circumcisionThe whole issue of getting a baby boy circumcised is controversial and I'm not gonna lie, having two girls I was relieved that I didn't have to make that decision. I would have been prone not to circumcise, but I have a feeling my hubby would have been for it. Oh, and we don't even have any religious beliefs surrounding circumcision to deal with. Imagine what the parents of a baby boy who was circumcised on April 28 of this year by an Orthodox mohel in a Bris ceremony and accidentally had his penis cut off must feel like. The couple, whose name has been withheld to protect the identity of their baby, are suing Pennsylvania Rabbi Mordechai Rosenberg, who severed their child's penis during a ritualized circumcision ceremony. You will not believe what that poor baby went through.

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So after the Bris went horribly wrong, the baby was rushed to a Children's Hospital where he had to undergo six blood transfusions and microsurgery to reattach his penis. That little angel was hospitalized for two months. The child managed to survive and his penis was successfully reattached, but there is no way of knowing if he will have problems later because of his injury. I mean, who knows how or if the nerves in his penis will recover?

Of course it doesn't surprise me that the parents of the child are pursuing legal action against the rabbi responsible via a civil lawsuit, but what does surprise me is that Rabbi Rosenberg is still practicing as a mohel and continues to administer circumcisions. I mean, what the WHAT? I realize he didn't mean to cut off the baby's penis, but he did and maybe that is a sign that it is time to retire oneself from this practice. How could any other parent want to put their baby in this man's hands? Is he informing them of what happened or is it up to them to ask, "Hey, have you ever cut off a baby's penis before?"

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