I swear kids can't get away with anything nowadays, not even NORMAL behavior. Hunter Yelton a 6-year-old boy in Lincoln School of Science and Technology in Canon City, Colorado was suspended for kissing a classmate. He has a crush on the girl and she likes him back, he's kissed her on the cheek and on her hand. Again, he is 6 and it seems like totally normal behavior for a child that age as far as I'm concerned. Should he be told to stop? Sure, you shouldn't be kissing in class and he needs to learn that, but instead his behavior has been labeled by the school as sexual harassment. What?! He's 6! How can anyone say that a 6-year-old kissing a girl he has a crush on is sexual harassment? It could be inappropriate touching or unwanted touching (although the girl he kissed seems to like him back and be fine with it), but it is not sexual harassment. Part of why Hunter's story bothers me so much is that my daughter is going through a similar situation with a boy in her class.

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My daughter is 5 years old and when I picked her up from school yesterday, she was in a foul mood, just pissed. She kept snapping at me and when I asked her why she was so mad at me she told me she wasn't mad at me that she was mad at a boy in school. Eventually, I got it out of her that a boy in her class waits until no one is looking and then he hugs and kisses her. I asked her if she thought the boy liked her and she said, "Yes."

Wanna guess what my reaction was? I laughed. I actually had to stifle my laughing because my daughter finds the whole thing upsetting, but I thought it was cute. I mean, the little boy is in kindergarten and at that age they are still learning boundaries and all. Still, I don't want my daughter to deal with unwanted touching or to feel uncomfortable in school.

We decided we would talk to her teacher about it and ask for help. Then this morning I hear about Hunter's story and I'm like, "Oh, crap! I don't want to get this kid in trouble, I just want him to stop kissing on my daughter." Let's keep it in perspective, he's 5, not 15. So I went to the teacher and told her what was going on. Kissing is against the rules at my daughter's school. I asked her to keep an eye on the situation because my daughter has a hard time speaking up for herself, but son-of-a-gun, I wouldn't want the kid suspended for giving her some pecks on the cheek.

Anyway, I just can't believe the way that Hunter's situation was dealt with. Just check out the video below and listen to the kid, he's still so dang little, how can you put sexual harrasment issues on his school record? It's not right. Thank goodness his mother is speaking up for him.

Image via KRDO

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