In a story that has me questioning how some people can be so cruel, a Kentucky mother is facing charges after she was recently caught trying to sell her baby girl. And as if that wasn't unthinkable enough, cops say this was actually her SECOND attempt at doing so!

Ugh ... there are some crimes that are simply beyond comprehension and this case is definitely one of them.

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According to authorities, Leanna Brown tried to sell her baby to a woman for $5,000, but the deal fell through. She then handed the infant over to her cousin, Luondra Martin, who thought she'd be adopting the child as her own. Instead, officers say that Brown blackmailed Martin, demanding that she pay the fines for a court case she had pending or she'd take the baby back. Thankfully, her attempt at extortion backfired.

Martin went to the authorities, who charged Brown with selling or purchasing a child for adoption, a felony that can mean up to five years in prison. The baby girl and Martin's two older kids, who had been staying with other families at the time, are now all living in foster care together.  

I don't know what's more sickening: that parents like Brown, who treat their innocent babies like used goods to be sold and traded, actually exist or that there are other people willing to participate in these schemes, like the first woman who didn't go to the authorities after Brown attempted to make a deal with her. It's just fortunate that Martin alerted the police and saved not only the baby, but also Brown's other kids, from living a life with this monster. - Richmond, VA News

Image via Hardin County Detention Center

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