When Kalli Atteya's 12-year-old son was kidnapped by his own father and taken to Egypt, the brave mother spared no expense and even risked her own life to get him back. 

After years of hunting for her son and more than $100,000 spent on false leads, Atteya finally decided to take matters into her own hands. With the help of a local guide, she tracked her only child and ex-husband and watched them, waiting for the right moment to make her move. Then a little over a month ago, Atteya--dressed in a burqa she wore to blend in the crowd--grabbed her son as he got off a school bus and took him to a safe house where they would wait for three weeks before finally returning to their home in U.S.

Does that sound like a scene straight out of a movie or what?!

Atteya had been looking for her son, Khalil, since August 2011, when her ex-husband first kidnapped him. Khalil's father, Mohamed Atteya, who is now wanted by the U.S. authorities, is accused of luring the mother and son to his homeland, then snatching the boy and leaving Kalli Atteya and her sister on the side of a desolate road.

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"My Dad forced me to be Muslim, which I did not want to do," Khalil told FoxNews.com. He also revealed he knew it was his mother was rescuing him, when he spotted her blue eyes.

Now, both mom and son are back in their Pennsylvania home. However, Atteya admits she's still in constant fear that his father will show up and try to take him again.

Wow! If there was ever a story that attested to the power of a mother's love, this would definitely be it. I can't even begin to imagine what Atteya went through, knowing that her son was being forced to live a life he didn't want. Still, it's amazing to hear of the lengths she went to rescue her son on her own. Now that they've been reunited though, I just hope their family can stay safe together.

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