fallen soldierYou would expect that a fallen soldier's body would be treated well, but the LaLoup family claim their Marine son's body was mishandled. Brian LaLoup was a sergeant in the Marines when he died while stationed in Greece in 2012 when he was 21.

LaLoup reportedly killed himself with a single shot to the head during a holiday party at the U.S. Embassy in Athens. Not long after an autopsy was performed on him without permission from his family back home. Now his parents Craig and Beverly are suing the Department of Defense for $75,000 not only for the unauthorized autopsy but for one HUGE mistake that cannot be easily forgiven.

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The marine was heartbroken over a break up which drove him to suicide. A friend of his told a supervisor of his concerns, but instead of seeking help, he encouraged LaLoup to drink more alcohol. He was even given access to weapons despite his distressed state.

When LaLoup's body was sent home he had a traditional funeral, but it wasn't until weeks later his parents found out that their son was buried WITHOUT a heart. Beverly was hysterical upon finding out this information and demanded answers from the Marine Corps. It turns out that when they performed the autopsy on their son, they had removed his heart as well.

His family even received his physical heart months after his burial, only to find out it WASN'T his. The spokesman for the Greek Embassy claims that the marine's heart was used for toxicological tests, but the family lawyer claims that hearts aren't typically used for those types of exams. As far as the mix up goes, no one chose to comment. A heartbroken Beverly told ABC News in an interview, "This is his heart. This is his soul. This is what made Brian who he is."

I don't understand how the Marines could have allowed something like this to happen. What is even more shocking is that there are probably many fallen Marines who were buried without their hearts and their families have no clue about it! This whole case saddens me and makes me wish that there was stricter regulation on how deceased soldiers are handled. I completely sympathize with LaLoup's family and hope that they win this settlement because this is completely unacceptable. 

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