Abuela makes 9-year-old granddaughter RUN to death as punishment


Savannah Harding was only 9 years old when she died at the hands of her grandmother Joyce Hardin Garrard in Attalla, Alabama in 2012. Joyce made little Savannah run for three hours straight without stopping as a punishment for lying about eating some candy. A few hours later, the little girl had seizures, collapsed and died because of the severity of the punishment. Today the 49-year-old abuela is about to face the Grand Jury and Judge Billy Ogletree is making sure he selects carefully the jurors in order to get justice for Savannah.

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"Mom from hell" gets probation for viciously beating son & it's total BS

Child abusers should not be able to get around the justice system like this. Samantha Starnes, now dubbed "the mom from hell," was arrested after pleading guilty to the assault and endangering the welfare of her 11-year-old son. Last month, the Pennsylvania boy showed up to a community police station with over 20 bruises and welts on his body. When asked what happened, the kid told authorities that his mom would beat him with a belt and punch him "for not doing his chores." Just terrifying ...

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Morgue employee admits he had sex with more than 100 dead women


A twisted morgue employee from Hamilton County in Ohio has admitted to having sex with approximately 100 corpses in his care. Kenneth Douglas explained to authorities how he'd climb on top of the dead women and pull his pants down. He also blamed drug and alcohol abuse on his actions stating that when he did neither, he wouldn't touch the victims. The whole idea is so nauseating to me and the sick thing is his wife even alerted Douglas' bosses to what was going on and they did nothing about it!

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Woman runs over & kills husband so she could have "the last word"

This lady was really serious about having the last word in an argument with her husband. Nancy Jo Arias allegedly got into a heated altercation with Phillip Lobato in a liquor store parking lot, which resulted in her running him over with her vehicle. The 38-year-old Colorado woman was reportedly livid over her spouse's infidelity. Once she confronted him, Lobato proceeded to punch Arias in the face three times. The already toxic situation turned tragic when Arias threatened to run him over and Lobato challenged her to the deadly deed.

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Prisoners forced to miss their telenovelas, riot ensues

A group of Riker's Island Correction officers learned the hard way that nobody--and I mean NOBODY--comes between Latinos and their telenovelas!

A group of 68 Riker's Island inmates lost their telenovela-loving minds Monday night when a newly implemented 9 p.m. curfew forced them to miss their favorite soap operas. "They went nuts because they are being locked up at 9 p.m. and missing all of their favorite TV shows," a jail source told the Post. "It's completely out of control." Pues, I can't say I didn't see that coming. I learned the hard way that you never, ever try to come between a Latino and their soaps. Like, ever! My abuelita once threw a chancla at me when I made the grave mistake of asking for more food during her sacred telenovela time. Hey, you live and you learn.

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Mom's body found stuffed in suitcase at airport & the suspects are shocking


On Tuesday, the body of 62-year-old Sheila von Wiese-Mack, an American from Chicago, was found stuffed inside of a suitcase in the trunk of taxi cab on the resort island of Bali. Sheila von Wiese-Mack and her 19-year-old daughter, Heather Mack, arrived at the St. Regis in Bali on Saturday. Then on Monday they were joined by Mack's 21-year-old boyfriend Tommy Schaefer. Something horrible happened between the three because Mack and Shaefer have been arrested in connection to the death of von Wiese-Mack, which makes total sense since it was Mack and Shaefer who put the bloody suitcase with Von Wiese-Mack's body in the trunk of the taxi to begin with and then promptly disappeared.

You are not going to believe the convoluted story they told once they were found.

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MMA fighter War Machine beats Christy Mack almost to death (WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES)


Porn star Christy Mack took to Twitter to release a horrifying account of an attack she alleges to have endured at the hands of her ex-boyfriend Mixed Martial Arts fighter War Machine, Jonathan Koppenhaver. Mack describes the attack as having happened at 2 a.m. on Friday morning in her Las Vegas, Nevada home. She and Koppenhaver used to live together in the home, but Mack states that he broke up with her, moved out and relocated to San Diego in May.

The brutality of the attack is further highlighted by accompanying photographs of Mack's beaten body and face. The gruesome photos are included below. The beating has left her unrecognizable.

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Newborn bound, gagged with tampon & stuffed in trash, but survives it all


An Indianapolis woman was arrested Friday night after coworkers found her newborn baby bound and gagged, and stuffed into a warehouse trash can.

Briana Holland told police she knew what she was doing when she wrapped toilet paper over her newborn baby's face and inserted a tampon applicator into its mouth a mere moments after she had given birth to him inside of a warehouse bathroom.  "I know what the results would probably be," the 22-year-old warehouse worker admitted to police officials. "It would probably die." Incredibly, Holland reportedly returned to work soon after she attempted to murder her son. Como si nada.

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Teen swears her parents murdered her boyfriend

An 18-year-old girl has been scarred for life after her cop parents shot and killed her boyfriend and then started shooting at her while she hid. The craziness happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma where Shannon and Gina Kepler, both 24-year veterans of the Tulsa Police Department, approached the home where their daughter Lisa Kepler was staying with her 19-year-old boyfriend. Lisa called authorities on her parents after her dad opened fire on the couple and she says she hopes they rot in jail forever. Can't say I don't agree!

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Abuela kills her grandson because she was "fed up" with him


Martha White brutally murdered her 7-year-old grandson in cold blood for no apparent reason. The 63-year-old Florida woman was taking care of Mason Rhinehart and his 8-year-old brother when she committed the crime. Apparently, she was tired of babysitting them and decided that the best way to ease her load was to kill one of them. She locked the youngest child in a bathroom of her in Killearn Lakes Plantation house and stabbed him repeatedly. The evil abuela was arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

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