Kidnapper taunted parents "Come get me!" when he stole their disabled daughter


Elizabeth Rex of Magnolia, Texas went missing on Monday. She's 14-years-old, but because she has Down syndrome and autism, she has the maturity level of about a 5 or 6-year-old. Elizabeth disappeared on Monday when she went out to check the mail. On Tuesday, an Amber Alert was issued for her after Patrick Rex and Jennifer Black found a phone number in their missing daughter's room.

When they called the number Elizabeth answered the phone, but the phone was snatched from her by the man who allegedly abducted the girl,  51 year old Randy Johnson. Johnson got on the phone and said, "You'll never see Lizzy again. I've got her and where we are going you can't get across the checkpoint because you don't have an ID. Come get me."

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Horrible dad kills son for interrupting his video game

A Florida man has been arrested after allegedly suffocating his young, crying son—all because he wanted to play video games! There's never any acceptable reason to hurt innocent kids, but this is truly awful beyond words.

According to local police, 24-year-old Cody Wygant's wanted to play his Xbox games but couldn't get his 16-month-old son, Daymeon, to stop crying uncontrollably. That's when he did the unthinkable.

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Woman almost paralyzes bicyclist, tells police "I just don't care"

Well, this is one story that's sure to make your blood boil. A 21-year-old Australian woman who slammed into a bicyclist while texting last September and left the victim with a spinal fracture apparently told police she couldn't care less about what she did. 

According to The Standard, Kimberley Davis, who pleaded guilty to dangerous driving in court yesterday, told officers, "I just don't care because I've already been through a lot of bullsh** and my car is, like, pretty expensive and now I have to fix it." Can you believe that?! I only have three words: What. a. b—er, brat.

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WATCH: CHILLING video of father dumping 2-year-old son he starved to death


Get ready to be shocked! A 22-year-old father is accused of letting his 2-year-old starve to death while while he went to an internet cafe to play video games around the clock. He left the child alone for over one  week and would only come home every three days to feed him. Can you believe this?

On March 7, Chung came home and found his son dead. As despicable as I already think this father is, what he did next makes me think he is even more of a monster.

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5 college students killed in mass murder at house party


22-year-old Matthew Douglas de Grood was celebrating the end of the semester with friends when things  took a sudden turn towards violence. Now, the Canadian police officer's son is being accused of murdering five students in cold blood. The victims, who all attended the University of Calgary, were discovered by police after neighbors reported hearing screaming coming from the house.

The lifeless bodies of the students in their 20's, Joshua Hunter, Jordan Segura, Lawrence Hong, Kaitlin Perras, and Zackariah Rathwell were found early Tuesday morning. Douglas de Grood was arrested shortly after and treated for some injuries. So what happened?!

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Cannibal brothers hid 100 corpses in yard and neighbors had no clue


Police in Pakistan got the shock of a lifetime after paying a visit to 35-year-old Mohammed Arif and 30-year-old Mohammed Farman's home. The brothers who were convicted cannibals proved that they deserve to be locked up for life when authorities uncovered more than 100 corpses buried in their backyard.

You WON'T believe what ELSE they found...

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Mom slit daughter's throat & tried to cook her in oven for most insane reason ever


Susannah Birch was 2 years old in January 1989 when her mother Linda Andrew cut her throat and prepared to roast her in the kitchen oven of their home in Australia. It was all a part of some kind of Old Testament ritual sacrifice. Linda and Birch's dad, John, were Seventh Day Adventists and Linda was losing her mind. On the day that Birch was savagely attacked by her mother, John was out of the home at work. He had noticed that his wife Linda had been praying more as of late, but he had no idea that she was about to have her first psychotic episode and nearly kill their only daughter. How did this little girl not only survive, but live to tell her story?

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WATCH: Baby smoking weed on Vine goes viral

Just in case you needed further proof that some people shouldn't be allowed to reproduce, a disturbing Vine video of a baby smoking a joint is now making its way around the Internet and the police could soon be getting involved.

It's unclear where the troubling clip, which has since been deleted, originally came from. It was reposted to Vine by user ChiefSmokes, who added the caption, "Wow f**ked up parents smh." Though it was clear this user didn't approve of the video, his repost was soon shared to Reddit, where it quickly went viral--and where the uploader was hit with severe backlash from the rest of the Internet and threatened to be reported to the cops. It's since been made clear that the user simply reposted the video and was not involved in allowing the baby smoke or filmed the incident. Now, social media sleuths are trying to find the real culprit behind the video.

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7 babies found dead in Utah woman's home

A Utah woman was arrested on Sunday after police discovered the bodies of SEVEN dead babies in her former home.

Investigators believe that 39-year-old Meagan Huntsman, who moved out of the home in 2011, gave birth to the babies before killing them over a period of time from 1996 and 2006. The disturbing case came to light after Huntsman's ex-husband discovered the body of a newborn, which appeared to be full-term, at the home this past weekend. This is horrifying beyond words...

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Latina teen may be deported for raising money for prom dress


Every teen looks forward to their prom, but one Latina in California took things further to make sure she wouldn't miss the big day. Eighteen-year-old Saira Munoz couldn't afford to buy a dress for prom and decided to raise a little money to buy one. Unlike most girls her age who take on a part-time or babysitting job, she took a jab at something ... different.

The teen thought it would be smart to sell something homemade, but it isn't as innocent as you may think. Now the poor girl won't see her prom day and may be deported to her native Mexico!

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