Teen mom shoots & kills a man while her baby watches


A 16-year-old mother from Georgia whose name hasn't been released because of her age, allegedly shot and killed a man in front of her 16-month old baby on Friday and it was for no good reason. She wasn't defending herself or protecting her baby, in fact she was in no danger at all. She was in a car with her baby and her 20-year-old boyfriend Nathaniel Vivian. They were meeting  the victim, 28-year-old Daniel John Zeitz, after answering a Craigslist ad he posted about selling his PS4. The only thing is that when Zeitz showed up and approached the couple in their car, they tried to avail themselves of a five finger discount and the whole thing ended up in murder.

And remember she had her 16-month-old baby with her the whole time! Wait until you find out the whole story.

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Woman has NO IDEA how a dead body wound up in the trunk of her car!


Imagine driving to the store to do a little shopping after work, then coming out of the store and when you go to put the bags in the trunk of your car, you find a dead body you had no idea was there! And it's been there all day, and you recognize the person!

That is exactly what happened to a poor horrified woman on Saturday. She went to work that morning in Riverside, California from her home in Pomona, then after work she stopped at a Walmart in Riverside and when she opened the trunk of her car to put away her shopping bags, she found the dead body of a man she recognized from her Pomona neighborhood.

Wait until you find out how this lady reacted!

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HIV-positive teacher had unprotected sex with student & that's not the worst part!

What on earth is wrong with people? You really never know who is teaching in your child's school. An HIV-positive music teacher was charged with sexual assault after being caught trying to sneak out of a 15-year-old student's home in Texas. The teen's mom noticed Roger Kessler trying to leave her house from the backyard and called the cops thinking she was reporting a burglary. What she didn't know then was that the 43-year-old man allegedly had unprotected sex with her son.  

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Rapist forces pregnant victim to breastfeed him

Kevin Gibbons stalked, kidnapped and raped two women for over a decade, all while reading passages from the Bible to justify his bizarre behavior. According to the victim, Gibbons said that he "lived by the word of God and practiced his teachings."

Hands down, this is one of the most horrifying crimes I've heard of in a long time and I'm not alone in that sentiment because a detective said that Gibbons was one of the most aggressive and vile criminals he's seen in a long time.

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Teen snaps pic of Jesus statue giving him oral sex, faces prison time


 You don't have to be a religious zealot to know that there are certain things you just don't do to statues of religious figures, like spray paint them or pretend that they're giving you a BJ. I thought that went without saying, but apparently some people have to learn these lessons the hard way.

A Pennsylvania teen may face up to two years in prison for posting a pic of himself simulating oral sex with a kneeling statue of Jesus. Yeah, you totally read that correctly. The sinvergüenza had the cojones to snap a pic of himself taking advantage of the body of Christ. What in the actual hell is wrong with some people?

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Three baby bodies found in rat-infested house of nightmares

This is just horrifying. The bodies of three deceased infants were found yesterday in a rat-infested home in Blackstone, Massachusetts. The dead babies were found just two weeks after child welfare investigators removed four other children from the home due to suspected abuse. Investigators described the condemned home as being filled with rats, bugs, flies and even piles of dirty diapers. Erika Murray, the woman found living in the home, was arrested and is set to be arraigned today. It is sickening to think about innocent children living under these conditions. Why take care of children if you are going to treat them this way?

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Mom locked in bathroom & separated from baby for 3 YEARS!


On Sunday, a 25-year-old mother from India was rescued after being kept captive in a bathroom for three years and not being allowed to see her 3-year-old daughter throughout that time. What kind of monsters would do such a thing? The woman's own husband and in-laws are responsible and their reason for doing it is deplorable! AND, yes it totally has to do with money!

You won't believe how this poor woman was tortured, and what happened when she finally got to see her daughter is heartbreaking and makes me want to punch the horrible people who did this to her right in their despicable faces.

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Bodies of 5 children found buried in Alabama & dad is the main suspect


Every parent's worst nightmare came true for one South Carolina woman Tuesday when police found the bodies of her five young children buried along a highway in rural Alabama. The culprit, police say, was the children's father, Timothy Ray Jones, Jr.

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Mom jailed for helping her teen daughter get an abortion


A Pennsylvania woman was charged with a felony and sentenced to up to 18 months in prison for giving her 16-year-old daughter some abortion pills that she purchased online.

Single mother Jennifer Ann Whalen thought she was doing what was best for her teen daughter when she helped her obtain abortion pills online. According to Whalen, her daughter wanted to terminate her pregnancy, but there were no local clinics available to perform an abortion and her daughter did not have health insurance to cover a hospital abortion. So she did the only thing she could think of: Whalen ordered a miscarriage-inducing drug cocktail, consisting of Misoprostol and Mifepristone, for $45 online from an overseas online drugstore.

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Holly Bobo: Missing nurse's head is found


The search for 20-year-old nursing student Holly Bobo ends in tragedy as her skull was found in Decatur County in Tennessee, only a few miles away from her home in Parsons and near the property of Zachary Adams, who is in jail as the suspected kidnapper and murderer. Holly was last seen one morning in 2011 leaving her home to go to school.

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