Woman lived off insects & mice for a week, says she loved it


With all the sketchy news we hear about the way our food is handled, it's no surprise that Americans have become more cautious about what they eat. Candra Kolodziej decided to take a new approach to her diet which included eliminating store-bought meat and replacing it with another form of protein.

This nutty lady decided to eat live food she could easily purchase at a pet shop which included crickets, mealworms, and even MICE!

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The 10 GROSSEST stuff people have found in food


Rose Carducci eats spinach salads often. The 28-year-old mother from Ohio also uses spinach to make smoothies for her 3-year-old daughter. It makes sense that for convenience sake, she would buy those bags of pre-washed greens that I happen to love and use all the time. Well, recently she ordered spinach online to be delivered from Buehler's supermarket. Even before she opened the bag of Dole spinach she received, she noticed there was something a-FOWL with it as in it had a bird's leg, talon, feathers and all in it! Ewwww!!! You've got to see this, it is nasty.

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Pregnant fitness trainer fights back against bullies


Yesterday I took a weight training class, which was taught by a pregnant instructor. It was pretty amazing! I was impressed by how fit she was and that she was still following her exercise regimen despite her pregnancy. I even commended her for it after class. So then why are people attacking personal trainer Sara Haley?

The petite 35-year-old mom has been receiving negative feedback for continuing to exercise while eight months pregnant. Um, excuse me?!

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SEE: Pregnant woman undergoes open-heart surgery to remove HUGE tumor!


Sharon Savino was pregnant with her third child, when right around Christmas of last year she knew something was wrong. The 25-year-old was at the end of her second trimester and developed a cough, felt exhausted all the time and sometimes her heart would race. She thought it was all just from being pregnant until she started coughing up blood one day. She rushed to the emergency room near her home in Farmingville, Long Island. The staff there couldn't figure out where the blood came from and sent her home with medicine for bronchitis. But when it happened again Savino went to her obstetricians at Stony Brook University Hospital and they found an egg-sized tumor on the left side of her heart!

Something had to be done quickly. You will not believe the size of this tumor.

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Stupid prank kills teen and it can happen to your kid too!


Teens typically play practical jokes on each other, but one joke went a bit too far and left a teen boy in a coma. The 17-year-old boy who is hospitalized was goofing off with another group of boys returning to class from their lunch break. One of the kids thought it would be funny to prank him the way most teens do each other, but didn't realize how deadly it was going to be.

Not only is this instance scary, but if your sons aren't careful, it can happen to them too!

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You will NOT believe what is in your kid's chicken nuggets


When I consider buying processed food that seems like it should be comprised of relatively simple ingredients and then I look at what's really in it and I'm blown away that I would need a chemistry degree to really figure out what it is I'm eating. At least, at the supermarket I have the option of reading what's in my food before I buy it, but what about when it comes to kids' school lunches? Sure a menu gets sent home so you know what is being served every day, but that menu does not include a list of ingredients, so really you haven't a clue what you are letting your child eat if you let them have a school lunch.

Monica Eng, a reporter at WEBZ, did something that all parents should do, she asked Chicago Public Schools for a list of ingredients for the top 5 entrees they serve for school lunches and you won't believe what's in your kid's chicken nuggets or how hard it was to find out what's in your kid's chicken nuggets.

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JWoww & 7 other celebs who kept it real about pregnancy

Besties Jenni "JWoww" Farley and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi are both pregnant at the same time! They even walked the red carpet together at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday showing off their matching baby bumps. But unlike Snooki, JWoww isn't exactly having the easiest pregnancy. In fact, she hates it! "She [Snooki] loves being pregnant right now and I f---ing hate it," JWoww told Us Weekly. Hey, at least she kept it real!

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5 Things you didn't know about agave nectar


Agave nectar has quickly become one of the most popular natural sweeteners replacing sugar, but not many people know what it is. With everyone eliminating high-fructose corn syrup and table sugar, agave seems like the ideal replacement because it's all natural

But what else is there to know about agave?

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Woman found WHAT in her burger?! + other GROSS stuff people have found in food


Mmmm, sometimes nothing hits the spot like a juicy burger. I love mine dressed with lettuce, tomato and a big hard bolt. Wait, stop! No, I do not like bolts in my burger and neither does an Albuquerque, New Mexico woman who bit into a burger she ordered at a local  Applebee's and found that the burger meat had a bolt in it! The woman's sister, Diana Almarez recalls. "She bit into it and got a funny look on her face and we said, 'What's wrong?' As she kind of pulled the slider out of her mouth a little bit, there was this bolt." Not good.

She could have broken a tooth or choked on that thing, not to mention she could have swallowed it. I mean check out the size of this bolt in the picture below.

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WATCH: The importance of a pap smear in hilarious rap video


When we make our annual visit to the gynocologist we know that it is an uncomfortable situation we'd rather avoid. That's why when I saw Nadia Kamal's video "Pap Rap" rapping about pap smears, I couldn't help but laugh. For one, she makes a point to raise awareness for cervical cancer and why it's important to have a pap smear done.

But the video itself imitates that of a modern day hip-hop video with equally as vulgar language. Wait till you see it!

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