Something we all do cost this woman her life

Lying about what you look like and your age is a common thing people do on their Facebook profiles. One case involves a 45-year-old Indian housewife, Jyoti Kori, who masqueraded as a 21-year-old and carried on a three-year online relationship with 22-year-old Vineet Singh.

However, when the two finally met in person, things did not turn out as planned...

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Terrorists kidnap 234 girls from their school!


A group of 85 teen girls were said to have been kidnapped from a school in Nigeria, but now the numbers have risen. The Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok, Nigeria was attacked last Monday when suspected Islamic extremist rebels Boko Haram ambushed the school and forced the students onto buses and trucks.

Originally it was widely reported that 85 girls were taken, but parents are confirming that in reality it's 234 of them! OH MY GOD!

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Girl goes on the WORST first date ever, loses dog & TV!


First dates are always nerve-wracking as you always try to remain on your best behavior. However, one guy didn't get the memo and made his first date with one woman the most memorable ever. By that I mean, the WORST date she could have EVER imagined.

The victim's identity has not been revealed but she told police that the man's name was Joel. So what did Joel do on their first date that forced her to have the cops get involved?

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Latino twin 7-year-old brothers fight off carjacker & you'll never guess how

Some kids sure know how to stand up for themselves! A pair of 7-year-old twin brothers from San Antonio is making headlines after they reportedly fought off a carjacker together this week. 

According to My Fox Austin, it all went down on Thursday afternoon when mom Lucia Lozada was about to drive to church with the two boys and their 1-year-old brother. She soon realized she had forgotten a baby bottle and quickly ran back inside to get it. When she returned, she saw a man getting into her car and driving off—with the kids still inside. 

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Abuela's motive for killing 2 grandkids & herself is even worse than you think

A Connecticut grandmother who shot and killed her two young grandsons before committing suicide last year explained her horrific reason for doing so in a note she left to her daughter and son-in-law.

Debra Denison abducted two of her grandkids, 6-month-old Ashton Perry and his 2-year-old brother, Alton, from their daycare last February before killing them and herself in a parked car. Cops, who initially issued an Amber Alert for the two kids, later found their bodies, but had never revealed the 47-year-old grandmother's possible motive--until now. A police report, recently obtained by the Associated Press, sheds new light on why Denison wanted to hurt her two grandkids…and the reason is even more horrible than you might think.

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Kidnapper taunted parents "Come get me!" when he stole their disabled daughter


Elizabeth Rex of Magnolia, Texas went missing on Monday. She's 14-years-old, but because she has Down syndrome and autism, she has the maturity level of about a 5 or 6-year-old. Elizabeth disappeared on Monday when she went out to check the mail. On Tuesday, an Amber Alert was issued for her after Patrick Rex and Jennifer Black found a phone number in their missing daughter's room.

When they called the number Elizabeth answered the phone, but the phone was snatched from her by the man who allegedly abducted the girl,  51 year old Randy Johnson. Johnson got on the phone and said, "You'll never see Lizzy again. I've got her and where we are going you can't get across the checkpoint because you don't have an ID. Come get me."

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Horrible dad kills son for interrupting his video game

A Florida man has been arrested after allegedly suffocating his young, crying son—all because he wanted to play video games! There's never any acceptable reason to hurt innocent kids, but this is truly awful beyond words.

According to local police, 24-year-old Cody Wygant's wanted to play his Xbox games but couldn't get his 16-month-old son, Daymeon, to stop crying uncontrollably. That's when he did the unthinkable.

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Woman almost paralyzes bicyclist, tells police "I just don't care"

Well, this is one story that's sure to make your blood boil. A 21-year-old Australian woman who slammed into a bicyclist while texting last September and left the victim with a spinal fracture apparently told police she couldn't care less about what she did. 

According to The Standard, Kimberley Davis, who pleaded guilty to dangerous driving in court yesterday, told officers, "I just don't care because I've already been through a lot of bullsh** and my car is, like, pretty expensive and now I have to fix it." Can you believe that?! I only have three words: What. a. b—er, brat.

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WATCH: CHILLING video of father dumping 2-year-old son he starved to death


Get ready to be shocked! A 22-year-old father is accused of letting his 2-year-old starve to death while while he went to an internet cafe to play video games around the clock. He left the child alone for over one  week and would only come home every three days to feed him. Can you believe this?

On March 7, Chung came home and found his son dead. As despicable as I already think this father is, what he did next makes me think he is even more of a monster.

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5 college students killed in mass murder at house party


22-year-old Matthew Douglas de Grood was celebrating the end of the semester with friends when things  took a sudden turn towards violence. Now, the Canadian police officer's son is being accused of murdering five students in cold blood. The victims, who all attended the University of Calgary, were discovered by police after neighbors reported hearing screaming coming from the house.

The lifeless bodies of the students in their 20's, Joshua Hunter, Jordan Segura, Lawrence Hong, Kaitlin Perras, and Zackariah Rathwell were found early Tuesday morning. Douglas de Grood was arrested shortly after and treated for some injuries. So what happened?!

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