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Get your kids to quiet down without saying "shut up"


One thing I was never allowed to say while growing up is, "shut up." My mother considers "shut up" to be one of the ugliest phrases in the English language and I have to agree with her, it's rude and ugly. It has no kindness, finesse or grace to it. I did not grow up with a mother who told me to shut up and I, in turn, will not be telling my kids to shut up. Does that mean I don't at times want them to SHUT UP? Of course not, I'm human and they can be really loud for a ridiculously long time, so I find ways to get them to shut up without actually telling them to shut up because that would be rude. 

Feel free to use my methods to get your kids to quiet down as well.

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SEE: Dad's awesome way of teaching daughter the alphabet will blow your mind!


Tommy Perez is a freelance graphic artist and also a dad to a beautiful little girl named Zoë. He found a pretty incredible way to combine his talents as a father and a graphic artist to teach his daughter the alphabet.

Basically, he takes the letters of the alphabet and then using foods that start with each letter, he forms the foods into the corresponding letter, he shares photographs of the letters on Instagram and you really MUST see them.

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SEE: Adorable 4-year-old REALLY wants to be your flower girl

This is the time of year that is considered wedding season and along with the happy couples comes the wedding party. Putting together your bridesmaids and groomsmen can be difficult. You don't want to hurt anyone's feelings if they don't make the cut for your bridal party, but the most difficult decision of all is probably choosing a flower girl

Unless you have a child-free family, then you know picking your ring bearer and flower girl are huge jobs that you'd only give to the most responsible (least whiny) child. Which brings me to pictures of this ADORABLE 4-year-old, Annabelle Earl who appeared in public pleading to be someone's flower girl.

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SEE: 5 Outdoor games to keep your kids busy this summer

As mid-summer rolls around, you're probably starting to run out of ideas for keeping your kids busy and entertained each and every day during their school break. And I'm willing to bet you're already hearing cries of boredom. Instead of relinquishing them to the television, computer or video games for the next month, I say kick them outside. Of course we know that just sending them out the back door won't do much, so below you'll find video instructions for five fun outdoor activities and games to keep your kids active this summer.

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WATCH: Kids grinding on each other is wrong for so many reasons

Watching little kids dance is awesome, but watching little kids grind on each other in a sexual manner and call it dancing is all kinds of awful. I just came across two HORRIFYING videos of children dancing with each other in a way that can only be described as obscene.

Uh, shakin' my head in disbelief does not even begin to describe how I feel. I am disgusted by these videos that both show a little girl freakin' on a little boy in the nastiest most sexual way, while getting cheered on by adults. Are you effin' kidding me with this? Get ready to have your jaw hit the floor.

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This little boy likes to wear dresses, so what?!


How would you deal with it if your son wanted to wear a dress out in public? I mean out and about to parties and hikes and just about anywhere? Well, you, I and everyone should deal with it the way that Seth Menachem deals with it. 

The way he deals with the fact that his 2-year-old boy, Asher, likes to wear dresses just like his 4-year-old sister, Sydney is an example to us all.

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Strangers rescue children locked in hot car by mom doing WHAT?!

There have been SO many irresponsible parents leaving their kids in hot, locked cars this summer. It's becoming a shocking trend and it disgusts me that there are people who think this is okay. Well, at least omeone FINALLY did something about it.

In Texas, an irresponsible mother left her two children in the car while she went to the hair salon. What happened next is something I never expected...

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SEE: Extraordinary little girl born without a nose


I'm pretty sure that my heart has grown at least two sizes after learning about Tessa Evans, an extraordinary 17-month-old girl from  Maghera in Northern Ireland who was born without a nose. Tessa's condition is called complete congenital arhinia and is extremely rare. What it means is that aside from having no nose, Tessa also has no sinuses and no sense of smell.

Tessa's condition has also come with a host of other issues and her journey thus far is nothing short of remarkable and inspiring. Wait until you see video of this little cute in action, she will steal your heart.

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Brain-eating amoeba kills 9-year-old girl


You are not going to believe what happened to Hally Yust, a 9-year-old girl from Spring Hill, Kansas. This beautiful little girl died on Wednesday from an extremely rare brain-eating amoeba. What?!

She was taken to the hospital because she had meningitis-like symptoms and that's where they found out that what she really had was an amoeba infection called, Naegleria fowleri. How did she get it? Doing something that lots of kids and their families do during the warmer months.

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Dad films himself trapped in a hot car, shows us the agony kids endure


I'm so proud of Terry Williams a father from North Carolina. He's had it with children dying because they were left and forgotten in hot cars, so he did something so simple that is really catching people's attention and raising awareness. He videotaped himself sitting in a hot car with the windows rolled up in 90 degree weather for 10 minutes. Seeing him melting right before your eyes has quite an impact. This is a video that you must see and share.

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