In hopes to save his daughter's life, one man from Illinois was determined to lose weight. Eduardo Camargo dropped more than 40 pounds in less than two months so he could donate part of his liver to his baby girl Jazlyn who had been diagnosed with biliary atresia right after she was born in April 2012. The child's rare condition causes the liver's bile duct to be blocked or absent. So without surgery it can lead to either liver failure or even this poor girl's death. Saving his daughter's life was Eduardo biggest motivation and all he needed to drop the pounds!

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Jazlyn had already undergone two surgeries to prevent liver failure, but her condition still continued to worsen. At only 5 months old, doctors at North Western Memorial Hospital in Chicago insisted that without a liver transplant the child wouldn't survive. Pobrecita!

"Right away I said it had to be me and not my wife," Eduardo told ABC News. "I have two other daughters and they need a mother more than they need a father."

But doctors told Eduardo that he wouldn't be able to donate his liver to his daughter unless he was able to drop some weight. The 35-year-old father who weighed around 210 pounds had been diagnosed with fatty liver disease, an unhealthy buildup of fat tissue in the liver.

"We use no more than 10 percent fat tissues in the liver as our cutoff for donors and unfortunately the father was certainly higher than that," Dr. Talia Baker, at North Western Memorial Hospital explained.

But this determined father wasn't about to give up. For two months, Eduardo started running on the treadmill at a gym every other day before work. He began to eat more veggies, watched his portions, and only drank water. He continued to try to get healthy despite the pain and nausea he many times experienced.

And it looks like all that hard work paid off because in less than two months, Eduardo went down to 180 pounds and even managed to lower the percentage of fat in his liver to below 2 percent. Doctors were able to use his liver for the transplant and the surgery was a success. Little Jazlyn was saved and her father well.

It goes to show that with determination anything is possible. There was no way this father was going to let his daughter die and he worked hard to make sure he could save her life. So inspiring!

Image via Chicago Sun-Times

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