14 lb baby born in China & you have to SEE him

Child labor could be a pretty nerve-wrecking and painful experience, but imagine giving birth to a baby whose weight equals that of an average 3-month-old? Well that's what happened to one woman from Shanxi, China known only as Mrs. Tian. The 34-year-old mom delivered a HUGE baby earlier this week and left everyone at Chongi Maternity Hospital in complete shock. This baby boy weighed 14 pounds, can you believe that? Ouch--that had to hurt!

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Ricky Martin will welcome a baby girl next year!

Ricky Martin's 6-year-old twin boys Matteo and Valentino may soon be big brothers! The Puerto Rican pop star recently revealed that he has plans to welcome a baby girl into his familia. Earlier this year, Martin split from his longtime partner, Carlos Gonzalez Abella, but that isn't stopping him from expanding the family. 

"The little baby will come next year. When daddy's little girl arrives, I want to be there," the 42-year-old singer told reporters in Puerto Rico.

We are so excited about Ricky's baby news that we are counting the reasons why he is an amazing father. 

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Couple caught sneaking into maternity ward with fake babies


A California woman was busted for allegedly trying to enter a maternity ward while carrying a lifelike baby doll. Talk about creepy.

Tanya Whiteny was arrested and booked on suspicion of trespassing after trying to enter the newborn baby unit of Mercy Medical Center Merced--twice! Hospital employees first spotted Whitney and her unidentified partner in crime on August 16, when the duo entered the maternity ward with a swaddled baby doll in tow. According to hospital staffers, Whiteny and her partner, who is presumed to be her husband, were cooing over the fake baby, and they even changed its diapers. However, despite their little show, hospital staffers were able to see through the couple's rouse. They asked Whitney to leave the hospital immediately.

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WATCH: Super baby holds her own bottle just 3 days after being born

Babies sure have ways to amaze us! Two-week-old Amara shocked her mother Onyi Chiedozie she started holding her own milk bottle just three days after birth. The British mom confessed that breastfeeding was very painful in the beginning, which led her to give her newborn a bottle--and that's when she discovered her daughter's amazing talent. Amara truly has some skill for lunching at her age...

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The 10 worst baby names of all time


I'm not gonna lie, this is a post I don't actually want to write because it's kind of mean to say that there are babies out there with names that suck, but there are. Please know I am not trying to be mean to the babies as it is not their fault that their parents gave them such truly odd names, but some of these names will leave you shaking your head, like what the funk were those parents thinking?!

What's even crazier to me is that every single one of the 10 worst baby names that I am going to share to you was given to at least five children. So that means there is no just one child out there burdened with a cray-cray name, but at least five!

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Christina Aguilera gives birth to baby girl!

Christina Aguilera become a mom for the second time on Saturday when she gave birth to a baby girl at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. The newborn baby girl's father is Christina's fiance, Matthew Rutler. The 33-year-old artist already has a 6-year-old son from her first marriage to Jordan Bratman. 


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Siamese twins born in Bolivia, connected at the heart and liver


A Bolivian woman experienced quite a shock when, at 7-months gestation, doctors told her she was expecting a set of conjoined twins! Due to her unique condition, she was transferred from the Amazonia city of Trinidad to Santa Cruz, where the twins were delivered via Cesarean section at the Percy Boland Maternity Hospital.

The twins, named Ana and Taylor, were born sharing a heart, liver and possibly a spleen, though doctors are still performing additional examinations to establish exactly how the two are connected. Despite their unique condition, both girls are said to be in stable condition, weighing in at a total 11 pounds. Phew!

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11 Totally weird things moms say to newborns


Newborns don't talk. They gurgle, they are adorable and you will swear you can tell what they are trying to communicate at times, but they don't actually talk. That doesn't stop moms from talking to newborns and it shouldn't. Babies love to hear the sound of their mami's voice and they learn so much from it, but let's hope they don't remember everything they hear because mothers of newborns can say some pretty absurd things at times. Things they never would have imagined coming out of their mouths.

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Moms burn off umbilical cords in latest birth trend


Nothing says family bonding quite like lighting your newborn's umbilical cord on fire as your loved ones look on. Amiright, ladies? It sounds crazy, but some parents are actually opting to do just that. The practice, called "sacred severance," and it involves one or both parents holding a candle to their newborn's outstretched umbilical cord, essentially severing the baby from the placenta. The practice can take up to twenty minutes to perform, which seems to be a major selling point for some parents.

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Newborn bound, gagged with tampon & stuffed in trash, but survives it all


An Indianapolis woman was arrested Friday night after coworkers found her newborn baby bound and gagged, and stuffed into a warehouse trash can.

Briana Holland told police she knew what she was doing when she wrapped toilet paper over her newborn baby's face and inserted a tampon applicator into its mouth a mere moments after she had given birth to him inside of a warehouse bathroom.  "I know what the results would probably be," the 22-year-old warehouse worker admitted to police officials. "It would probably die." Incredibly, Holland reportedly returned to work soon after she attempted to murder her son. Como si nada.

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