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Mom trades diamond ring for son's tuition and you won't believe what happened

I've heard of giving the shirt off your back for your children's education, but the ring off your finger? Well, that's a new one.

But that's exactly what one Ohio mom said she had to do in order to get her son into summer school. Tamika Hamilton's son needed to go to summer school if he was going to be promoted from 7th to 8th grade, but she could not pay the $400 tuition bill up front. According to Hamilton, Superintendent Charles Keenan offered her a solution: she could let the school district hold something that was worth $400 as collateral until she was able to pay off the tuition bill. That sounds sort of shady, doesn't it?

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Lupita Nyong'o & the 10 best Latino guest stars on Sesame Street

Lupita Nyong'o recently tapped into her inner kid and paid Sesame Street a visit. The 31-year-old actress joined Elmo for an educational clip about teaching kids the importance of loving your skin. Lupita glowed in a vibrant color-blocking dress and coral lipstick. In the segment, she tells the famous puppet, "Skin comes in lots of beautiful shades and colors." Elmo then compliments her on her "beautiful, brown color." We love it!

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Mom fighting deadly cancer gives birth to baby #6 even though she's dying


A cancer diagnosis would probably prompt most expectant women to consider terminating their pregnancies — after all, forsaking treatment could potentially lead to them unwittingly orphaning their newborn children. But what happens when you're well into your pregnancy and you learn you have a terminal illness? What choice do you make then? A 33-year-old woman in Utah, Kathy Taylor, found herself in this predicament in July when, six months into her pregnancy with her sixth child, doctors told her that the skin cancer she'd beaten seven years earlier had come back aggressively and that her days were numbered. Despite the grim prognosis, Taylor moved forward with her pregnancy. On Thursday, doctors were forced to induce labor. Born seven weeks early, Taylor's son Luke weighed only 1 pound and 15 ounces and is now in an incubator. Both mother and child are now fighting for their lives.

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Luis Miguel regrets being a bad father to kids with Aracely Arambula

We all know Luis Miguel doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to being a dedicated father. El Sol has also had a sticky past with his ex and the mother of his two sons Aracely Arambula. Earlier this year, the telenovela actress took him to court for skipping out on child support and being an absentee dad to their sons Daniel and Miguel.

Now reports claim that the 44-year-old singer may have some regrets about missing out on his sons lives. Will he FINALLY step up his parenting efforts?

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Salvadorian family narrowly escapes gang murder & that's just the beginning

A family of five children went through hellish conditions while crossing the border illegally for a better life in the U.S., but it was what they witnessed in their native country of El Salvador that pushed them to emigrate. Their mom Teresa Ortiz explained to Fox News Latino that her children witnessed a horrific gang-related murder right outside of their abuela's house. They saw a 21-year-old man get gunned down by gang members, also known as maras. I cannot imagine how that horrific event scarred these innocent kids. Once the gang members noticed that the kids had witnessed the crime, they also threatened to kill the entire Ortiz family. Teresa knew that she needed out.

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Man has 34 kids with 17 women & his mother blames herself for this!


A lot of people argue that many mothers don't get enough credit for all that they do for their children. I agree. But I'd also argue that too many moms take way too much credit for the stupid things their adult children do, and they really need to stop.

Take Jay Williams and his mother, for instance. Jay is an Atlanta-based music producer by day, and a professional baby producer by night. In his life so far, he's "fathered" 34 biological children with 17 different women. Realizing that children are not souvenirs that you collect from various relationships, Jay has turned to life coach Iyanla Vanzant for help.  

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Daycare mistakes bleach for water, serves it to 28 toddlers!​

People make mistakes. You live, you learn, and most of us get over it. However, some people make oopsies so epic, it sends more than two dozen children to the hospital. You don't want to be that person. Take it from a New Jersey substitute teacher who accidentally served a bunch of toddlers a mixture of bleach and water Thursday, sending their parents into an epic tizzy.

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Parents enraged by penis-shaped candies sold to kids


My kids love gummy candies: gummy bears, gummy bunnies, gummy fruit, gummy whatever. I've been able to find some healthy-ish versions, so I let them indulge fairly regularly and I don't really care what shape the gummies are, but I would never intentionally buy them penis-shaped gummies because seeing my kids chompin' on a floppy penis is not my idea of a fun family moment. However, I'm a total hypocrite and laughing hysterically because that's exactly what happened to parents in New Zealand when shops in the lower South Island were stocked with 7,200 bags of mixed gummy candies called Dragon Sweets from China that included candy phalluses. Wow, that's a whole lot of candy penises, no? 

So who is responsible for all these sweet ding-a-lings being sold to children? Someone who apparently doesn't know dick about what's appropriate ... sorry, couldn't help myself. The whole thing was actually just a big mistake with no malintent.

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Insanely drunk mom tries to pick up kid at school


On Friday, 27-year-old Renata Congleton, drove on over to Trinity Elementary School in Florida to pick up a child I'm assuming is hers, but the child hasn't been identified. Anyway, it wouldn't be anything to talk about except for the fact that the school staff would not let her take the child because she seemed "extremely drunk" and instead the cops were called. But guess what? Congleton was not about to stay and wait for the cops, so she got her very intoxicated butt back in the car and drove off, endangering other children and people in the school pick-up area, I'm sure! Ugh!

Yes, the police did eventually catch up with her, but not before she managed to do lots of damage.

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7 Reasons why you can NEVER reveal you have a favorite child​


There is the way that things should be and then there is the way that things really are. For example if you have more than one child, then you should feel the same way about all of your children and love and like them all equally, but in reality as much as you deny it, you do have a favorite child even if it is only on occasion. Why? Because you are human and so are your kids. It's normal to have an affinity for one child. I get it. It could be a personality thing, a behavior thing, a you are a human being and flawed kinda thing. You might also have a different favorite child depending on the situation. I joke that my favorite child is whichever one is behaving the best at any given moment and it's kind of true.

So fine, go on and notice that you have a favorite and then do everything within your power to check your preference. And never ever reveal which child is your favorite. Take that secret to the grave with you.

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