A mass school stabbing at Houston's Lone Star community college's CyFair campus left 14 people injured and two female students in critical condition. Reports say a man dressed in black ran up and down the hallways of the college randomly stabbing students. The unnamed 21-year-old suspect is said to be a student at the school and was taken down by another heroic student during the incident which occurred late morning.

Reportedly, he was detained on campus by police. The chaos caused the school to lockdown on Tuesday afternoon as authorities continued to check that there were no other victims left behind.

According to CNN, four students were flown to hospitals by helicopter because they urgently needed medical. Harris County sheriff's spokesman Alan Bernstein said that police believed that the suspect only targeted either one or a few classrooms and not random people.

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The U.K. Daily Mail reports that the suspect was seen running in the college's science department and randomly attacking students with an X-acto knife at around 11 A.M. One student named James told Houston's ABC Local that he helped police catch the stabber and apparently knew that he was hard of hearing and had possibly taken the knife--meant to dissect animals--from the science department. An image of the alleged suspect detained was released on Instagram through a student who claimed that at that point he had stabbed 5 people.

It is unclear what the motive was behind the rampage and originally it was thought that there were two men behind it, but police confirmed that it was safe for students to be set free. Lone Star made sure to report the incident on the website, keeping students updated on the campus' safety status. The students who were unharmed were finally told to go home around 2 P.M. as police continued the investigation.

How scary! I really hope they've caught the suspect and that police make sure that he doesn't harm anyone again. It seems that people don't have limits anymore after the numerous shootings in schools across the nation. Hopefully the students who were taken in for medical treatment don't have life-threatening wounds and are able to heal quickly. For now, we'll keep a close eye on this story and report any further updates.

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