The Chicago boyfriend of the pregnant teen who was shot and killed on Christmas Day has been arrested in connection to her horrifying death.

According to The Chicago Sun-Times, Eva Casara, whose baby survived and remains hospitalized, was not an intended target, but a victim of an apparent robbery gone terribly wrong. Now, both her boyfriend and his brother are being held in jail with no bail on charges of first-degree murder.

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Sixteen-year-old Anthony Lee and his brother, 21-year-old Diante Lamont Coakley, were reportedly involved in a theft that spiraled out of control. According to police, the two and a third brother left to carry out a planned robbery and Casara went along. At some point, Casara ended up in the car of the intended robbery victim. She was killed when shots were fired into the car as it sped off.

The target of the robbery, who was driving the car, had no idea Casara was in the car, until he heard sounds behind him, pulled over, and left her out in the cold. A passerby later found her slumped in the snow. Casara was pronounced dead last week, but medics were able to save her unborn baby.

Though Casara wasn't intended the be the victim of the shots, authorities hesitate to call the death an accident, as the gun was clearly being fired with an intent to hurt someone.

The entire ordeal is just heartbreaking. Even though she herself was innocent, Casara was obviously involved with the wrong crowd and sadly, that ended up costing her her life. Not to mention, putting her poor, innocent baby in a dire, life-threatening situation as well. I only hope that the child recoves as quickly as possibly and that the suspects are brought to justice.

Image via Chicago Tribune

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I read an article before this one with less info and that's when I felt bad for her but now after reading such details I must say that she wasn't a victim at all as she knew that she was doing something wrong . I only feel bad for her unborn daughter
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