Mom delivers 2 weeks past due date & gives birth to HUGE baby!

An expecting Pennsylvania woman who reportedly went a couple of weeks past her due date ended up nearly breaking the state record by giving birth last week to a 13-pound, 8.5 oz baby. Wow, that's one GIANT baby boy!

Apparently, Danielle Dwyer and her husband were told the baby would most likely be around 9 to 10 pounds—already a larger size than the average newborn. But they never imagined their son would end up weighing in at an almost whopping 14 pounds!  At that weight, doctors say little Waldo James Mysterious Dwyer almost broke the state record (Ah! Can you believe that there was an even bigger baby?!). Just wait 'til you see his photo after the jump!

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WATCH: Toddler goes through car was for 1st time & his mind is BLOWN


As an adult I've gone through a car wash many times, but somehow I still find it exciting to go through.  Looks like a baby in this cute YouTube video shared the same sentiments as me. The child who is seated next to his father had never been to a car wash before and didn't realize what an exhilirating experience it was going to be.

Wait till you see his adorable reactions!

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WATCH: Baby has BEST reaction ever to mom's sneezing


It's official: I am an evil, evil human being. I just watched a video of an adorable giggling baby taking a HUGE fall because her mother sneezes and I laughed my nalgas off. Inappropriate much? What kind of a person laughs at a baby falling? Oh, and I'm not talking about a cute fall where the baby lands on her tushie. Oh no, this is a BIG losing balance and eating floor kind of fall and it is hilarious. Oh come on, you know you want to be evil like me and take a look.

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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West expecting TWINS this fall!


Kim Kardashian is pregnant again. You heard it here first. Prepare yourself for the demise of the belfies and prepare for the bumpfies. While the whole world is in an tizzy  about Kim and Kanye gracing the cover of Vogue this month (which I totally don't get. It's a fashion magazine and these two are fashion icons who look amazing), no one was paying attention. It's the old obvious is oblivious strategy. Kim and Kanye are hiding a baby bump beneath those perfect, strategically placed hands of theirs. Did no one notice the damn pregnancy glow?

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Something all moms do with newborns could make them DEAF


Oh my gawd, news came out that white noise machines could hurt babies ears and I freaked the funk out! A friend of mine who doesn't have kids just did NOT get my alarm and was all like, Is it really that big of a deal? Uh, yeah, it is a HUGE friggin' deal! Wait until you have a baby and can't get that baby to sleep and you are desperate. You'll do every dang thing you read about in all the baby books to get your baby to go to sleep and your baby will let you know with cries and wails that they don't give a damn what the baby books say, that they will stay awake all night long. See if you don't go running to your nearest retailer or app store to get yourself a white noise maker. You'll turn on that white noise and your baby will fall asleep and stay asleep and you will pray at the altar of white noise ever after. But not at the risk of hurting your baby's hearing. So what's up?

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Mom who drove off with baby on roof of car needs to go to jail


An Arizona mom who is accused of leaving her baby on the roof of her car as she drove off has plead guilty to child abuse. The 21-year-old "mom," Catalina Clouser, was leaving a friend's house in 2012 with her 2-month-old in tow when she forgot that she left the baby on the roof of the car.

It wasn't until she drove 12 miles home that she realized her baby was missing. In addition to her plea, the mom is also being charged with a misdemeanor DUI.

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Amber Alert: Sick newborn baby taken by his meth-abusing mom needs our help!


An Amber Alert has been issued in Washington for a newborn baby boy after his 31-year-old mother kidnapped her. The mom, Roshell Marie Turner, is said to be a heavy methamphetamine user and that the infant, John Turner, is in grave danger.

Police have some leads that indicate that she may be with her boyfriend, but are asking the public for help track her down.

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5 Weird things no one tells you about babies


Newborn babies are awesome, but they are also really weird. Not in a bad way just in a totally weird, why doesn't anybody tell a new baby owner that the baby will indeed come with that new baby smell, but it will also come with a whole bunch of other stuff that really we should know about, but everyone keeps a secret. Well, I'm hear to de-secretize some of the best kept baby secrets. Are you ready for this?

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These 5 adorable babies prove you don't need toys to entertain kids (VIDEO)

Parents, there's really no need to spend a ton of money on expensive toys! At least, not if your kids are anything like 15-month-old Kayden. The little girl recently had the life-changing experience of standing outside in the rain for the first time ever--and her overjoyed reaction is simply AMAZING to watch!

As can be seen the lovely video below, Kayden has never before felt the sensation of rain before. So when she finally gets to experience it, she doesn't quite know what to make of it. First, she seems a little baffled...but that confusion quickly turns to sheer delight—like the kind you see from kids on Christmas morning.

It's so great, you REALLY have to see it for yourself.


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How your friends REALLY feel when you post baby pictures on Facebook

Let's be honest--we've all seen pictures of our Facebook friend's babies show up on our newsfeed, and we've ALL had our moments (even if it was for a hot second) when we've thought not so good things. This is why I laughed my butt off when I saw the "If People Reacted Honestly To Baby Pictures on Facebook" e-card. Seriously, this thing is SO true!

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