WATCH: Pregnant pole dancing isn't as crazy as it sounds


I'm not sure how you feel about the whole pole dancing fitness craze in general. Do you find it liberating or not so much? Personally, I've never given it a try and if I were to, it wouldn't be so that I could have a pole installed in my bedroom, it would be for the workout benefits. Ladies develop some awesome muscles and it is hard to deny that a certain sense of confidence in their sexuality also develops. This happens to women of all shapes and sizes that's why I wasn't particularly surprised when I came across this sexy video of a pregnant pole dancer.

I think you will agree with me that the woman in this video looks great and if anything her baby bump adds to her appeal. Here's the thing though, I'm pretty sure she knew how to work that pole before she got pregnant.

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10 Benefits of morning sickness that will shock you


Morning sickness is one of those things that no one, but no one, misses about pregnancy. It's also a freakin' misnomer because it doesn't only happen in the morning. Why the hell do they call it that? It's not like at the stroke of noon you are all of a sudden hunky-dory. I guess calling it, "This baby makes me feel like throwing up 24/7 sickness" just didn't sound as good.

Yes, this so called "morning sickness" sucks, but I have good news about it. Guess what? There are benefits to morning sickness. Read on and be amazed!

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The secret to mind-blowing orgasms is easier than you think

Happy National Orgasm Day everyone! And speaking of the big O and sex, let's talk about the key to mind blowing sex. Do you think it's great foreplay? Think again.

According to a new study, the secret to mind-blowing orgasms is easier than you think.

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Teen loses all his teeth to cancer, heartless insurance refuses to help

Two weeks ago, 16-year-old Alex Hunter made the difficult decision to have his 19 remaining teeth removed after years of chemotherapy left them feeling brittle and loose. Alex had hoped to replace them with a new pair of dentures right away, but his insurance denied his claim. Can you believe that? It's not like he's looking for some sort of flippant cosmetic work, he actually needed these dentures because he suffered from a horrific disease. You won't believe how this brave young boy and his family fought back though...

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5 Ways to keep your vagina young & beautiful

The next time you consider an anti-aging treatment or ritual, think beyond your face. The unfortunate truth is that sagginess and wrinkles don't discriminate from targeting other areas on your body--especially, yes, your vagina. Women begin to lose fatty tissue surrounding the vulva as earlier as in their 20s. Of course, menopause also causes the vaginal walls from wearing down due to a decrease in estrogen. These quick tips could help prevent your vagina from aging and keep your lovely lady parts forever young… 

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Ebola virus kills U.S. citizen & here's why you should be scared


Okay, I'm completely scared now. Health officials say that the possibility that the deadly ebola virus, which has claimed more than 600 victims in western Africa, comes to the U.S. are remote, but I feel like they really have to double check their information. Especially in light of the recent news that Patrick Sawyer, a Minnesota resident, has died of the feared disease during a trip to Nigeria. Imagine what could have happened had he returned home to the U.S. before exhibiting symptoms. Chilling.

Ebola is the worst virus that exists in the world today and there's a serious outbreak right now. The virus blocks the body's ability to coagulate blood and kills its victims of hemorrhages within 10 days. You have to find out how to protect yourself.

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SEE: Chiquis Marín's 7 best Instagram pics since her weight loss

Since earlier this year, Jenni Rivera's oldest daugther, Chiquis Marín, has been hard at work with her weight loss and managed to lose 30 pounds. The 29-year-old beauty was able to shed the weight with help from celebrity fitness trainer and wellness coach Alejandro Chabán. Several months since her major reveal, Chiquis has made sure to keep the weight off and flaunt her new figure without any apologies. 

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4 Things you didn't think you could eat that are actually very healthy

There's no waste in vegetables and fruits, not even those parts that usually end up in the trash like shells, roots, seeds and other parts. I had already heard that many of them contain most of the nutrients, having even greater vitamin content than those supplied by the pulp or core of the fruits or veggies.

That's why, today we want to tell you about some fun ways you can eat banana peels, watermelon rinds and other surprise creations by chef Aldo Zilli, supervised by expert dietitian Dr. Sarah Schenker.

Eating snacks prepared at home has never been so fun and motivating. Be inspired by these fabulous ideas!

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7 Surprising reasons you're always tired

A tired body is an unproductive body. If you constantly find yourself yawning, sluggish and drowsy throughout the day, it's time to inspect your lifestyle. Below, you will find seven reasons for your constant tiredness.

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Miracle baby can't open his mouth, but reaches improbable milestone!


Wyatt Scott is a cute and cuddly little boy from Ottawa, Canada who recently celebrated his very first birthday. From looking at pictures of this cutie you would never ever guess that there was anything wrong with him. He looks like a happy 1-year-old and he is, but he suffers from a strange condition: Little Wyatt can't open his mouth. He eats from a tube in his belly and before that he had to be fed through a tube in his nose that led to his belly.

This little boy spent the first three months of his life in the hospital and since then his parents have had to call 911 several times because of choking incidents that Wyatt has had. The really baffling thing is that no one can seem to figure out what's wrong with Wyatt.

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