Ready to be shocked? A disgusting 60-year-old pedophile has seen his five-year sentence annulled for the most astonishing reason of all. His sex abuse victim, an 11-year-old girl under his care, has said she's in love with him and the courts believe her. In fact, an Italian judge has ruled that the pair were in a "romantic relationship" before the elderly man was put away in jail. 

Has that judge lost his mind?

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I don't care if the 11-year-old thinks her abuser is God, it is up to the judicial system to make it clear that having sex with a child is a punishable crime. I simply can't comprehend why this judge wouldn't do that!

Little is know about this horrific case, except that the girl comes from a disadvantage background and she had been placed under the man's care. In Italy, the age of sexual consent is 14, but it goes up to 16 if one of the people in the relationship is in a position of power or authority over the younger person. 

Police found out about this particular case when they raided the man's home and found him naked in bed with the girl. I can only imagine he must have brainwashed the poor girl into thinking that what he was doing to her was not abuse, but love. What a sick bastard!

The case will now be retried and I hope to God no one takes into consideration what the little girl has said and that her abuser is punished even more harshly. 

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