4 Common bottle-feeding problems & how to solve them


Infants are like a book of mysteries, we don't really know how they are going to respond to simple things like formula or bottle feeding. Even though breastfeeding is recommended, that's not always possible for a variety of reasons. Some babies react to bottle feeding by vomiting, spitting up, or having reflux more than others. The following are the reasons why your baby is not eating that well or gaining weight.

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Woman undergoes heart surgery by mistake


An 83-year-old woman underwent heart surgery by mistake when a surgeon confused her for another patient. Rita du Plessis was being treated for a respiratory infection and got more than she bargained for at the Mediclinic Kimberley in Johannesburg, South Africa. Du Plessis and another elderly patient were mixed up after the doctor treating both women gave in the wrong name to the surgeon.

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Little girl almost dies on flight because jerk passenger couldn't wait to eat nuts


Fae Platten is 4 years old and has a severe nut allergy. On August 5, she was flying with her family to London, headed home from a family holiday in Spain. Fae's mom, 30-year-old Katy Platten, had let Ryanair staff know that Fae's allergy is so severe that she has a reaction from just being in the same room as an open container of nuts. Not only were nuts NOT sold on the plane, three announcements were made letting passengers know NOT to open any nuts onboard the plane. And yet, 20 minutes into the flight a man from Zimbabwe traveling with his family went ahead and opened a bag of nuts even after another passenger protested.

This man and his bag of nuts were four rows away from Fae. That was not far away enough to protect Fae. Katy says, "She started scratching her cheeks so I took her to the front and said, 'I think somebody has opened nuts.' " Fae's allergic reaction got so bad that she stopped breathing!

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Everything you know about eggs is wrong!

I've been on a serious health craze since the beginning of this year. I only eat organic, I've cut down on meat, I eat more greens and I've even substituted boiled eggs for egg white omelets for breakfast. But now I'm hearing that egg yolks aren't actually as bad for you as I thought. In fact, you're actually missing out by not eating them!

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Woman giving birth asks for an epidural, but doctors botch injection


In July, a Swedish woman in labor braced herself to get an epidural to help with the pain, but instead of the epidural she thought she was getting, she got a shot of chlorhexidine a disinfectant that is used to disinfect medical catheters. Chlorhexidine is absolutely not meant to be injected into a mother in labor as a pain reliever, but somehow the painkillers that were meant to be used during the epidural got mixed up with this chemical.

How does something like that even happen?

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5 Ways to handle cellulite


Ladies, I know I'm not alone when I say that the mother of all evils is cellulite. Maybe I'm being a little dramatic, but you know what I mean. The thing is wholly impossible! We are born with it and after that it seems like everything we do accentuate it more. We all have it, but we don't have to live with it. There are diets and exercises we can do to diminish the appearance and even eliminate those stubborn little bumps.

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7 Ways to prevent ugly varicose veins


What causes varicose veins? Well, from a medical perspective, this pesky problem happens when the valves inside veins weaken and, as a result, blood pools inside veins, causing them to protrude through the skin. Though some people are more genetically predisposed to develop varicose veins, there are certain ways in which you can work to prevent their formation. These seven helpful tips might just ensure you enjoy a lifetime without unseemly varicose veins!

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14 Things you didn't know were bad for you while pregnant


Pregnancy is a game changer. You become the host to your future child whom you already love and you want to do everything within your power to have a healthy and happy baby. You realize there are some things that you've never given a second thought to that now you really shouldn't be doing. What is it that pregnant women are supposed to avoid? It's hard to remember since the list always seems to be getting longer not to mention that pregnancy brain is for reals and you have trouble remembering anything.

No worries, I've put together a cheat sheet of pregnancy no-nos for you.

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5 Health mistakes you could be making EVERY DAY

There are some major health and safety rules that we all grew up following. Don't drink and drive. Click it or ticket. Just say no to drugs. Beware the water when traveling through developing countries. But what about the little habits and tasks we do every single day without even knowing that they could be harmful? Read on for a list of things that you might not have even known were health risks.

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A household item you use every day could harm your unborn baby!

Many of us use antibacterial soap to kill off the germies when we wash our hands, but a new report released by the American Chemical Society found that ingredients in these soaps can harm fetuses.

You may think you're taking the right step to stay healthy and ward off sickness, but in reality it could be a real hazard to pregnant women and their unborn babies.

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