Murdered NYPD officer Rafael Ramos's son shares his grief on Facebook


A tragic wave of events hit the New York City Police Department over the weekend. Two police officers on patrol in Brooklyn were fatally shot by a vengeful career criminal who wanted the cops to pay for the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Ismaaiyl Brinsley reported shot Rafael Ramos and Wanjian Liu in the head then ran into a subway station and committed suicide on the platform. Two families and a community now mourn the deaths of the cops who risked their own lives to serve and protect. Now Ramos' son Jaden is speaking out about his emotional loss and his words are truly heartbreaking.

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Dad kills mom & himself while kids hide in closet


Three children in Raleigh, North Carolina have been through one of the most horrible experiences you can ever imagine. They hid themselves in a room of their home as their 32-year-old mother Martha Yses Campusano Cisneros and their 47-year-old father Emilio Rodriguez-Rizo fought. At some point during the argument the children heard gunshots that ended their parents' lives. The terrified children had to figure out what to do.

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8 Kids found massacred in their home & no one knows why


Still reeling from the shock of a deadly siege in a Sydney café, Australia  was dealt yet another terrible blow this week. Eight children were found dead inside a home in the northern city of Cairns on Friday. So far, police have no idea what happened, but there may be at least one person out there who does--the sole survivor.

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Murdered Miss Honduras appears during Miss World pageant!


Do you believe in ghosts, apparitions and metaphysical presences? If you don't, this photo is going to change your mind. Deceased Miss Honduras, María José Alvarado appeared in the middle of the Miss World competition, right at the moment when she was supposed to walk. As you know, her life and dreams were cut short when her sister's boyfriend, Plutarco Ruiz, killed them both in cold blood because he was jealous. The horrible crime of passion devastated an entire country and stunned the world.

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Insane mother cuts off toddler's penis & throws it away

My heart is breaking and I'm crying for a 3-year-old boy named Alexandre from Cameroon who had his penis cut off by his 30-year-old mother, Nadesh K. Just the thought of it makes me shiver. Poor little boy. If it weren't for a neighbor, the mutilated child would be dead.

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Hero twin dies while saving his brother from armed robbers

My heart really goes out to the mother of Chicago twin boys, Demario Bailey and Demarcio Bailey. Christmas is only a week away and this poor woman will be spending it with only one of her 15-year-old sons. You see, Demario passed away this Saturday afternoon and the reason because it is truly tragic. His life was taken away in efforts to protect his twin brother from armed robbers. How devastating is this?

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Reality star Stephanie Moseley & husband Earl Hayes found dead after murder-suicide


A VH1 star and her rapper husband were found dead in their Los Angeles apartment Monday morning, and it appears a well-known boxer may have been the only witness to what police are calling a gruesome murder-suicide. Hit the Floor actress Stephanie Moseley is believed to have been shot dead by her husband, rapper Earl Hayes. Though the details surrounding this terrible tragedy remain murky, the few that have developed are almost too shocking to be true.

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Man killed & burned pregnant girlfriend because she didn't want an abortion


I understand that everyone responds to pregnancy announcements differently, but one Brooklyn man's reaction to his girlfriend's pregnancy will go down in history as the absolute worst response in the history of the world. When Christian Ferdinand's 14-year-old girlfriend told him she was pregnant and wanted to keep the baby, the 22-year-old sinvergüenza did the unthinkable: he suffocated her to death, then doused her body in body spray and lit her on fire. And why? Because he didn't want to pay child support. Well, he's paying now.

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Boy held captive inside closet wall by his own dad


It's stories like these that make you question humanity. A 13-year-old boy was found living behind a false wall in a linen closet in his father's home after being held captive since 2010. Gregory Jean Jr. had gone to visit his father Gregory Jean in Atlanta, Georgia, but was then never returned to his mother. He was finally found this weekend and reunited with his biological mother, but not after suffering years of abuse at the hands of his father and stepmother, Samantha Joy Davis.

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Teen girl busted for prostituting her friends on Facebook


People have been using Facebook to hookup for years now. But a Sarasota teen took this practice to a whole other level this year when she decided to use the social network to launch her very own prostitution ring. 17-year-old Alexa Nicole De Armas was arrested Friday after it was discovered that she'd been using Facebook to pimp teens from two Sarasota high schools out to local men in exchange for money and booze. 

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