ehler's danlos Andrew Huber was changing his 3-month-old daughter Kenley's diaper when she inexplicably suffered a broken leg and other fractures. He was accused of abuse, but in November was cleared of the second-degree felony injury charges he was facing. After nine months of this nightmare he is finally able to be near his daughter again. You'll never believe what ended up clearing the dad from the accusations. It's a blessing but a heartbreak for the parents ...

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Little Kenley suffers from a condition called Ehler's Danlos, but doctors were unable to determine that the night Huber brought her in to the emergency room at Children's Hospital in Dallas, Texas.

Huber recalled hearing a popping sound on Kenley during a diaper change and rushed her to the hospital. Doctors discovered that she had multiple fractures and called police who charged the father with second-degree felony injury to a child.

Doctors tried different exams to determine what was wrong with Kenley. They ruled out bone disorders and also checked out for vitamin D deficiencies that might have been caused due to mom Bria's fertility treatments. Kenley was also born prematurely which could have factored into her condition.

The Hubers also hired a lawyer, but doctors who looked at Kenley's fractures said they were indicative of child abuse. However their nanny claims she never saw any signs of abuse of their household as did their pediatrician who checked on Kenley.

Finally the Hubers saw Dr. Golder Wilson, a geneticist who discovered that Kenley was suffering from the rare bone disease, Ehler's Danlos (EDS).  Dr. Wilson was familiar with it as he had diagnosed another set of twins with the disease.

After this revelation, Huber was finally cleared of the charges. The hospital refuses to comment on the matter, but defended their decision to follow their protocol if a child appears to have been abused.

I'm glad this sad story has somewhat of a happy ending. I can't imagine how I would feel as a parent being apart from my child for so long over accusations that weren't true. I understand the hospital was trying to do what was right, but there were no indications that Huber was abusive to begin with. At least this nightmare is over for this family and they can pick up where they last left off in time for the holidays--and most importantly, get treatment for little Kenley's condition now that they know exactly what it is.

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