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College preparedness

Start prepping your middle schoolers for college, here's how

Similarly to college, middle school is a time of transition between life stages, so those few years are a great opportunity for self-discovery, exploration, confidence building and goal setting. For the most part, middle schoolers need not think too much about college, but for students and parents who already have a degree on the list of long-term goals, there are several things that can be done between sixth and eighth grades to prepare for college. Starting early will help your child to set goals and focus on achieving them, without all of the pressure and stress that many late high-schoolers experience. Below are some tips to help college-bound middle schoolers get the most out of their pre-high-school days.

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Little boy with special needs facing felony charges for stupidest reason ever

In yet another episode of "Don't Prosecutors Have Anything Better To Do?" Edwar Hart, an 8-year-old student with special needs in Michigan, is being slapped with two felony charges for the stupidest reason you've ever heard. Prepare to be angered.

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HUGE Oscar Mayer recall: everything you need to know!


Moms listen up! If you feed your children hot dogs on a regular basis then you NEED to hear about this recall. Kraft Foods has recalled 96,000 pounds of their Oscar Mayer Classic Wieners after a mislabelling on the product.

The company was alerted after one consumer noted something "different" about the food item and reported it. If you own these hot dogs, you MUST look out for this...

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WATCH: Little boy leaves girl in tears with his fly dance moves

Mamás of little boys come in close, I want to tell you something you really must do for your little boys to set them up for a life of romantic success. It is super important and guaranteed to work. Are you ready for this? Teach your boys to dance or encourage their already natural dance abilities because girls of all ages love boys who can dance and will flock to those boys, will fight over those boys, will be brought to tears by those boys as those boys happily dance through life and I have proof beyond a shadow of a doubt.

You've got to watch this video of a little boy who isn't even into girls yet causing a scene between the ladies because of his dance moves.

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WATCH: Kids reacting to a Walkman will make you feel so old!


It's official you guys, I'm old. Not only do I remember what a Walkman is, I remember the thrill of getting my own for the very first time. Mine wasn't even a Walkman because that's the name for the portable cassette players made by Sony, mine was a version made by Toshiba with a built in equalizer. Holy mother of cutting edge technology, I felt so cool using that thing and fiddling with the slider on the equalizer.

Ha! Fast forward to the present as I watch this hilarious video of kids from nowadays reacting to Walkmans. It's like they have been presented with some kind of riddle to solve. Most of them can't even figure out what the heck it is they are holding. The best part is that most of their criticisms of the device are pretty spot on. I promise you will get a chuckle out of it.

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Child bride forced to marry does the unimaginable to groom & his friends

For this bride, "'til death do us part" couldn't come soon enough. Last week, 14-year-old Wasila Umaru was forced to marry 35-year-old Umaru Sani in the Ungwar Yansoro village north of Kano, Nigeria. The child bride was so distraught and enraged over the idea of spending her life with a man 21 years her elder, one for whom she harbored no romantic feelings, that she took rather drastic measures. What she did to her older groom and his friends will leave you speechless...

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WATCH: Toddler goes through car was for 1st time & his mind is BLOWN


As an adult I've gone through a car wash many times, but somehow I still find it exciting to go through.  Looks like a baby in this cute YouTube video shared the same sentiments as me. The child who is seated next to his father had never been to a car wash before and didn't realize what an exhilirating experience it was going to be.

Wait till you see his adorable reactions!

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10 Ways that going from one kid to two kids changes your life


Let me tell you, I read a lot of books about having kids during my first pregnancy. I figured I wouldn't get much reading done once I had kids and I was right. A lot of the information that I got from the books was useless, to be frank, and I don't remember it, but there is one nugget of truth that has always stuck with me. I wish I could remember where I read it because I would like to thank the author. I can tell you what the bit of wisdom was though: It was that going from one kid to two kids is not twice as hard it's like exponentially harder. You have no idea until it happens, but when it does you are like, Son of a gun this is crazy harder than having one kid.

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11-year-old girl shot to death by her toddler brother & it's heartbreaking


This story makes me so unbelievably sad. On Saturday, in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 11-year-old Jamara Stevens was accidentally shot and killed by her 2-year-old brother. The children were in a bedroom with two other siblings, a 14-year-old boy and a 7-year-old girl. They had been momentarily left unsupervised while their mother, Tiffany Goldwire, was down the hall in the bathroom. That's when the 2-year-old got a hold of a cocked .357 caliber handgun, pointed it at Jamara, the gun went off, hit Jamara in the arm, then travelled through her chest and hit her heart.

How did that gun get into that child's hands?

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Juice cleanses for kids are borderline child abuse


With all the different juice cleanses out there, chances are every woman has tried at least one. The big concern is that not only are women giving into this fad, but girls as young as 6 are now doing them! If this upsets you, then you can imagine how alarmed doctors are over this latest trend.

While it's good that kids are becoming more aware that vegetables and fruits are good for them, there is a dark side to getting wrapped up in juice cleanses at such a young age. And you'll NEVER believe who they are doing them with!

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