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Fiery California bus crash leaves 10 dead, including 5 students

A fiery crash that took place between a FedEx Truck and a bus full of Los Angeles-Area high school students on Friday left 10 people dead and dozens of people injured, officials confirmed this morning.

According to local highway patrol, the victims included five students, three adult chaperones, and the drivers of both the truck and the bus. Such a horrible, devastating tragedy.

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Alex Hribal, HS stabbing suspect, was "misunderstood" say classmates

As more details about the stabbing spree that took place at a Pennsylvania High School yesterday come to light, classmates of Alex Hribal, the 16-year-old suspect, are coming forward to depict him as "misunderstood."

According to ABC News, classmate Morgan Ritchey described the teen as "nice" but also maintained that he had "this disturbing twist" about him. Meanwhile other students told CNN that he was kind of withdrawn, didn't have many friends, and "kept to himself." But all of them said that they never would've expected him to prompt this kind of vicious attack and now, authorities are still trying to figure out why it happened.

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BREAKING NEWS: 20 students injured in stabbing spree at Pennsylvania high school

As many as 20 people were injured in a scary stabbing spree that took place on Wednesday morning at a Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, Pennsylvania.

According to authorities, the suspect (who has not been publicly identified yet) began randomly stabbing people throughout multiple classrooms in the science wing of the building, this morning before classes had started for the day. The suspect is now in custody and police say they are "in the process of interviewing him" to try and find out what could've spurred the vicious attack.

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Mom leaves 5-month-old baby girl with stranger & vanishes

If a stranger walked up to you and asked you to watch her baby, it would probably raise a red flag for most people. But when one Houston woman, identified only as Alysha, recently agreed to take care of a 5-month-old baby girl, she never thought the mother would take off and leave her with the little girl. Sadly, that's exactly what happened. Baby Lily was left behind and now authorities are trying to figure out who her mom is and where she went.

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Brave 6-year-old fends off kidnappers while her mom watched helplessly

A quick-thinking 6-year-old Washington girl managed to fend off two men after they tried to kidnap her in broad daylight--all as her mother watched helplessly from her home's window!

It all went down last Wednesday when Savanna Norman was returning home from playing with her best friend across the street. Her mom, Amy, was watching from the window as the little girl looked both ways before starting to cross the street. To her utter horror, that's when two men suddenly appeared and tried to grab the young girl. It's the stuff of every parent's nightmare!

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Navy rescues sick 1-year-old stranded in middle of ocean

In a scene that sounds like it came straight out of a movie, a 1-year-old girl recently became extremely ill while sailing around the world with her parents and had to be rescued by the Navy after their boat experienced problems, leaving them stranded in the middle of the ocean!

Apparently, Lyra Kaufman's parents, Eric and Charlotte, made the decision to bring both of their young daughters when they started across the Pacific in March. But things started to go terribly wrong when Lyra developed a fever and a rash covering most of her body and wasn't responding to medications. Now, both her mom and dad are facing public backlash for their choice.

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A photo saved this toddler's vision

Many parents post photos of their kids on Facebook and other social media. After all, who can resist sharing those too-cute moments with friends and family?! That's what mom Tara Taylor was probably thinking when she recently uploaded a snapshot of her 3-year-old daughter, Rylee. Little did she know the photo would lead her to receive some life-changing advice. 

According to Taylor, most friends simply "liked" the photo of little Rylee smiling into the camera. But two people noticed that the young girl's left eye seemed to be glowing a little and recommended that she get it out. Their suggestion ended up saving Rylee's vision!

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New Skineepix app takes selfies to a new level of bad

Just when you thought selfies couldn't possibly get any worse, a new app called Skineepix has entered the picture (literally). As the name implies, Skineepix makes selfie takers look thinner by shaving five to 15 pounds off their face when applied. Well ... so much for positive body image.

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Mom drowned her sons in bathtub & you'll never believe what she's blaming

A Pennsylvania woman accused of drowning her young sons claims she heard "crazy voices" that told her to push her kids underwater, according to the criminal complaint recently filed by police.

According to authorities, 40-year-old Laurel Michelle Schlemmer admitted to waiting until after she put her eldest 7-year-old boy (who remains unnamed) on the school bus on Tuesday morning before getting her youngest sons, 6-year-old Daniel and 3-year-old Luke, in the bath, then climbing in fully clothed, and sitting on top of them to keep them underwater.

This story is too horrible for words…and believe it or not, it gets even worse.

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Selena Gomez stalker caught breaking into house!

Selena Gomez had a scary experience at her home this past weekend! According to the Los Angeles County Police Department, a man was arrested after allegedly breaking into the 21-year-old singer's house on Sunday while she was home.

According to authorities, Gomez had just arrived with a friend at her Calabasas residence at around 9:30 p.m. when they heard a noise and called security. The suspect, 20-year-old Cruz Che, apparently walked right up to the door and asked to see the star. Yikes ... how does that even happen?! Talk about terrifying!

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