Mom stabs three baby girls to death, pleads insanity

These poor babies had the awful fate of having this woman as a mother. Carol Coronado pleaded not guilty to stabbing her three daughters to death in her home back in May. The 30-year-old from California decided to take an insanity plea for the brutal murder of 2-month-old Xenia, 16-month-old Yazmine and 2-year-old Sophia. Now Coronado's future is up to a Los Angeles County courtroom. 

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Mom kills newborn after bringing her into bed

Sudden Infant Death is very serious and it's responsible for the death of 3000 infants in the United States every year. Two-weeks-old Alesha Roberts from Liverpool, England, died suddenly when her mother placed her in a twin bed between her and the father. The parents last saw their baby at two in the morning when the infant woke up to feed and two hours later she was already dead.

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10 Adorable celeb newborn pics on Instagram

From celebs who announce their baby news on Instagram like Adamari Lopez to those who document every pregnancy detail like Ninel Conde, all new moms love sharing details about their bundle of joy for all of their followers to admire. More and more celebs seem to skip the magazine unveiling and are all about sharing their babies instantly. Lola Ponce made sure to post a pic of her newborn Regina before it hit the stands. It works out for us since we love staring at baby photos! 

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WATCH Shakira's 1-year-old son READ!


Shakira's son Milan Pique is a baby genius!

At only 19-months-old, Shakira's son with Spanish soccer star Gerard Piqué already knows how to read! Muy bien, Milan!

Shakira posted an adorable video to Facebook on Wednesday, where she's teaching Milan how to read en Español.

In the video captioned, "Learning to read with mommy / Aprendiendo a leer con mami," Milan can be seen perched atop his pregnant mami's lap as she scribbles several words onto a notepad and asks him "How do you say this, my love?" in Spanish. You HAVE to see it to believe it!

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7 Latin pride onesies for your baby


There is one article of clothing that no one can pull off better than a baby and that is a onesie. You can call them whatever you want: a onesie, a bodysuit or jumpsuit, but if you ain't a baby, then you ain't going to look as good as a baby in one. The best part is that babies don't even have to accessorize their onesies to look great in them, they were just born to wear them.

My babies are no longer babies and are way past the onesie stage, but one of our favorite editors here at MamásLatinas just had a baby, so being the thoughtful co-worker that I am, I took a virtual shopping trip around the internet to find cute onesies that are perfect for Latino babies and I found some great ones!

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Common teething remedies that could REALLY hurt your baby

Moms please beware--the remedy you may be using to cure your baby's oral pain during teething could be unsafe and dangerous. The FDA warns that mouth-numbing gels and liquids sold at your local drugstore may cause potential harm to babies. Benzocaine and lidocaine-based products should be avoided along with some prescription drugs that attempt to numb the gum pain. Find out what else to avoid, the negative symptoms the meds can cause and safer options for relieving pain from teething.

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Three baby bodies found in rat-infested house of nightmares

This is just horrifying. The bodies of three deceased infants were found yesterday in a rat-infested home in Blackstone, Massachusetts. The dead babies were found just two weeks after child welfare investigators removed four other children from the home due to suspected abuse. Investigators described the condemned home as being filled with rats, bugs, flies and even piles of dirty diapers. Erika Murray, the woman found living in the home, was arrested and is set to be arraigned today. It is sickening to think about innocent children living under these conditions. Why take care of children if you are going to treat them this way?

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Twins pay the ultimate price after hospital refuse mom c-section​


Victoria Rexach wasn't even six months pregnant when she went into premature labor on August 28. The 30-year-old was rushed to Richmond University Medical Center in Staten Island where to her surprise and the surprise of those familiar with her medical history, she was told she would be giving birth naturally (i.e. vaginally). The thing is that Rexach had already had two C-sections with previous children and her doctor who is a high-risk specialist wanted her to have another C-section.

I don't know why, but doctors and staff did not listen to her or her common-law husband who is also the father of her children, Tafari Brathwaite. His account of what happened, will tear your heart to shreds.

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Dying baby bucket list helps parents through hardest time


A young Pennsylvania couple, Jenna and Dan Haley, were over the moon to find out that they were having a baby boy, Shane. Then they found out that their unborn son, Shane, was diagnosed with a complex neural defect, anencephaly, which kills most infants soon after birth. It causes babies to be born without parts of their brain and skull. Most children who are born with this condition die soon after being born.

I can only imagine how heartbreaking this news must have been to the soon-to-be parents. It had to be one of the most devestating things to ever happen to a parent. They took it better than I ever could have and they made the best out of what can only be described as the worst situation. They chose to love their baby as much and for as long as they could. 

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Facebook rejects picture of sick baby & the reason will make you angry!


Hudson Bond was born with a serious heart condition called cardiomyopathy which requires a heart transplant. That's not the kind of news any parent wants to hear a week after their son was born, so when dad Kevin heard, he created a Facebook page to seek a donor and raise funds for the surgery. He uploaded a picture of baby Hudson hooked into a respirator and fighting for his life. The picture was meant to document the baby's condition but Facebook thought otherwise. They didn't approve it because it was too graphic and negative. What?!

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