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Disney Princesses get the real women treatment and look BETTER than ever


When Loryn Brantz decided to photoshop some Disney's princesses waistlines, making them look more like real-life women, she had no idea her images were going to have such an impact. She said she was sad after she saw the blockbuster film "Frozen" because she realized the main character's bodies hadn't changed since the sixties. With all the issues surrounding body image, eating disorders and depression among teenage girls and little girls, it seems like Disney is a bit outdated. To tell you the truth, her updated version of the princesses looks better and maybe it's time for animators to start shaping these women more realistically. 

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Teachers force dying girl to remove her colorful wig


A terminally ill 11-year-old girl was absolutely humiliated when teachers at her school forced her to remove the fabulous purple wig she'd been rocking to help boost her confidence. Ashanti Elliott-Smith had been wearing the wig to cover her bald head caused by alopecia. But her teachers didn't seem to care about Ashanti's motivation or feelings. Pfff! They said she still had to remove the wig because it broke the school's dress code and they were afraid other kids would want to start dyeing their hair, también. Talk about priorities.

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Couple with 12 boys is expecting baby thirteen & DAD wants a girl!​


Jay and Kateri Schwandt are over the moon because they are expecting their baby number thirteen. Yes, you read correctly, the couple already has twelve children and the best part of it is that they are all boys. Can you imagine? Jay is hoping his next baby is a girl, but his wife Kateri doubts it because clearly her husband is a "boy" maker. The baby will be born in May and the Schwandts are not finding out the sex before the birth.

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4 Tricks for beating mommy brain

Yes, mommy brain is a real thing. We have all been there. You enter a room to grab something and instantly forget why you entered the room in the first place. Or you head to the grocery store and bring back everything but the item that made you go to the store in the first place! Forgetfulness can be frustrating, but luckily there are easy ways to combat it. Here are four ways to fight mom brain and keep your memory going strong. 

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Man ordered to pay $30,000 in child support or face jail for a baby that is NOT his

Mess with a man's money and you're messing with his heart. A Detroit man has been ordered to pay $30,000 in child support for a baby that isn't his. Nope, this is not a case for The Maury Show. Carnell Alexander actually took a paternity test, which proved that he was not the father of the baby. Now he is caught in a crazy web with the legal system after a judge ordered for him to pay the hefty child support bill anyway. 

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Thalia reaches out to missing children's family after her own kidnapping horror

Wow! Thalia's personal life is often a closed book, but one topic that is dear to her heart is human rights and kidnapping. In 2002, her sisters Laura Zapata and Ernestina Sodi were kidnapped and held for ransom in Mexico City. Laura was safely released over two weeks later while Ernestina stayed with the captors for over a month. The recent news about the 43 missing college students in Guerrero, Mexico has Thalia finally opening up about the violence in her native country and what she suffered when her siblings were kidnapped. 

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Baby wipes recall: What every mom needs to know

The baby wipes you are using could be carrying harmful bacteria for your child or baby. A company named Nutek Disposables Inc. has confirmed a national baby wipe recall after some of their products were tested positive with a potentially harmful bacteria known as burkholderia cepacia. Get all of the information you need to know to make sure your family is safe.

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Washington school shooting claims third victim


The shootings in a Washington State high school claimed their third victim. This is just so very sad. In case you missed the backstory, a community in Washington State was left reeling when an armed teenager gunned down five students at a local high school before turning the .40-caliber pistol on himself. The gunman was Jaylen Fryberg, a 14-year-old student at Marysville-Pilchuck High School, where the murderous melee occurred. According to witnesses, Jaylen walked into the cafeteria on Friday walked into the cafeteria at Marysiville-Pilchuck High School Friday, and opened fire on a group of students that included two of his own cousins, as well as a young girl who he was rumored to have had a crush on.

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Toddler shot & killed while playing gun tag​


A 26-year-old man from Montana is accused of shooting and killing a 3-year-old boy while they played "gun tag." The 3 year old, Lonato Moran-Allen, had a toy gun that he was using to pretend to shoot Galen Hawk. Hawk, on the other hand, had a loaded 380 handgun. Hawk who had been drinking didn't realize the gun was loaded, he pointed it at Moran-Allen, the gun went off and the little boy was shot. I'm sorry, but who uses a real gun to play with a child?

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Teacher tapes 8-year-old students' mouths shut to keep them quiet

Jhanna Davis is not an after school counselor, she is an abusive woman. She taped shut the mouths of three eight-year-old students while she took care of them at school last March. The twenty five-year-old counselor was hired by the Y.M.C.A to work with the students at the Public School 123 in Harlem, but she clearly wasn't fit for the job. She taped the students mouths because they were too loud doing homework. She left the clear packing tape on their mouth for more than an hour until the children finished their work. She was arrested after the abuse and is now facing a new lawsuit.

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