Shakira's pregnancy confirmed & she's having a…

Baby Milan Piqué will soon be a big brother! Once media outlets confirmed that Shakira was officially expecting her second child, we couldn't help but be thrilled that the Colombian star's beautiful little familia keeps on growing. Since the baby bump news hit, we have been wondering what the Latina singer is expecting--and now we know!

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Mom, newborn beat cancer & heart problems, show MIRACLES do exist

Sometimes you wonder how people can endure so much hardship. A Texas woman undergoing cancer treatment while pregnant then learned that the baby she was carrying had a heart defect and would need a transplant.

Riki Graves was eight weeks pregnant with her second child when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, according to a blog she wrote for Texas Children's Hospital. The 38-year-old woman stayed positive and received treatment. But then at 20 weeks into her pregnancy, she learned that her baby had a congenital heart defect. Her baby would need several heart operations and even so, Graves was told, might not survive the pregnancy. 

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HUNDREDS of kids rescued from Mexican orphanage that sexually abused them


A Mexican woman has been arrested for holding more 450 children in her home and subjecting them to sexual, mental and physical abuse as well as awful living conditions. Parents entrusted Rosa de Carmen Verduzco of Zamora in Michoacan with the care of their children, but when they tried to take their children back home were met with resistance and suspicions that something was not quite right. Crazy thing is that authorities have been asked to investigate Verduzco's operation since 2010!

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5 Ways to protect your baby from SIDs in their first year


SIDs, sudden infant death syndrome, is one of those things that can paralyze the parent of an infant with fear. The term is used to describe a baby's death when no solid explanation can be found. So basically, you put your baby down to sleep, your baby does not wake up and dies; if a precise cause can't be found, then it is labeled SIDs.

Even though the exacts causes of SIDs have not been pinpointed there are contributing factors and a new study in Pediatrics, shows how risk factors for SIDs vary with age. This is important stuff, that parents and caregivers of babies should be aware of.

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Beyonce's father has ANOTHER love child!

Beyonce's father Mathew Knowles is on the run from yet another paternity suit.

30-year-old TaQoya Branscomb alleges Knowles fathered a child with her in 2010, and now she's taking him to court for a DNA test to prove it. The Houston-area lingerie model turned real estate agent is also asking for child support and attorney fees from Knowles.

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Premature babies die after severe burns from antiseptic wipes!


The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency in the United Kingdom is urging doctors and medical professionals to be cautious when using chlorhexidine antiseptic on tiny babies after finding that it can have severe side effects including chemical burns leading to skin loss and even death. The solution has been linked to the death of three babies in the United Kingdom. It is found in antiseptic wipes that are used before a catheter is inserted. The serious side effects and deaths are happening to premature infants.

Aw, as if preemies and their parents don't have enough to worry about.

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Conjoined twins die after parents refuse to separate them

Imagine making a difficult medical decision for your children hoping that it's in their best interest and then learning that it didn't help them survive. When Michelle Van Horne and Kody Stancombe of Indiana, Pennsylvania decided to not have their conjoined boys Andrew and Garrett undergo separation surgery, it was a risk. And sadly, this family's story does not have a happy ending ...

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5 Surprising facts about babies you never knew


Listen, you don't need me to tell you how great babies are, right? I mean I'm sure you've already noticed that they are adorable and cute enough to eat. Hey, but babies are human too and we all know humans have flaws, so let's talk about the some surprising things about babies that I'm sure you never knew, shall we?

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7 Wacky world traditions to bring your baby good luck


Babies are beautiful blessed creatures that we all want to protect, right? Except for those among us going around giving babies the evil eye because we all know that some babies get mal de ojo from some envious meanies out there or at least that's what are abuelas told us. And our abuelas also shared good luck traditions with us to protect our babies. Well, it turns out that abuelas and abuelos all over the world have some pretty out there traditions to bring babies good luck.

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Nap Nanny deaths prove you should NEVER ignore recall alerts

An 8-month-old New Jersey baby girl is the latest child to die while using a Nap Nanny infant recliner, a product that was recalled last year and that safety experts have been urging parents to stop using ever since.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the baby suffocated while secured by a belt, trapped between the side of the edge of the seat and a crib bumper. Officials say she is the sixth baby to die from use of the product and are now once again pleading with parents to take the recall more seriously.

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