5 Taboo sex questions your doctor wishes you would ask

Research claims that between 40 to 75 percent of women have concerns about sexual health. Next time you visit the Ob-gyn, be sure to outline your questions and reserve your shyness for the dentist. Here are some concerns you should voice during your next doctor's visit. 

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SEE: Woman loses 136 lbs after breakup & look at her now!

Lisa Jarrett had a year of great loss in 2010. In that year alone, the Washington native lost her boyfriend, her car and her medical insurance. But rather than try desperately to regain it all, Lisa decided to go whole hog and voluntarily lose even more. In the years since, Lisa has lost a whopping 136 pounds (and counting), and she says she has her breakup to thank for it. 

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Joan Rivers hospitalized and in critical condition

Joan Rivers' current health condition is no laughing matter. The 81-year-old legendary comedian, known for cracking controversial jokes, is currently hospitalized and in serious condition at a New York City hospital. Rivers reportedly stopped breathing and went into cardiac arrest while undergoing throat surgery.

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Hundreds of Colombian girls suffering from mysterious illness

Imagine being rushed to the hospital after being treated with a common vaccine. That's exactly what happened to two hundred women in a small town in Colombia. Girls from the town El Carmen de Bolivar were hospitalized after having a bad reaction to the popular HPV vaccine Gardasil, which helps protect against cervical cancer. The reported symptoms of the girls, ranging in age from 9 to 16 years old included fainting, numbness and headaches. 

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Yup, your kid is fat & you can't even see it!


You know how they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Well, apparently so is fat and we all know that love is blind, so I guess that's why so many parents can't see that their kids are fat, but they are. A recent study published by Pediatrics found that parents nowadays are more likely to see their overweight kids as being "healthy" than parents in the previous decade. Now, before you go dismissing this as some boring study findings, if you are a parent this stuff matters because pediatric obesity can lead to a host of health issues and if you can't even figure out that your kid is fat then you most likely aren't going to swap out bad habits and instill good habits simply because you don't SEE the need to.

So how is it that parents aren't noticing that their kids are fat and what can we do about it?

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Toddler born with intestines outside her body is still unable to eat

Most of us take for granted simple acts such as enjoying a meal. Georgia Diamond, a toddler in England, has been denied that pleasure. She suffers from a rare medical condition known as gastroschisis. The 23-month-old was born with her intestines outside of her body. She can only eat via a feeding tube. Georgia's only hope to ever eat snacks like other kids her age is to undergo an intestine transplant, but the procedure has been put on hold for another two years.

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Baby needs CPR every single night & there's nothing her parents can do about it

If you thought your sleepless nights as a new mom were bad, can you imagine having to give CPR to your baby 20 times a night? This is a true story! Eight-month-old Phyllisity Ramm suffers from obstructive sleep apnea, which causes her to stop breathing within seconds. Her parents Kylie and Michael Ramm, from the English town of Dereham, have to perform CPR on the toddler every single time she stops breathing. She literally turns blue about 20 times a night due to a lack of air supply.

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Banish bad breath with these 5 easy tricks

Nothing kills a good conversation faster than pulling in close to someone and getting a whiff of their bad breath. Apart from brushing after you eat, cleaning your tongue, and flossing at least once a day, make sure your own scent is never offensive with these five tricks to keep the halitosis in check and those pearly whites looking gorgeous.

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Man killed by curandero pulling his tooth out

A Filipino man went for a tooth extraction and paid for the procedure with his life. Instead of going to a dentist to have five teeth removed, 28-year-old Jerry Aguirre of the Negros Occidental province went to a faith healer to be treated. Big mistake because a couple weeks later he was found dead due to a septic embolism caused by a dental infection.

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Your child's car seat could be deadly!


Bacteria thrives in places like toilets, toothbrushes and the kitchen sink, but now you can add your child's car seat to the top of the list. Surprised? It makes sense, your baby sits on it with a dirty diaper which sometimes leaks, she drinks a bottle, maybe, vomits and when she gets older she eats in it. Scientists tested twenty car seats and found dangerous bacteria, such a E. coli and salmonella living comfortably in the seats.

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