In case the world needed any more proof that most sodas are basically crack in liquid form, this story will definitely be enough to convince you ... and probably terrify you into switching to water. A coroner has just reported that the cause of death of 30-year-old New Zealand mother of eight, Natasha Harris, was her addiction ... to Coca-Cola! 

Apparently, Harris used to drink up to 10 liters of Coke EVERY DAY. That's equal to twice the recommended daily limit of caffeine and approximately 2 pounds of sugar! She drank so much Coke that Harris' mom said she suffered withdrawal symptoms, like "the shakes," if she didn't have any.

But eventually, it started to take its toll. In the days leading up to her death, Harris' partner, Christopher Hodgkinson, says the mom's health had rapidly deteriorated. ''She had no energy and was feeling sick all the time ... She would get up and vomit in the morning," he said.

On February 25, 2010, Harris died of a cardiac arrest after Hodgkinson found her seated on the toilet, slumped against the wall and gasping for air. But in findings released today, the coroner suggested that Harris would not have died if hadn't been for her dependence on the soda, stating:

"I find that, when all of the available evidence is considered, were it not for the consumption of very large quantities of Coke by Natasha Harris, it is unlikely that she would have died when she died and how she died.''

And it wasn't just harmful to her. The amount of Coke Harris drank also affected her children, causing at least one of her kids to be born without enamel on their teeth! Can you believe that?!

For their part, Coca-Cola has responded with some clearly PR-constructed statement in which the company claims to be "disappointed" with the coroner's report.  

Okay, as much as I hate Coke and most soda in general, I can't even fault the company here.  In this case, Harris is the only one to blame. Considering she was a grown woman and most importantly, a mom (of EIGHT, no less!), she should've at least made an effort to pursue a healthier lifestyle ... especially while pregnant! I mean, the fact that one of her kids was born without enamel is just shameful.

Abusing anything the way Harris did will typically lead to health issues and overconsumption of sugary drinks is a particular problem these days. Hopefully, this shocking story will make others think twice before reaching for that soda next time around!

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Add Comment Do you and your kids drink soda frequently?


Yes,every day one,same times 2 or 3 cans of cola!!!!


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