This is the best time to eat to lose weight


New research shows that when you eat might be just as important as what you eat. Consuming meals at specific times is usually not an obvious weight loss strategy many people think about, but a study conducted by Forza supplements shows that if you correspond your three meals to three very specific time points in a day, you will be able to reap the maximum benefits from your weight loss efforts.

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WATCH: Little girl goes crazy at doctor's office when she sees a needle

Visiting the doctor's office can be a traumatizing experience for a little kid. A recent viral video captures the dramatic roller coaster of emotions a little girl faces while visiting her pediatrician for shots. First she sits patiently waiting for her arrival, and then her face turns from utter shock to painful agony. The best part is that her brother is filmed laughing at the corner of the room probably hoping he isn't next. Wow, this video definitely gives me flashbacks of my childhood!

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Girl dies after getting surgery to be like everyone else


A 17-year-old London girl born with a chest deformity has died after undergoing surgery that could have helped her look like other girls. Kay Whiteman was born with pectum excavatum, a condition that caused her chest to look hollow and prevented the teenager from wearing bras or tight tops. Whiteman wanted to be like other girls her age, she decided to have a metal bar inserted into her chest to fix the issue. Unfortunately, she paid for the risk with her life after complications caused brain damage and her death.

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Maria Conchita Alonso hospitalized and in serious condition​


Oh no you guys! I have some very scary news about the Venezuelan actress and singer, Maria Conchita Alonso. The 57-year-old was scheduled to perform in the show Grandiosas in Guadalajara, Mexico when she had to be hospitalized for pneumonia and gastroenteritis. This is serious stuff, you guys, and even though Alonso is putting up a brave face, I'm worried about her.

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Lose weight while you sleep by avoiding these mistakes!

We know that a proper night's sleep is essential for your body to repair itself overnight and to feel more alert and energetic the following day. If we spend the night tossing and turning, we feel like tearing the world to shreds and the groggy day cannot end soon enough. But did you know that poor sleep and little mistakes we make before bedtime could actually increase our risk for weight gain? That's right. Having a good balance of melatonin, serotonin, and dopamine levels helps keep your mood, sleep, and hunger in check, but if you're not regulating these hormones properly with good sleep, then it can throw you off keel and start expanding your midsection. Below, a list of the little habits you might be guilty of that you didn't know were the culprit behind those stubborn pounds.

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The truth about body odor and how to cure it

Having a funky smell is never a good thing, but we have all been there. Whether you forgot to put on deodorant in the morning or sweat bullets during a job interview, body odor follows us everywhere we go. Having a stinky smell is actually a natural thing! While we try our hardest to mask it, bad body odor could be our bodies' way of trying to tell us something else. Here are five things you never knew about body odor and how to tangle the stink.

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5 Surprising ways to protect your family from a cold​


Cariños, it's time to brace ourselves for cold season. And I'm sure you have a few tried and true tricks up your sleeve for keeping yourself and your family healthy, but it never hurts to learn a few more. Especially some that are a little less conventional than say, washing your hands regularly. You'd be surprised at some of the ways you can protect your family from getting colds.

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Teen almost dies after using a tampon​​

Jodie Craig had no idea she was putting her life in danger when she inserted a tampon. The 16-year-old girl started feeling very sick with a high fever, vomiting and suddenly felt like she was having a heart attack. Her mother noticed how quickly her daughter's health deteriorated and called an ambulance. It turned out that Jodie was having toxic shock syndrome due to bacteria from the tampon and was near death.

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5 Wonderful benefits of orgasms during pregnancy


First of all, I hope you already know that unless your doctor tells you not to, there is no reason why you should stop having sex or orgasms while pregnant. No, it won't hurt the baby and yes, you are still smokin' hot and desirable! Oh, and there are even benefits to having orgasms while pregnant and you know that you want to do what's best while pregnant, so find out why you should go get you some.

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8 Ways postpartum is worse than pregnancy​


Bringing a tiny human into this world is no easy task. For nine months, your body is going through constant changes, discomforts, and hormonal roller coasters that have you eagerly anticipating the day when it's all over and you finally have a beautiful, squirming baby in your arms. But did you know that for some women, postpartum is even more difficult than the pregnancy itself? Below, eight ways the months after labor are tougher on your body and what you can do to alleviate the symptoms.

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