A Florida school bus aide has been arrested after she was caught on tape bullying and threatening a 5-year-old student with special needs. The horrifying surveillance footage shows 37-year-old Daneta McPherson screaming at the child for no apparent reason, until the young boy is reduced to tears.

That poor child! What kind of monster treats a little kid like that?!

In the video, McPherson towers over the child on the bus, berating him and even threatening to take him home with her. According to the police report, at some point, the woman also grabbed the boy and caused him to hit his head on the side of the bus! And sadly, this wasn't the first time this abuse occurred. A school employee filed a report of the mistreatment to the authorities in December, which spurred a four month long investigation. Investigators found multiple videos of similar bullying incidents, which apparently happened frequently.

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McPherson was finally taken into custody and charged with stalking last week. After getting released on a $20,000 bond, McPherson reportedly returned to working with the St. Lucie County Schools district, but in a role away from children.

Well, I should hope so. After watching the horrifying video, it's very clear that this evil woman shouldn't be allowed anywhere near kids. I just don't understand how this abuse could've happened so often and gone on for so long without anyone taking action. No one deserves to be treated that way, let alone an innocent little child who has done absolutely nothing wrong. And this is all from an adult who is supposed to be watching kids and keeping them safe!

I'm just glad that authorities finally gave McPherson the punishment she deserves and I hope that she is kept as far away from this kid and any other as possible.

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