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Over 100 immigrants found in Houston house of horrors


Police in Texas found over 100 immigrants being held against their will in squalid, horrifying conditions on Wednesday. Police report that there were 94 men and 15 women, including children. The captive undocumented immigrants range from ages 5 to 47 years old and hail from from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico. The only reason that police even found them is because they got a call on Tuesday night from a family of a missing 24-year-old woman. The family of the missing woman was supposed to meet a person who was holding the woman as well as a 7-year-old girl and a 5-year-old boy for ransom. When the suspect never showed up for the exchange the family called the police and somehow the police zeroed in on this 1,500 square foot home in Harris County.

You are not going to believe the conditions that these people were being kept in.

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Arizona detective forced to make heartbreaking choice when she finds out she's undocumented

Like many who are brought to this country illegally by their parents when they were little, Carmen Figueroa was never aware of her real immigration status ... until it was too late. The 42-year-old woman had no reason to doubt she'd been born in the United States, as her mother had told her, and was so certain of her citizenship that she even decided to make a career working for the government--and in law enforcement, no less. 

But all that came tumbling down recently when it was discovered that she was actually born in Sinaloa, Mexico, and was in the country illegally. 

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University of Texas organizes "Catch an Illegal Immigrant" game to hunt down the undocumented

It's a sad time when college students, like the conservative group from University of Texas at Austin, become controversial and disrespectful solely to bring attention to a discussion they want to have. Unfortunately, the topic is illegal immigration and the Young Conservatives of Texas believe that if they act out a "game" of  "Catch an Illegal Immigrant" on campus, more people will listen.

They got the attention they wanted. Although, it seems like negative reaction from the public is more of what they received, thankfully.

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Immigration reform is tearing even life-long friends apart

Last week I was out with friends (a mix of Latinas and gringas) and although I typically don't discuss politics, I brought up the subject of immigration. The Senate had just passed a bill that would bring about major reform, allowing undocumented immigrants to come out of the shadows.

I expressed my support for reform, my concern if the House does not pass the bill and relief that this country's leadership is finally moving in the right direction. I was shocked to hear that my friends were torn on the issue based on their personal experiences with immigrants. But I was most surprised by the reaction from my Latina friends!

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BREAKING NEWS: Senate approves immigration reform bill & it's a great day for Latinos!

The U.S. Senate passed a landmark immigration reform bill today, which means that there is a possibility that millions of undocumented residents in this country will be able to finally legalize their status--a huge day for us Latinos. ¡Qué alegría!

Now the law has to pass the House of Representatives, where its prospects are tougher since it's controlled by Republicans, but it's not impossible!

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Fearless undocumented worker takes the boss who raped her to court

Leticia Zuniga was working on the cleaning staff of the upscale shopping mall Ridgedale Center, in Minnetonka, Minnesota. She worked for the subcontractor Service Management Systems, which is a Tennessee based-company with employees who clean malls throughout the country. Her boss was Marco Gonzalez. Zuniga alleges that during the time she worked for SMS, Gonzalez raped her repeatedly. Zuniga was an undocumented worker and Gonzalez knew that and took advantage of her vulnerable position, knowing that she would not report him for fear of being deported. But she did!

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Día de los Niños: Dad holds 5-year-old daughter for first time at U.S.-Mexico border opening (VIDEO)

A Mexican immigrant to the U.S. was able to hold his 5-year-daughter for the first time on Sunday, during a ceremony celebrating the Día de los Niños, a Latin American holiday devoted to kids.

In honor of the day, the door at San Diego's Friendship Park along the U.S.-Mexico border was opened for the first time since it was created in 1971--giving families, including Luis Angulo, a chance to briefly reunite with loved ones, some of whom they haven't seen in years.

Wow, what a truly special moment. And lucky for us, the whole thing was captured in a heartwarming video that is sure to bring tears to your eyes.

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This guy was deported for being too sexy & they should send him home with me (WARNING: HOT PHOTOS)

Meet Omar Borkan Al Gala. This fine example of a human male specimen was reportedly one of three men deported from Saudi Arabia for being too good-looking. He is a Dubai-based actor, poet, and photographer.

Saudi Arabian authorities deemed this young man "too handsome" and deported him in an attempt to keep countrywomen from throwing themselves at his feet (I bet even his feet are lovely) or just swooning from looking at him. 

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State of the Union: Marco Rubio + 4 other can't-miss moments from President Obama's speech

During last night's State of the Union address, President Obama revealed his second-term strategy for tackling some of today's biggest and most relevant political issues, including gun-control legislation, immigration reform, and education for low-income families.

During his hour-long speech, Obama asked Congress to join him in taking on the task of igniting the growth of a "rising, thriving middle class."  Following his statement, Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla), otherwise known as the "star of the GOP," issued the Republican party's response and though he also gave a lengthy statement, it wasn't his words that had people buzzing afterward!

Below, check out the 5 can't-miss moments of the SOTU:

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Dream of US citizenship could be closer than ever for millions of undocumented immigrants

I thought this day would never come, but it seems like this country is closer than ever to real immigration reform. President Obama just announced how he plans to overhaul our broken immigration system and I'm sure that the 11 million undocumented immigrants many of whom pretty much live in the shadows scared to death to be discovered and deported listened very closely to his words. I know I did... and I'm not undocumented. I do, however, know many people who are. Some are close friends and some others are acquaintances. The one thing they have in common: a desire to be able to stay legally in the only country they've ever know and loved. A country they call home. 

And now, it looks like this may very well be a reality.

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