A Washington man has finally confessed to murdering his 3-year-old son for no apparent reason. Jeremy Brent Cramer, 38, pled guilty on Wednesday to killing his little boy, Broderick, in July in a field in Montana ... and his explanation (or lack thereof) for his actions is downright chilling.

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The horrifying murder occurred on July 8. Apparently, Cramer had been walking down the road with Brody on his shoulders after his car ran out of gas when he randomly decided to stab and beat the little boy with rocks. He was reportedly on a lot of Adderall at the time.

Cramer was arrested that same day after a convenience store employee found him washing blood from his clothes in the bathroom. His wife, Nataliya, told local police that her husband had taken her son and that she had not been able to contact him since. Though he refused to tell cops where they could find Brody or his truck, officers eventually the little boy's body in a field, next to a knife and rocks covered with blood and hair.

Though Cramer had initially pleaded not guilty, he reversed his plea yesterday, telling the judge that the length of his sentence doesn't matter since his son is dead. "I purposely killed my son," he told the court in a series of shocking and disturbing comments. "After a few months of thinking about it, I'm taking accountability for it. Whether it's 8 years or 80 years, my son's not here. I just want to get this over."

The facts of this case are horrifying beyond words.  Clearly, no one--not even Cramer--knows what exactly drove him to kill his own son in cold blood. Was it really drugs? Or did he suffer a mental breakdown of some sort?

The truth is, no explanation will ever be good enough to make up for the fact that an innocent child's life was taken so brutally. And while nothing he ever does will ever be able to repent for his heinous crime, at least Cramer is accepting full responsibility and not trying to fight the system for a lighter punishment.  Now that he's pled guilty, he is facing life in prison without parole, a sentence he deserves. But I think the real punishment won't be spending the rest of his years behind bars--it'll be carrying the knowledge of what he did to his child for the rest of his life.

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