I'm cringing in horror over here. Jaimie Lynn Bently is the 33-year-old mother of eight children. This woman is being held at the Douglas County jail in Georgia without bond for felony cruelty to children. She is accused of starving her 6-week-old baby to the point where he wasn't even recognizable as a baby anymore. Can you imagine?! Allegedly, she was only feeding the newborn two ounces of formula every two hours. It got so bad by the time authorities stepped in that the baby was feeding off of his own muscle mass to survive. That poor little angel, I can't stand it. The child was hospitalized and at first Bentley was allowed to stay in the hospital to feed him, but you will NOT believe her disgusting behavior.

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According to Kristi Wilson, with the Douglas County District Attorney's Office, "When they'd come and wake her up to feed the baby she told them she wasn't feeding that baby every two hours, that drove her crazy and they need to get the (expletive) out of her room." I told you you wouldn't believe it. What the hell is wrong with this woman?!

Apparently, she has a history of drug abuse and she has had her other children taken away from her before. The only reason she was allowed to go home with her newborn was because she was able to pass a drug screen test for meth. Too bad they didn't give her a test for kindness, humanity, or one shred of parenting instinct. I'm truly repulsed by her behavior. I understand that drugs can turn you into a mess, but her children deserve so much better and I hope they get it. Her other seven children have also been removed from her custody.

As for the baby, after two weeks in the hospital, he got back to his birth weight. Now, I'm sure that any mother who has brought a newborn home knows how distressing it is to have your baby lose any weight in the beginning. I nursed and while my milk came in, my babies dropped ounces and I felt desperate. I just can't imagine willfully allowing my child to starve because I can't be bothered.

Image via Douglas County Sheriff's Office

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