria Ayala were reportedly having marital problems and decided to get away for a few days to work things out, leaving their 15-, 13-, 8- and 4-year-old children behind. Despite the impression of local police, the Ayalas say that they actually left the children in the care of their abuela, who lives in the basement of their home. 

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Super racist code used for anti-gang efforts in California

The San Diego County Sheriff's Department is under fire for using a super offensive name to identify a recent anti-gang sweep. While hard to believe, the name they chosen is "Operation Guacamole," but the department claims there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for their blatant racism...

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Pregnant Latina who was declared "brain dead" FINALLY going off life support

Marlise Munoz, the 33-year-old paramedic from Texas who was declared brain-dead after suffering a suspected pulmonary embolism, has been on life support for almost two months now. Her husband and family had expressed from the beginning that staying on life support wasn't something Marlise would have wanted.

There was even evidence proving that the 22-week-old fetus was so "distinctly abnormal" the gender couldn't even be determined. But because Texas law prohibits removing a pregnant woman from life support until the duration of the pregnancy is over, their wishes were ignored. Luckily, after months of fighting, they managed to convince a judge to order the hospital to FINALLY remove Marlise from life support!

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Pregnant Latina on life support carrying "distinctly abnormal" fetus & it's not the worst part

It has been almost two months since Marlise Munoz was declared brain-dead. Her husband, Erick Munoz, has made it clear that she wouldn't have wanted to be kept alive artificially, but her wishes have been pretty much ignored because Texas law prohibits the removal of life support when a patient is pregnant. Now Erick's attorneys have issued a statement saying that the 22-week-old fetus is so "distinctly abnormal" that its gender can't even be determined. 

And that's not the worst of it ...

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Chilean teen sells her newborn on Facebook, but that's not the worst part

A young woman from Chile has been arrested for selling her newborn baby for 60 thousand pesos, the equivalent of about $113. Eighteen-year-old Veronica Carrera Chaparro discovered she was pregnant in February 2013 and attempted to hide the pregnancy from her family. However, her 17-year-old boyfriend and father of the baby, ended up telling the family. When Veronica's mother and sister found out, they told her she either had to give the baby up for adoption, have an abortion or sell it. Together, the three women decided on the latter. The family used Facebook to offer the baby for sale. 

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Actor Daniel Escobar dead from something we should all worry about

Actor Daniel Escobar died on December 13 from diabetes related complications. He was 49 years old when he passed away at a hospital in Los Angeles on Friday. Escobar is best known for his role as a teacher opposite of Hilary Duff on Disney Channel's Lizzie McGuire. His credits are many and his formal training might surprise you and the cause of his death should also be of concern to you.

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Arizona detective forced to make heartbreaking choice when she finds out she's undocumented

Like many who are brought to this country illegally by their parents when they were little, Carmen Figueroa was never aware of her real immigration status ... until it was too late. The 42-year-old woman had no reason to doubt she'd been born in the United States, as her mother had told her, and was so certain of her citizenship that she even decided to make a career working for the government--and in law enforcement, no less. 

But all that came tumbling down recently when it was discovered that she was actually born in Sinaloa, Mexico, and was in the country illegally. 

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There's hope that missing Latina teen Abigail Hernandez may be alive!

Abigail Hernandez of New Hampshire has been missing since October 9. The 15-year-old was last seem leaving Kennett High School and is believed to have made it home that day, but when her mother Zenya Hernandez came home from work, Abigail was gone. The last call made from Abigail's missing phone call was made about four hours after she was last seen leaving school and then nothing ... or so we thought. When someone is missing for as long as Abigail has been gone it becomes harder and harder to be hopeful about their safe return, but dramatic new evidence revealed by the FBI at a conference gives significant hope that Abigail is still alive.

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