Maria de los Angeles Pineda Villa: 5 Things to know about Mexico's first lady of murder

This woman María de los Ángeles Pineda Villa is what nightmares are all about. It has been over a month since 43 college students in the city of Guerrero, Mexico went missing. As parents and family pray and mourn for the disappeared, Mexican investigators arrested four suspects who are part of the Guerreros Unidos drug gang. They combed through a woody and mountainous dump in the Cocula section in town, but it turns out the crime is not related to a major drug pin. Reportedly, the town's first lady María de los Ángeles Pineda Villa has become the most wanted woman in Mexico for being behind the entire cruel scheme. 

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Girl blogged about sexual abuse for years before her grandfather finally killed her

Though Terrell Cowherd hadn't seen his estranged 11-year-old daughter Anahlia Cowherd in years, something told him to Google her name Tuesday morning. A search for Anahlia's name turned up a series of disturbing blog posts written by the young girl, the last had gone up Monday evening and was titled, "Help…Me…" In it, the preteen reveals her grandfather threatened to take her life. "He actually threatened to KILL my family," she writes. "Right now I'm in my mom's room, the door locked, my dog close, my brother here, my Grandpa somewhere, my Grandma is not home. My mom is coming…I'm so scared." Confused and disturbed, Cowherd contacted the Seattle Police Department to tell them of his findings. However, it appeared they had their own piece of troubling news to share with him. Anahlia was dead. Her grandfather killed her.

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Thalia reaches out to missing children's family after her own kidnapping horror

Wow! Thalia's personal life is often a closed book, but one topic that is dear to her heart is human rights and kidnapping. In 2002, her sisters Laura Zapata and Ernestina Sodi were kidnapped and held for ransom in Mexico City. Laura was safely released over two weeks later while Ernestina stayed with the captors for over a month. The recent news about the 43 missing college students in Guerrero, Mexico has Thalia finally opening up about the violence in her native country and what she suffered when her siblings were kidnapped. 

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Parents forgive their son's murderer, invite him to live in their home


To forgive truly is divine and parents of a New Hampshire shooting victim, Donald St. Laurent, not only forgave the man that killed their son but they even volunteered to help him restart his life.

Christopher Bazar was granted parole for the accidental shooting of his best friend, Donald St. Laurent, after serving only three years in prison and that is mostly due to the fact that Donald St. Laurent's parents lobbied on his behalf. Not only did his victim's parents ask for leniency, they are also providing him with a job and a place to stay when he gets out of jail.

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Washington school shooting claims third victim


The shootings in a Washington State high school claimed their third victim. This is just so very sad. In case you missed the backstory, a community in Washington State was left reeling when an armed teenager gunned down five students at a local high school before turning the .40-caliber pistol on himself. The gunman was Jaylen Fryberg, a 14-year-old student at Marysville-Pilchuck High School, where the murderous melee occurred. According to witnesses, Jaylen walked into the cafeteria on Friday walked into the cafeteria at Marysiville-Pilchuck High School Friday, and opened fire on a group of students that included two of his own cousins, as well as a young girl who he was rumored to have had a crush on.

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Baby left on a street in Louisiana & his mom claims she's not responsible

This story is very sad and concerning! A 1-year-old baby was abandoned on Saturday evening in Louisiana. A passerby spotted the baby strapped into his stroller without a grownup in sight. When the authorities reached his mother, she said she left her baby with a friend because she had to take care of a medical emergency. Child protective services are investigating the case and so far haven't arrested the mother. They placed the little boy under protective custody while they conclude the investigation.

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Mom throws baby into the ocean & tries to jump to her death

Some women seriously don't deserve to be called "moms." A 24-year-old Atlantic City woman threw her 1-month-old baby into the ocean and then proceeded to jump in after her. A group of fishermen spotted a lady with a baby acting "unusual" as she started walking towards the rocky shore area. One of them asked her where she was going with the baby, but she didn't answer and kept on walking. Patricia Shurig then did the unthinkable. 

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Abuela sold hundreds of pounds of pot & her reason will shock you


A 65-year-old abuela named Candace Delaven Kelly from Pennsylvania pleaded guilty to selling about 100 pounds of marijuana from her home every year for over four years. I'm sure lots of people are thinking, lock her up and throw away the key, but  here's the thing, her reason for doing it makes me very sympathetic. Kelly says she sold marijuana for money to raise her grandchildren after her daughter died.

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4 dead babies found in storage shocks police

As a mom, this is probably one of the most disturbing pieces of news I have read in a long time. The bodies or four infants were found in various stages of decomposition inside a storage facility in Winnipeg, Canada. I'm assuming that driven by the smell of the little bodies, workers from the U-Haul storage locker facility inspected the room and were shocked to find the corpses. They alerted the authorities and the police is interviewing the woman who rents the unit.

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Crazy Latina trapped in chimney after trying to drop in on ex


That awkward moment when the guy you've been crushing on finds you stuck in his chimney. Ugh, ain't that the worst? I wouldn't actually know. But I bet Geonoveva Nunez-Firguerora would! The 30-year-old California woman had to be extracted from a chimney by the Ventura County Fire Department on Sunday, after she got stuck in the flue during an attempt to just drop in on a man she met online. Holy smokes, that's embarrassing!

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