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Teacher tapes 8-year-old students' mouths shut to keep them quiet

Jhanna Davis is not an after school counselor, she is an abusive woman. She taped shut the mouths of three eight-year-old students while she took care of them at school last March. The twenty five-year-old counselor was hired by the Y.M.C.A to work with the students at the Public School 123 in Harlem, but she clearly wasn't fit for the job. She taped the students mouths because they were too loud doing homework. She left the clear packing tape on their mouth for more than an hour until the children finished their work. She was arrested after the abuse and is now facing a new lawsuit.

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Little girl helps mom deliver baby sister AGAIN​


Francesca Goodby of the United Kingdom is only 9 years old and this little girl has already helped deliver two babies. That's right! Both of the babies she has served as midwife to are her sisters. Two years ago, she helped her mother, 30-year-old Kay, deliver Roisin on the bathroom floor. More recently she helped deliver her sister Saoirse when Kay went into labor at home. Oh and don't think the delivery was without complications. It got complicated, but Francesca handled it like a pro.

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This ad featuring little girls swearing is effing crazy!

OMFG! You have got to watch this video featuring little girls dropping f-bombs and knowledge about sexual assault and sexism. It'll blow your mind!  But not for the reasons you might think. Yes, the vid shows little girls dolled up in princess gear cursing like sea-weary sailors, but that's not shocking. Sexism will make anyone curse up a storm. The most disturbing thing about this video is that it's an ad for a t-shirt and apparel line. Yup! The brand, Fckh8 is exploiting little girls and feminism to sell t-shirts. How ironic.

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Kids fight fiercely as adults watch & laugh in viral video

What would you do if you saw a couple of young kids fighting in the street? Most normal, upstanding people would try and break the kids up, or at least call the police. Then, there are those who'll probably keep it moving, opting instead to stay out of the kids' way. I'm not sure I agree with that decision, but I will say this: it's way better than what a group of adults did when a couple of super young kids started to go at it on the street in Wilmington, Delaware. Police are currently investigating a couple of viral videos featuring several young children brawling on the sidewalk as adults standby and watch. Worse: some of these so-called grown people had the nerve to actually cheer the kids on and laugh. What in the actual hell is wrong with them?

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5 Power foods for a healthy winter


While winter is the glorious season of holidays, family get-togethers and parties, it is also the season of flu, colds, arthritis attacks and other physical and physiological winter diseases. While indulging in comfort foods to keep us warm on a chilly winter day, we ignore important nutrients that can severely impact our health. Below you will find 5 powerful nutrients that will help you avoid those winter blues:

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Latino holds a gun to baby's head, posts pics for fun (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)


I love a good joke, don't you? I laugh easily and I fancy myself as someone who has a good sense of humor and isn't easily offended, but you know what's not EVER funny? Pointing a gun at a baby's head. That's why I don't get why 26-year-old Luis Martin Perez Rocha took pictures of himself holding a gun to his 2-year-old nephew's head and then posted them on Facebook as if they were images that made him proud, images that others would delight in seeing. The images are horrifying and when people saw them they flipped the funk out because seeing a baby with a gun to the head is not something you want to see EVER. I'm pretty sure that when you see the image below your jaw will hit the floor.

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Mom says she loves her dog more than her own son!​


Kelly Rose Bradford insists that she loves her 4-year-old West Highland terrier Matilda more than she does her 11-year-old son William. In fact, she wrote a lengthy and heartfelt editorial--which reads like a love note to her canine companion--for the Daily Mail on the nurturing instincts Matilda inspires in her, how the dog's love is unconditional and her loyalty undying. At first, I questioned whether Bradford's first-person testimonial was strategically designed to create outrage among readers, leading to more online shares of the controversial article, which would, in turn, boost her journalistic profile. So I decided to do some research of my own and, as it turns out, her Twitter feed is brimming with photos of shaggy-haired Matilda while images of William are a rare find. My conclusion: this lady is nuttier than a Payday bar.

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Little girl's fingers hacked off for satanic sacrifice


A Czech teenager took a 10-year-old girl on a play date in the woods, but instead of playing innocent games like hide-and-seek, the teen tied the young girl up against a tree and chopped her fingers off with an ax. The reason for the senseless act? She wanted to make a sacrifice to Satan! Where on earth do kids get such crazy ideas and then the tools to act upon them?

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Baby drinking cold water for the first time is EVERYTHING


Every single time I watch this 35 second video of Michael Chepul's baby boy drinking ice water for the first time my face breaks into a HUGE smile and my heart swells. The video reminds me of a lyric from the song "Jack and Diane" by John Mellencamp. The line goes, "Oh yeah life goes on. Long after the thrill of living is gone." This gorgeous baby is nowhere near losing the thrill of living. It's all a magical marvelous wonderland full of exciting new experiences and the best part of it all is that a child's enthusiasm is contagious that's why us jaded grown ups need to be exposed to it. Am I right or am I so right? The only correct answer is that I am right and that's why I urge you to watch this video.

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Haunted hay ride ends with tragic death

17-year-old Cassidy Charette died after the Gauntlet Haunted Night Ride wagon she was in with her friends crashed and overturned in Mechanic Falls, Maine. What was going to be a night of scary creatures, fun and games turned into a crash site after the driver of the hayride lost control of the vehicle and went downhill. After the accident, thirty people were severely injured and young Cassidy was dead.

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